OptiMonk Review: Everything You Should Know


OptiMonk is a multi-purpose lead capture and conversion optimization tool. Lead capture software allows you to bring more high-quality leads into your sales and marketing funnels. From there, conversion optimization software takes over to help you turn visitors into buyers and increase conversion rates. 

OptiMonk uses on-site personalization to give visitors a better customer experience with your business and reduce cart abandonment. In addition, it allows you to create personalized pop-ups for popup campaigns and notifications for individual consumers without coding. OptiMonk also includes a lead generation tool to build your email list. This is done through personalization, collecting feedback, promoting special offers, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at OptiMonk’s core features.

Features of OptiMonk

OptiMonk has two core features; audience targeting and behavior tracking. 

Similar to an email finder tool, audience targeting segments consumers based on their interests, demographic, habits, etc. This data is then used to identify consumers who are most likely to purchase and build a valuable email list. This is an essential part of any marketing plan for SaaS.

Once prospects have entered the sales and marketing funnel, behavior tracking becomes essential to turn visitors into buyers. Behavior tracking software enables OptiMonk to create personalized emails through its message toolkit, like the example below.

Optimonk behavioral data from previous interactions is used to create templates that guide you through future customer interactions. The behavior tracking feature also helps with cart abandonment prevention. For example, popup overlays like “10% OFF & FREE SHIPPING” with a countdown timer can help reduce bounce rates. Also, customer data is used to provide recommendations on the perfect products for users, as shown in the example below.

OptiMonk also has templates for promoting special offers. It uses behavior tracking to identify offers your customers love and helps determine the best promotion times. You can optimize blog posts for conversions with these.

As well as behavior tracking, OptiMonk has a quality feedback collection feature:

First-time buyers are asked what they are looking for. This information combined with visitor recognition software allows Optimonk to improve the shopping experience.

OptiMonk also boasts an impressive customer support system, with its comprehensive FAQ forum, email help desk, phone support, and live chatbot support. 

First-time users of Optimonk can rely on extensive training opportunities, too. You can upskill through live online classes, written notes, webinars, and educational videos which can be sent to email subscribers and allow for social sharing.

Pricing of OptiMonk

OptiMonk has five pricing options, ranging from “Free” to “Master.” The screenshot below shows each pricing option and the features that come with them.

Let’s go through each option individually.


Although the free option comes with unlimited campaigns (all options include unlimited ones), it has minor features. With this option, you don’t get A/B testing and all templates include OptiMonk branding. You also don’t have access to the custom variable, which allows for more detailed analysis and segmentation of your audience. 

Also, you don’t get priority support with the free option. However, despite being limited to one domain, you can get 15,000-page reviews, which is a lot for a free service. Overall, while limited, the free plan provides a good service for a business that’s starting out.


For $29 per month, you get an extra domain and double the number of page reviews as the free option. On top of that, you also get access to split testing, and templates no longer have branding. However, with this option, you don’t have access to custom variables or priority support.


With this option, you have a maximum of four domains and up to 100,000-page reviews for $79 per month. The Growth option also grants you access to custom variables.


A price jump to $199 per month comes with many extras. These include 500,000-page reviews and ten domains. In addition, with the Premium option, you get priority support from the OptiMonk customer service team should you have any issues.


With this option, you have all of the Premium option’s features and unlimited domains. The number of page reviews and the overall price of the package are negotiable; you have to contact OptiMonk to discuss the specifics.

Overall, the prices are reasonable and offer a good range of options for all customers. Small businesses and start-ups can opt for the free option. But they can still afford the reasonably priced Essential and Growth options.

The Premium level is a good option for a bigger business committed to a business development plan. If you’re an even bigger enterprise, pricing at the Master option is very negotiable. 

It’s also worth noting that you get the first two months free if you commit to annual billing. This draws people in and encourages them to commit to a long-term subscription.

OptiMonk: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve gone through the features of OptiMonk and pricing, let’s break down the pros and cons of using this tool.


  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Behavior tracking helps reduce cart abandonment
  • Feedback collection helps you understand your audience better
  • Wide variety of templates
  • Personalized pop-ups, messages, and emails make for a better user experience
  • Extensive training opportunities


  • Some templates can be challenging to navigate
  • The mobile version can be challenging to navigate
  • Multiple features are behind a paywall
  • The master option doesn’t offer much more than the Premium option

In Closing

To sum up, OptiMonk is a handy conversion optimization tool that allows you to create personalized popups and messages for website visitors on your online stores without coding.

OptiMonk has a vast range of templates available, as well as free training opportunities. The customer service has also received many positive reviews, and the pricing of OptiMonk is very reasonable.

On the other hand, some templates can be challenging to navigate, especially on the mobile version. It has also been said that although the pricing is reasonable, the options are slightly limited.

Overall, though, the pros outweigh the cons. Optimonk is an excellent choice if you want to efficiently build your email list, attract more high-quality leads and turn that traffic into sales.

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