ShareThis Review: Everything You Ought to Know


ShareThis is a social sharing tool that lets you share links on different social networking platforms. It offers several free tools, apps, and plugins to help users increase their website traffic and social following. It also provides data solutions to help businesses optimize their marketing strategy.

The idea behind ShareThis is simple: If you want to share something on your site, simply copy the URL, paste it into the box and then click share. This allows anyone who visits your page to share your content. 

ShareThis has over 500 million users worldwide and is used by thousands of businesses daily. ShareThis is worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your website or blog and track digital behavior. It can also serve as an alternative to user habit-tracking pixels. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you ought to know about ShareThis. 

ShareThis Features

ShareThis has several features. They typically appear on a website as a ShareThis icon and can be optimized for mobile devices. They are used to drive consumer behavior and traffic across the internet and to boost social audiences. Below are some exciting features available on ShareThis: 

Sticky Share Buttons

The Sticky Share Buttons, also called social sharing buttons, anchor the share buttons to the page. These buttons will be visible on all your web pages, and you can place them in any position you choose. With this feature, website visitors can share your content as they scroll, boosting your social audience in the process. 

Inline Share Buttons

Inline Share Buttons are buttons you can position anywhere you want on your page. You can place them on product descriptions, blog entries, or wherever you deem acceptable. For instance, you can position the share buttons at the bottom of your page so that users can easily share them after reading your content.

Once you add Inline Share Buttons to your web page, you can make updates from your ShareThis dashboard. This eliminates the need to write new HTML Code. You can turn off the buttons using the toggle at the top of the Inline Share Buttons page.

Smart Share Buttons

Smart Share Buttons let you personalize the social networks for each website visitor to improve social shares. It does the guesswork of choosing the appropriate social networks for your website visitors by identifying their geolocation. It also modifies the channels depending on frequently used sharing services in their nation. This works perfectly when you have local advertising partners.

In the image above, we can see an example of standard social media networks users from France will see when they visit. Smart Share Buttons are an ideal substitute for manually selecting Share Buttons because the channels will be relevant and selected based on location and device type. If you are working to improve social shares, this helps automate the process.

Follow Buttons

Social Follow Buttons are easy-to-install buttons that you can customize and install on your website. ShareThis has social follow buttons for prominent social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Once you install social media Follow Buttons, visitors can remain on your site and follow your social accounts without navigating away or switching apps.

Reaction Buttons

Reaction Buttons enable site users to react to your content. They let you know how they feel about your content. Again, this helps you track real people and not bots. With reaction buttons, communication is simple, and website visitors can offer feedback on any content, including photos, blog entries, new site pages, videos, etc. 

Image Share Buttons

Image Share Buttons enable visitors to share your images with only one click. In addition to the typical social networks, image share buttons make it simple to distribute pictures to other social networks like WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, SMS, and more.

With Image Share Buttons, you don’t need to share the entire web page since the share buttons are tied to your images, not the blog post or website. Additionally, you will always receive credit for your content, regardless of where they are shared because Image Share Buttons share both the image and a link to the original page.

ShareThis Audience Segments

ShareThis Audience Segments is a feature that allows you to reach your most valued audiences across different channels and ad mediums. With the aid of ShareThis Audience Segments, you can build customer awareness and maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

ShareThis Curated Data

ShareThis Curated Data provides you with predictive user attributes to guide you when making business decisions. It helps you optimize product research, measure marketing impact, enhance customer experience and so much more. 

ShareThis Curated Data offers flexible solutions to meet your specific needs. You can choose from an array of user attributes derived from billions of online signals. It also gives you the data you require by filtering your data file using geolocation, keywords, site domains, and other criteria. 

ShareThis Pricing

ShareThis website tools and plugins are free to use. They do not share their pricing information with the public. However, you can contact them directly to receive detailed information about subscription fees and custom pricing options for other products. You should be able to measure its full effect on a one-month subscription. 

ShareThis Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve gone through the features of ShareThis, let’s dive into the pros and cons of the tool.


 Below are some of the pros of ShareThis:

  • You can share content seamlessly with over 40 social platforms.
  • Easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and highly customizable 
  • They are supported by major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and more. 
  • Lets you track content engagement. 
  • Provides detailed analytical data that helps you create a sales funnel builder to engage potential customers across different channels.

These points show that ShareThis is more than just a sharing tool. It can also amplify your content reach and help you achieve your marketing goals


Listed below are the cons of ShareThis:

  • Can hinder the performance optimization of your website 
  • Occasional glitches with the engagement tracking interface.
  • Share Buttons can often get in the way when reading articles on mobile devices.

Despite these, the pros of using ShareThis still exceed the cons. 

In Closing

ShareThis is a website tool that makes content-sharing online easy. It offers free, easy-to-install, and customizable website tools. ShareThis also provides data solutions that help you make more informed business decisions and build meaningful relationships with global customers.

ShareThis has several easy-to-use features that will ensure you get the best user experience. One exciting feature is the Smart Share Buttons that let you select social channels based on the geolocation and device type of the visitor. Sticky Share Buttons allow website visitors to read and share content simultaneously. Another feature is the Reaction Button, which lets your audience react to your content without comments. 

The bottom line, ShareThis can help you increase the number of visitors to your website. It’s an effective content-sharing tool you’ll love.

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