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Many brands are using interactive videos as a form of media to engage consumers and achieve their digital marketing objectives. An interactive video allows your audience to engage with your video material in real-time. In other words, users can interact with the content of the videos by clicking, dragging, entering data, and performing other actions.

For example, a company may create an interactive with clickable CTAs. These allow the viewers to click through to different landing pages right from the video. For instance, one may include a “Buy Now” CTA in a product video.

You may include interactive videos in your content marketing strategies to create clickable promotional videos, increase brand awareness, enhance user experience, and convert more users. To produce interactive videos, though, you will need the right tool.

PlayStory is a video creation tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your videos. We’ll go over all you need to know about Playstory in this post.

PlayStory features

Interactive content produces a one-of-a-kind user experience that sticks with the customer. In fact, 79 percent of marketers believe that mixing interactive material with other forms of content increases message retention.

Those figures are expected to rise higher as marketers experiment with different strategies to see which ones resonate the best with their target audience. Consumer demand is high, and competition is fierce. 

Choosing interactive video software to stay ahead of the curve can be tricky. PlayStory aims to be a simple video-creation tool. It is one of the tools that allows you to produce videos with which your customers may actively engage.

Here’s what the tool has to offer:

Data inputs

Data-driven marketing is an effective technique to target your audience with relevant and quality content that’s likely to convert. It also allows you to track your progress and enhance conversion rates. Interactive videos can help you collect quality data from your leads. This type of content is highly engaging and amusing. And since it allows you to capture data from the video, it also makes it easy to collect data from the viewers.

PlayStory has in-video form fields where users may enter information such as their name, age, Email, and so on. You can collect valuable information from your visitors and gain insight into your audience and how your content is doing. 

You may include questions, surveys, and feedback options to learn more about your target audience’s behavior and evaluate your product’s performance. This will help you target your audience better with your marketing campaigns. Moreover, it can inform product development, allowing you to create products that resonate with your audience’s needs or pain points.

360-degree view

360-degree interactive videos are live-action videos that give the viewer a multi-dimensional perspective on a product. They allow users to drag the screen within a video frame to see an item from all directions.

PlayStory provides you with a 360-degree view feature. The user has the option of seeing the product from any direction. Viewers can do that using their mouse if they’re on a desktop or finger if on mobile devices.

The tool allows you to have a holistic, unique perspective while also providing a memorable and engaging user experience. It gives viewers the impression that they are there interacting with the item. 

The 360-degree viewing option is particularly effective for eCommerce stores doing video marketing. It enables consumers to see a product from all angles before purchasing it, giving customers more confidence in their purchase. 

Create customized videos for personalized workflows

Interactive videos allow viewers to choose their learning route based on their interests and learning pace. PlayStory helps you create such videos, where users can decide the course of action by interacting with the elements in your video. 

For example, you could create a product tutorial video. But instead of discussing every single feature in the video, you can create separate buttons for every major feature. Then, have the viewers click on the button (feature) they want to learn about.

That’s only one of the various use cases of customized interactive videos. You could also use them for client onboarding. These videos are learner-friendly. They increase engagement and the overall learner or user experience.

Plus, they deliver a personalized experience, allowing users to select the learning content, pace, direction, etc.

PlayStory pricing

PlayStory has four subscription plans: free, growth, pro, and enterprise. The prices vary depending on features such as storage, duration, watermark, amount of videos you may create, etc.

The free plan of PlayStory includes basic functions. It enables free storage of up to 500 MB and only two videos per month. It also allows you to include unlimited team members. The necessary features for creating an interactive video, such as video bubbles and in-form video, are available in this free plan.

The Growth Plan delivers even more features. It comes with 10GB of storage, an unbranded video player, and graphs of engagement and duration. You may also make interactive videos.

The Pro plan allows you to create 50 interactive videos and offers storage of up to 50GB. It also includes captions, Google Analytics, and Facebook pixel. The Enterprise Plan includes all features. However, you’ll have to contact the PlayStory team for pricing.

PlayStory pros and cons

PlayStory strives to deliver the best tool for capturing anyone’s attention by creating compelling interactive videos. They aim to assist you in focusing on making quality videos and generating personalized videos.

However, there are always pros and cons. 


  • Easy to use. Simply upload your video, choose the feature you want to include, and where you want it to appear. Add an asset, such as a product or page link, and you’re done.
  • It offers a free plan.
  • PlayStory integrates with well-known platforms like as MailChimp, EmailOctopus, and MailerLite.


  • Not all interactive video elements, such as hotspots and video quizzes, are available.
  • It has a signup problem. At the time of writing this, the registration form/page is unresponsive. 

In Closing

Providing your prospects and customers with the engagement they seek is critical. The most effective marketing techniques use media that people want to engage with, and interactive videos are one of them. They’re persuading, intriguing, and fascinating. They boost consumer engagement and conversions.

You may use PlayStory to generate SaaS explainer videos, videos for landing pages, videos to educate consumers, onboarding videos, videos for blogs, e-commerce product videos, and much more. You will be able to provide highly tailored and relevant material to boost your conversion rate if you can effectively leverage this technology. 

Many businesses are now seeking interactive video formats in order to increase engagement. You don’t want to be left behind. PlayStory is one of the tools you may want to consider for creating interactive videos. It’s far from perfect, but it has a free plan that you can use to try it out.

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