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A good website ensures as many site visitors as possible convert into leads or customers. That’s why marketers spend so many resources optimizing site speed, building responsive landing pages, optimizing content, etc. However, what some marketers seem to overlook is the importance of integrating a phone system into their websites.

Novocall is a business phone system with the potential to change your website into a lead-generation machine. It is a widget that you can add to your website to allow your website visitors to call you immediately or schedule a call at a later time.

When you integrate Novocall into your website, you’ll have access to services like automatic callbacks and the ability to arrange appointments with potential customers via live chat, voice messages, or even text messaging.

In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Novocall.


Some businesses use outbound calls in various sectors as part of their lead generation efforts. Novocall provides a centralized platform for sales teams, marketing agencies, and other B2C & B2B organizations to handle multichannel customer conversations.

Let’s go over each feature and what it could do for you. We’ve highlighted five key features from their plans.

1. Click to call widget

Novocall integrates a click-to-call feature into your website to automate immediate and scheduled callbacks. 

Before placing the widget on your website, you can personalize the design and adjust your call settings. You may set it up as a pop-up or a widget, for example. You can also adjust the color scheme of the text. Moreover, you can add your company’s and website’s logos to the widget to make it appear more branded.

You can choose which call agents will be accessible to accept these calls in your call settings. Novocall also allows you to set your office hours. This ensures the call option is inactive when no one is in the office to pick up the calls.

Once you’re done setting up the tool, you can launch it on your website as a pop-up or add a link to a contact form, webpage, or email. 

2. Outbound autodialer

Due to the large number of calls that must be made, call agents use auto-dialers to automate the manual effort of calling numbers during outbound outreach campaigns.

Novocall auto dialer is a software that calls phone numbers from a list automatically. When the phone is answered, the auto-dialer connects the caller to a live person or plays a prepared message.

The autodialer will automatically call the next number in the list after the representatives’ previous call has ended. Autodialers can also make multiple calls at any one time. Reps will not be given invalid numbers.

Also, these autodialers allow agents to see data about the next contact on their list of potential leads. This helps them prepare for the call.

3. Call tracking

Novocall offers cloud-based call tracking and recording software that does more than track a caller’s ID or phone number. It shows you how every single caller found your company. It allows you to gather information about your customers, such as where they are calling from, what keywords they searched for before calling your company, and the purpose of the call.

The Novocall tracking tool uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) to trace calls back to their marketing origin. DNI automatically gives a unique phone number to each campaign. Potential customers coming to your website via a specific campaign will see this number. This will provide you with detailed insights on which campaigns generated the most calls to your company, allowing you to improve your campaigns.

Novocall also has a dashboard that lets you see the initial customer touchpoints. This can help you modify your marketing campaigns to maximize conversions on specific pages.

Last but not least, Novocall integrates with Google Analytics. That allows you to analyze Novocall’s call and message data via Google Analytics. So, it helps you follow your customer journeys, perform your analysis, and alter your business plans as needed.

4. Lead routing

Lead routing is the process of dispersing incoming leads across sales representatives. Novocall helps you qualify and automate this process. It makes call management easier for your sales and marketing teams. 

It enables you to direct incoming calls generated by your website and Facebook ads to the most suitable sales representatives (based on availability, location, company size, business function, etc.). You can segment your sales reps into departments, for example. Then, direct certain calls to reps in a specific department. 

You may also distribute calls based on factors such as language and region.

Also, you can add the agents’ calendar availability to take these calls. If your first available agent is unavailable, Novocall will direct the call to the next available agent.

The widget can gather lead data and automatically enter it into your CRM. Speaking of which, Novocall integrates with Salesforce and Hubspot.

5. International calling

Novocall offers VoIP software that allows you to call and reach your leads and customers on their regular landlines. It allows you to buy virtual business phone numbers from the United States and make calls to more than 42 countries. 

With Novocall, you can set up numerous phone numbers for various teams and purposes. You can also purchase virtual numbers for WhatsApp and SMS.

VoIP phone systems are often billed on a subscription basis, with all functions included in the chosen pricing plan. Novocall international VoIP call prices are affordable and cost-effective for any small business. Your representatives only need a reliable internet connection to make calls from their PC, laptop, or mobile phone.


There are three price packages for Novocall. The Starter plan costs $19 a month per user. Except for Call Distribution to Teams, AutoDialer, and Hubspot Salesforce integration, it offers all other essential tools you’ll need to get started with call solutions for your business. 

The pro plan costs $39 per month for each user. It includes more features such as Salesforce and HubSpot integration, Inbound Call Automation (Facebook Form), and AutoDialer.

The Custom plan is designed for larger companies with larger support teams, a significant volume of daily incoming customer support questions, or an international client base. You get access to more advanced and customizable capabilities to improve and enhance your customer support. However, the price is not specified since it is dependent on your customizations and requirements.

Here’s an overview of the Novocall plans and prices:

Novocall does not offer a free option. It does have a 7-day free trial, though.

Novocall pros and cons

Novocall is reliable and packed with great features to improve your sales team’s performance. It can help you close more sales and build strong customer relationships. However, as with anything in life, it has pros and cons.


  • It is simple to use and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Your team will be able to manage calls and potential customers with ease.
  • It is an affordable software solution with all of the necessary features.
  • It has several integration options. Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, WhatsApp, and Facebook Pixel are some of the popular tools that integrate with Novocall. Hubspot and Salesforce integration is also available.
  • It offers an efficient tracking system. Novocall assists businesses in tracing leads back to the original marketing effort. With robust multi-channel attribution, it’s easy to follow the entire customer journey.  
  • It also has a strong call insight.


  • Novocall does not provide video conferencing features as part of an integrated business phone system.
  • You have a limited number of calls.
  • Since it is only internet-based, you will not have the same functions when you are not connected to the internet.

Bottom Line

Instant calls are more effective than emails since they save time on back-and-forth answers, increasing sales conversions. Novocall helps you improve your call process by making it easy to connect with clients.

SMBs who use phone calls for business, sales, and support may find Novocall to be a good fit. It’s also ideal for businesses that provide customized products or services and require high-touch services like phone calls. Those that are dealing with high visitor volumes and significant bounce rates on their websites would benefit from this tool as well.

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