Prospero Review: Everything You Ought To Know


The truth is, freelancing is quite challenging. From sending tons of proposals to win clients, to being able to manage your time and maintain productivity, there are just too many hats to wear. Now imagine if you have to create a proposal from scratch each time you find a promising gig.

Sounds stressful, right?

Enter Prospero.

Prospero is a proposal wizard that can eliminate the stress of creating proposals, so you can get back to closing deals. Read on to get an inside scoop on everything you should know about Prospero – its features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Prospero Features

Prospero is an AI-powered proposal creation and management tool that lets you craft beautiful business proposals and quotes in minutes. You can create, track and manage all your proposals from one dashboard. 

Once you send out a proposal link, your potential clients can log in to access and accept the proposal. The tool also allows you to create recurring proposals. This is useful for companies that offer recurring services, such as marketing campaigns, website designs, business development plans, etc.

Prospero is ramped up with features to help you create, track and manage your proposals seamlessly. These features include: 

1. Dashboard and Calendar

Prospero provides an all-in-one dashboard to make managing your business easier. It includes a calendar, a task manager, and a summary of your open proposals. You can also add notes for each proposal and set reminders for due dates.

2. Integration

Prospero integrates with several popular business tools, including Wix, Xero, Zapier, Stripe, Slack, etc. The integration allows you to track and manage your sales funnel from one convenient dashboard.

3. Pipeline Management

The platform allows you to create and share online proposals with your clients. You can also track your progress and update your CRM with the latest information from each proposal. The feature makes it easy to track the progress of each sales opportunity in your sales funnel.

4. Customizable Tool

The platform allows you to add a personal touch to your proposals. You can use the customization tools to edit any of the pre-made templates or create a new design from scratch. You can also add your brand logo, change fonts, colors, or the proposal’s layout to suit your needs better.

5. Team Collaboration

Prospero’s collaboration tools make it easy for you to work with your team members on each proposal. You can track your progress, collect feedback, share updates and create a more effective sales proposal. 

6. Authentication

Prospero allows you to add an electronic signature to your creative proposal designs. This will help you create more authentic proposals for your clients and business.

7. Document Management

You can create and share proposals with your customers in various pdf and spreadsheet formats. You can also download and export your proposal reports and analytics without hassles.

The ability to create custom proposals and use pre-existing templates makes Prospero a  great option for businesses of all sizes. The software can be used by freelance writers, PR teams, business owners, and sales teams to create convincing professional-looking proposals. 

Keep in mind that Prospero can also be used by graphic designers, WordPress developers, HRs, photographers, and digital marketing agencies to fast-track proposal creation processes.

Prospero Pricing

Prospero has a few different subscription plans. The standard pricing plan, which is $10 per month, allows only one user seat and is great for solopreneurs and freelancers. Ideally, each user seat costs $10 for monthly subscriptions and $8 for annual subscriptions. This means 10 user seats will cost you $100 monthly.

The platform offers a 14-day free trial to new users who want to test the waters. You can choose the best plan for your team by using the price toggle to select your preferred number of users, depending on your company type. You can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel your credit card subscription without hidden fees.

Prospero Pros And Cons

While Prospero may be a powerful proposal management tool, it has its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of using Prospero for your business:


Some of the pros of using Prospero include:

  • Ease of Use: Prospero is easy to use and learn. It is also very intuitive and designed to help you quickly find the necessary tools.
  • Unlimited Proposals: WithProspero, you can access hundreds of pre-designed proposal templates specific to your industry. You can create proposals for a marketing campaign, sales presentation, SaaS plan, and lots more.
  • Cost-Effective: Prospero is relatively cheaper than most other proposal creation tools out there, while also providing great value for your money.
  • Chat Support: Got questions or need assistance with setting up your software? Prospero provides round-the-clock call and chat support to give you a hassle-free customer experience.

Also, Prospero is a cloud-based proposal writing tool that’s why you can access your online proposals from any device without losing track of your data or progress. 


Some downsides of using Prospero include:

  • Language Barrier: While Prospero is a powerful tool, it doesn’t have the best language support for non-English users.
  • Limited Integrations: Currently, the platform only integrates with ten business tools. Tools like Salesforce, Google Docs, Microsoft tools, etc., cannot be integrated into the platform. It needs to provide more API possibilities for a more streamlined business process.
  • Limited Templates: Prospero does not offer online proposal templates for all kinds of projects. Users in the engineering and science fields may not find specific proposal templates for their businesses.
  • Can Be Buggy: Prospero can be quite slow sometimes. Additionally, there are uneditable spaces in the templates, tables, and spreadsheets that do not look good.

Prospero is continuously improving its tools and services. 

In Closing

Prospero is a business proposal tool that streamlines the process of creating and managing your proposals. It offers collaboration tools that allow you to work with your team members, search tools that make it easy to find specific proposals and an easy-to-use interface. You can create stunning proposals quickly and easily with pre-designed templates and customization tools.

You can also update your CRM with the latest information from every proposal. Overall, Prospero is a comprehensive proposal management software that can help you focus on closing more deals.

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