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Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels today. It helps you build a relationship with buyers through lead nurturing. Through email marketing, you can present different types of content for each stage of the sales funnel, helping you nurture prospects into loyal customers and brand advocates. 

The best part is that most workflows can be automated using email marketing software solutions. That’s where products like Sender come in.

Sender is a web-based email & SMS marketing tool for small and medium businesses, e-commerce owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. The platform lets you stay in touch with your customers and grow your business. Sender is a SaaS platform designed to create, deliver, and analyze email & SMS campaigns in one place. 


The platform allows users to create branded emails using a drag-and-drop builder and offers plenty of pre-made email templates.


You can create professional-looking newsletters and other personalized emails within minutes. Alternatively, you can build your design from scratch with a few clicks. No coding is required. 

Let’s explore some more features of Sender.

Features of Sender

The Sender tool provides features to grow subscriber lists and create long-lasting relationships with your customers. Some of the features Sender has to offer include:

1. Integration

Sender’s integration with CRMs allows for a continuous and smooth transition between the systems. This is handy when storing and accessing large amounts of customer information used for your marketing campaigns. Your marketing team only needs to look within one system for the data you need.

Sender also integrates with eCommerce platforms allowing for easy import of items from any online store.


You can also add product images from online stores into newsletters.

2. Multichannel automation 

Email marketing automation boosts efficiency and makes it easier to personalize email marketing campaigns. Your marketing emails get sent to the right people at the right time. Email automation features convert manual tasks into automated sequences. 

Sender provides multichannel automation for both email and SMS. Unifying multiple marketing channels like will help you create more consistent communication. Since both the email and text messaging campaigns are automated, you’ll be nurturing leads on autopilot.


Another benefit of using Sender is it produces insightful analytics reports. You’ll be able to see whole campaign reports as well as extensive statistics on the particular action steps. All subscriber actions, such as opens, clicks, most frequently clicked links, etc., will be saved to help you create accurate potential buyer profiles.

3. Easy-to-use email builder

Sender allows for the creation of professional-looking emails in a few clicks. It combines an easy-to-use email builder, an HTML builder, and plain text options for more advanced users. 

You can choose from newsletter templates and use the drag-and-drop interface to customize the design to your needs. All the templates are free to use, and new updated designs are added frequently. There are pre-designed email blocks for different niches, like fitness, food, and travel. Plus, subject-related email templates, like Christmas and abandoned cart emails. Веганы часто используют семена марихуаны , чтобы придать текстуру и вкус своим блюдам. Они могут быть добавлены в салаты или выпечку.


If you have an eCommerce business, inserting products into your email content is easy. Sender integrates with eCommerce platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and Adobe commerce. The integration makes it easy to insert products into your emails. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of your product. It will automatically use your product images, description, price, etc.


Adding YouTube videos is easy as well. Copy and paste the URL of the clip, and the software will automatically convert it into a GIF.

All emails created with Sender are optimized and look good on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

If you already have good email newsletters templates in HTML format, you just need to import them into Sender.

4. Advanced subscribers management system

Sender comes with essential tools for managing subscribers. This includes segmentation, filtration, subscriber status, assigned groups, and more.


You can create precise segmentation lists by adding multiple conditions to the filter. Your subscribers will have status labels alongside their email addresses. This means you’ll know which ones are active, bounced, unsubscribed, or reported spam.

5. Advanced reports

After sending your emails, you get a complete analysis of your campaign. Analyzing the data will help you improve your email campaigns. For example, you’ll be able to learn the hours when your recipients open your emails most actively. Your next campaigns can be scheduled accordingly for the best results.


The system tracks the performance of all links included in your email campaign. You’ll be able to know the number of clicks and unique clicks for each campaign.

The statistics of the opens and clicks come in a visual chart, making it even easier to digest the data.


Thanks to the geographic statistics, you can check how your newsletters perform in different locations worldwide. 

Sender Pricing

Sender provides four plans: Free Forever, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free Forever plan offers all marketing automation and pop-up building features and is perfect for startups. 

The Standard plan starts at $8.25/mo if you choose to be billed yearly. The more subscribers, the higher the price. You can remove the Sender branding by signing up for the standard or other high-tier plans. Those plans also include SMS and MMS messages and multi-user access.

The pricing for the Professional plan starts at $29.25 per month. This plan provides advanced omnichannel features, premium support, animated countdown timers, and advanced automation.


The Enterprise plan is aimed at large organizations and businesses and is custom-priced. It comes with advanced features for its subscribers, such as activity logs for auditing.

Pros and cons of Sender

With email marketing tools, you don’t need much to start sending emails. Using software lets you contact large groups of potential customers at once. Creating email marketing campaigns with Sender becomes a simple and easy task.

Sender provides an easy-to-follow tutorial, so the user can jump into producing effective marketing campaigns straight away.

Now, let’s look into the pros and cons of Sender.


  • Affordable
  • Integration with leading eCommerce platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Customer service
  • Offers a free forever plan


  • No AB Testing

In Closing

Sending effective marketing emails is critical for businesses to grow. After all, emailing is the most effective marketing channel as far as ROI goes. Using email marketing tools can make the process seamless.

Sender is an email & SMS marketing software solution that can help you overcome emailing challenges and craft future emails and SMS campaigns with good content. 

This omnichannel marketing service is an affordable solution available to streamline the emailing process. Once you understand its features and use them to your advantage, you can get the most from your marketing campaigns.

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