QuillBot review: Everything you need to know


QuillBot is a tool used to automate the paraphrasing of long passages and excerpts of text. It saves writers and editors time from rephrasing sentences from source materials. It also has some added functionalities that make it a robust standard writing software solution.

In this review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about QuillBot:

QuillBot features

QuillBot’s features are built to save writers and editors time and effort. Here are some of Quillbot’s most helpful features:


QuillBot’s paraphraser can take any text and rephrase it. 


There are different modes for paraphrasing:

  • Standard mode: preserves the meaning of the original non-paraphrased text.
  • Fluency mode: prioritizes error-free paraphrasing to make for fluent reading.
  • Formal mode: presents the text in a more professional and business-appropriate manner.
  • Simple mode: eliminates jargon and presents the text in a way most people can understand.
  • Creative mode: applies an artistic touch to the text and may alter its meaning.
  • Expand mode: lengthens the text by adding more detail and complexity.
  • Shorten feature: eliminates extra fluff to reduce the length of a text.

QuillBot’s paraphraser can be used for a wide range of projects, from blogging and technical writing to creative copywriting. Once the text is paraphrased, QuillBot indicates which words have been changed, which clauses have been altered, and which line of text has remained unchanged.

Grammar Checker

QuillBot’s grammar checker looks for grammar errors and makes suggestions to improve the grammatical correctness of the text. This tool also looks for spelling errors throughout your document.


QuillBot’s grammar checker can help you save time on editing and ensures that your text is of the highest quality.

Plagiarism Checker

The Plagiarism Checker examines if any part of your text fails to correctly cite the authorship of the text from which it was based.


When you publish content, you can ensure that no part of it was directly copied from an existing online source. That can help prevent plagiarism accusations from being hurled against you and preserve your company’s good reputation.

QuillBot’s Premium Subscription allows you to scan up to 20 pages, or 5000 words, per month for plagiarism.  


As a writer or editor, you know the pain of constantly compressing long passages of text for the closing paragraph. That process can be automated with QuillBot’s summarizer.


The summarizer can present information in two formats: bullet points and paragraphs. You may change the number of bullet points or the length of the summarized paragraphs by adjusting the slider.

Citation Generator

QuillBot’s citation generator can produce full and in-text citations for your entire text. The feature supports different citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, and more.


QuillBot’s citation generator will first ask you if you’re citing a book, journal, or website. Then, QuillBot will ask for the names of the contributors and authors. After you’ve determined the citation style, the citation generator will generate the necessary in-text and full citations as required.


QuillBot’s Co-Writer allows you to perform writing and editing tasks without switching tabs. The Co-Writer contains all of QuillBot’s functionalities and places them in one easy-to-navigate interface.


Therefore, writers and editors can type directly into the co-writer and gain access to valuable tools such as Quillbot’s paraphraser, citation generator, and summarizer. With QuillBot’s Co-Writer, writers and editors can accomplish their writing and editing goals faster.


QuillBot has app extensions that allow writers and editors to use the tool even when using third-party apps. There are app extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.


However, to use these extensions, you’ll need to use the browser-based application.

QuillBot pricing

Quillbot is affordable for the features that it offers. Let’s look at Quillbot’s two pricing plans in more detail:  


The free plan allows you to paraphrase 125 words at once, gives you access to Standard paraphrasing and Fluency paraphrasing, and can give you three synonyms at a time. It can also summarize 1,200 words at a time.

This plan is ideal for small businesses that are just starting their content marketing efforts. 


The premium plan allows unlimited words to be paraphrased at a time, allowing you to finish your draft quicker and more efficiently. 

The plan also gives you access to all the paraphrasing modes—Expand, Shorten, Formal, Simple, and Creative—besides the Standard and Fluency provided with the free plan.

You’re given four synonym options at a time instead of three. The summarizer can process 6,000 words. You’re also given access to the plagiarism checker, which can process 20 pages a month, plus access to advanced grammar checking.

The premium option can process text faster than the free plan.


There are three ways to be billed: Annually at $49.95, Semi-Annually at $39.95 every six months, or Monthly at $9.95.

QuillBot pros and cons

QuillBot isn’t the only writing software solution on the market that aims to speed up users’ writing and editing process. Here are QuillBot’s pros and cons relative to its competitors.

1. Pros

  • QuillBot has other well-built tools that writers need, such as a paraphraser, a summarizer, and a citation generator, besides a simple grammar checker.
  • QuillBot is cheaper. QuillBot’s premium plan costs $45.95 every year. Competitor prices for a similar plan cost upwards of $99.

2. Cons

  • QuillBot’s premium plan can only cater to one person, not a team, at a time
  • The premium plan’s plagiarism checker can only process 20 pages a month

In Closing

QuillBot is a browser-based toolkit for writing professionals. If you’re a small business that’s looking to start a new blog for content marketing purposes, then QuillBot has everything you need and much more. 

It helps you save time by automating several writing and editing tasks. These include checking for plagiarized text, summarizing copy, and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes.

With the tool, you can create flawless copy while meeting all your deadlines. Overall, QuillBot is a valuable tool in every writer’s and editor’s tech stack.

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