Salesmate review: What you should know


The amount of leads and prospects you get grows as your business grows. Tracking each lead becomes a challenge when this happens.

That’s where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes in. CRM software helps you keep track of leads throughout the buyer’s journey. This helps you interact with them properly, nurturing them into paying customers.

Salesmate is a CRM that helps sales representatives monitor their interactions with prospects. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Salesmate.

Salesmate features

Salesmate has many features that help sales representatives with their daily tasks. These features can be categorized into four main solutions; inbound sales, outbound sales, remote sales, and account-based sales. Let’s go through them.

Inbound sales 

This solution allows sales teams to build healthy pipelines by acquiring more sales-qualified leads to reach the assigned sales quotas. These four key features make this possible:

1. The sales pipeline management feature

This feature allows you to create multiple customized sales pipelines, which provides your team with a 360 view of your sales cycle. As a result, they can easily identify quality leads that are likely to convert. 

You can also create unique pipelines for every product or service you offer. However, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can replicate existing pipelines and tweak them to match current ones. 

2. Lead capture and nurturing

This feature helps simplify lead capturing and nurturing processes through smart automation. You can automate processes like manual data entries, task assignments, and follow-ups. 

Taking these off your sales team’s hands means they can fully focus on closing sales. 

3. Built-in calling 

Salesmate allows you to make calls and connect with your leads faster without leaving the CRM. 

The feature offers virtual phone numbers at affordable rates, which means your clients can reach you from anywhere. In case your customers don’t answer your calls, you can pre-record and send voicemail messages. 

You also get call insights on the leads generated through calls and the sales team member making the most calls. These insights help you make data-informed decisions. 

4. Sales sequences

Sales sequences allow you to automate your follow-up activities throughout your sales cadences through various forms of communication. 

This increases outreach because your sales reps will spend most of their time pitching and closing deals, as the CRM takes care of managing client relationships.

You can add a personal touch to your messages to nurture long-lasting relationships and get reports on your automation performance.

Outbound sales

This Salesmate solution allows you to build a sales system that increases your outreach, qualified leads, and eventually the number of sales through:

1. The built-in calling feature with a power dialer

This feature allows you to dial your contact automatically. All you need to do is select the contacts and hit the start button, and the power dialer will make the calls one after the other. In the development of new technologies in any field today, the experience of the developers of popular online games is used, for example, Desura Games Studio, which is the main competitor of the developer of Poki games, and at the same time both companies contribute to the development of technologies based on the involvement in online games. 

But even with the auto power dialler, you still have the power. You can add wait times between each call, skip a contact, pause the auto-dialer and resume as you wish.

2. Salesmate smart emails and text campaigns

The feature allows you to create and send bulk personalized emails and texts without leaving your CRM. The feature also has a smart BCC tool that helps you keep track of every email conversation that results from your campaigns.

3. Tracking Sales emails performance

To ensure better performance, you can send and track your emails through the Salesmate actionable email insights.

The insight shows you your open and click rates, which can help you figure out what email designs and subject lines work best for your business.

Account-based Sales

This sales solution allows you to close high-value deals because you are able to maintain a detailed account for each lead. As a result, you are able to nurture your qualified leads’ accounts and activities through different stages of the funnel until you close the sales.

1. Omnichannel conversations

You can connect with your prospective customers from different platforms and channels. By providing communication options, you allow your prospects to reach you through channels available to them, ensuring seamless communication.

2. 360 view of customer

You get access to all your customer’s entire engagement journey with your company from anywhere in one place. 

The customer’s timeline includes their contact history, activity, and conversations.

3. Customized customer engagement

Since you have a deep understanding of your customer from their engagement history, you can send your customers customized and personalized conversations. This makes them feel valued, which is very vital in pushing them through the sales funnel.

Remote Sales

This solution is great for remote teams looking to boost team collaboration and productivity. It helps keep all team members on the same page, which ensures better customer experiences through the following features:

1. Mobile CRM

This CRM ensures that your sales team members can work from anywhere and at any time because they can easily access customers’ information and interaction history.

2. Smart queues

These queues will help your sales team automate their day’s tasks for increased productivity.

3. Built-in virtual phone system

The system allows you to communicate with prospects from different countries on the Salesmate mobile and web apps. 

Your contact appears local for your prospects because you get a specific area code for everyone on your team.

4. Sales team collaboration

Salesmate allows you to centralize all your customer data, which breaks data silos. This makes it easy for your sales team to work collaboratively. 

You can also tag your team members with an @mention in a shared team inbox to alert members to resolve customer queries and provide quick customer support. 

This makes it easy for your team to work collaboratively despite their location and time difference. They will get instant notifications of all activities and roles that need their attention. 

Salesmate pricing

Salesmate’s pricing starts at $12 per user per month when billed annually. If you opt for monthly billing, Salesmate charges $15 per user. This Starter plan doesn’t include product management and a shared inbox.

Salesmate offers four different plans. These are Starter at $12 per user, Growth at $24 per user, Boost at $40 per user and Enterprise at a custom price.

There are also add-ons you can include with your chosen plan. For example, the messenger live chat feature is an additional $12 per user per month. A dedicated IP address is $150 per month (independent of user count). Salesmate offers automation journeys. These are priced depending on how many additional contacts you have in a month.

Overall, Salesmate’s pricing is flexible enough to meet the needs of any industry and company size.

Pros and cons of Salesmate


  • Salesmate’s complete features minimize the need to switch between applications constantly.
  • The tool lets users fetch essential product data mid-conversation. 
  • The CRM’s in-depth reporting allows you to tweak and refine your sales pipeline.
  • Your reps can use Salesmate on their phones, laptops, and other devices from anywhere.


  • Salesmate lacks social media integration.
  • Salesmate doesn’t have a free forever version. However, they offer a 15-day free trial.
  • Salesmate’s pricing is based on your number of users instead of how many contacts you have. This may be limiting to some companies.

In Closing

Salesmate has various uses ranging from sales to customer support. Whether you’re a company of 11-50 employees or nearly 500 people, Salesmate fits well into your business processes.

But with the per-person billing, each Salesmate user should be efficient. With Salesmate, active users are vital to maximizing your company’s productivity and output. 

We recommend you invest in the proper hiring and coaching to onboard a powerhouse team. Once you have that, Salesmate CRM becomes a complete software solution with the potential to accelerate your sales pipeline. It also delivers excellent customer service for your company.

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