Live Chat Software: A Comprehensive ProProfs Chat Review


Delayed response or even waiting in the support queue can easily test your customers patience. They expect a prompt response and solution to their challenges. And, believing that phone support will help you respond to all incoming queries may end up backfiring you.

In such a scenario, it would be best to reduce your dependence on-call support and find another platform that allows your support and sales team to manage incoming queries simultaneously.

You can start using a live chat solution that helps you manage and answer multiple questions at the same time.

Considering this solution, we aim to explore and review a live chat solution that will help you streamline your incoming support queries.

What is ProProfs Chat?

ProProfs Chat is a SaaS-based live chat solution that enables its users to connect and engage with multiple website visitors simultaneously. This live chat software is easy to integrate and use on your website. 

ProProfs Chat is trusted by millions of users for its reliable 24×7 tech support and system uptime. Besides that, there are a lot of features that will enable your business to build a seamless experience for customers in real-time. Let’s explore each of the features in the next section.

ProProfs Chat Features & How They Help Your Business

There are more than 100+ features that this live chat system offers to its users. Here’s a list of them helping you understand what they are and how they are helpful for your business.

Chat Greetings:

Do you want to reach your customers before they do? If the answer is YES, chat greetings will certainly help you accomplish this goal successfully. This feature helps you initiate a conversation with website visitors automatically.

You can customize these proactive messages for each operator or department. You can even decide how and when they should appear in front of the visitors based on their browsing behavior. By making these greetings appear at the right time in front of the visitors and asking them the right question, you can ensure they engage with your brand right away.

By creating chat greetings for your website, you show your visitors that you are proactive at reaching them out and would readily solve their challenges if they agree to interact further.


Want your visitors to learn about your upcoming events, sales or latest product upgrades? The best way of doing it would be using ProProfs Chat’s Announcements.

This feature is capable of helping its users create announcements that will be visible to visitors after they land on the website. 

All you have to do is decide what the announcement is going to be about, how you will name it, and how long you wish to display it on your website. You can even decide the frequency for returning visitors and test how it will look on the website as well.

This is a great way for you to increase engagement with visitors and identify upsell opportunities, or even boost your subscribers to newsletters or sign-ups for webinar events.


Automation has become an essential part of the customer support process and ProProfs Chat understands its growing relevance in the support industry. That’s why they’ve built a chatbot feature for their users that helps them capture support requests round-the-clock.

With a chatbot feature in place, you can increase visitor engagement, capture qualified leads, answer frequently asked questions, make your business more approachable 24×7, and the list goes on. 

Chat Routing:

There are times when your visitors would like to connect with a specific department to get a solution faster. But they may end up connecting with the wrong department. Imagine how would they feel when they’ve explained the entire situation but are asked to wait till the next operator connects with them? What’s even worse, they might be asked to repeat the entire conversation again. This can leave your customers exasperated.

Some may even decide to leave and connect with a different business altogether. To avoid this situation, you need a live chat that helps you route visitors to the right department even before the chat begins.

ProProfs Chat helps its users route visitors to the right department both manually and automatically. During the manual routing, your operators need to hand over the chat to another team member. 

But the automatic routing process is different. You can set the routing order based on the availability of the operators. You can also use pre-chat forms to help people select which department they’d like to connect with. 

50+ Integrations:

ProProfs Chat also gives you the option to add your favorite tools and build a complete support and sales suite. You can integrate support tools like a knowledge base, help desk, or even a survey maker. As for sales tools, you can also integrate CRM tools like SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, Salesforce, and many other sales funnel software.

Other than that, you can also integrate with platforms like email marketing tools, CMS platforms, and even social media accounts. Integration with these platforms makes it easier for you to manage all conversations in one place and capture qualified leads for your business.

100+ Chat Widget Customization Options:

ProProfs Chat helps you design a chat widget that is not just engaging but also appealing for visitors. With more than 100+ widget customization settings, it gives you the option to build a chat widget that encourages visitors to click on the chat button and engage with your business in real-time. From building themes to changing fonts or even operators’ avatars, you can do it all.

ProProfs Chat Pricing

The brand built a pricing structure that is appealing to businesses ranging from startups to enterprises. This subscription-based pricing plan will help you get access to the right amount of features and reporting filters that will allow you to assess and build a good experience for customers.

ProProfs Chat offers a 15-days free trial that will help you test and try all our features for free. This free trial will enable your business to understand what to expect from the tool and how it can benefit you from sales and support perspectives to achieve your business goals.

If you like how the tool works for your business, you can switch to either the Essentials, Premium, or Enterprise plan. Pricing plans start at $10/operator/month if the subscription is taken on a yearly basis.

Both white-label and chatbot features are add-ons that are charged on a yearly basis.

ProProfs Chat Review: Final Verdict

Customer support industry has multiple options for a live chat solution. However, there are various reasons why ProProfs Chat stands out amidst all the competition in the market. Here’s why it does:

  • It’s easy to integrate it with your website 
  • Setup of the tool takes not more than 5 minutes
  • For $10/month you get access to features that you may not find in other live chat solutions at this rate.
  • The pricing structure is easy to understand and helps you decide which one will suit your business and budget needs.

In a nutshell, ProProfs Chat is quite a catch as it helps you get access to great features at these packages. You can sign up for ProProfs Chat for free and start streamlining your support process today!

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