Movavi Screen Recorder Review:  Everything You Need To Know


Remote work has become the “new normal.” Nowadays, digital skills are essential for many tasks, whether you’re a student, a professional working from home, or simply looking to become more tech-savvy. 

From freelancers to enterprise-level organizations, everyone is struggling to cope with this sudden change of lifestyle. Among all these challenges, perhaps the most daunting task is trying to explain complex ideas while being geographically separated. 

Is there any way to simplify this process? Introducing Movavi Screen Recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder is a tool for capturing your screen and turning it into a short video. Read on to learn everything about its features, pricing, and pros & cons.

Movavi Screen Recorder Features

Movavi Screen Recorder is simple yet powerful software that helps you capture, edit, and share videos with a few clicks. You can use it to record your computer screen, webcam, audio, and microphone. The simple interface makes this app even more user-friendly.

Once you’ve recorded your video, you can quickly trim and delete unwanted sections to get the perfect clip. 

Teachers can use Movavi Screen Recorder to create instructional videos, vloggers can create engaging content, and marketers can make promotional videos. It’s a great tool for creating simple, professional-looking recordings to explain complicated concepts and processes.

Movavi Screen Recorder has some of the best features you would expect from a good screen recorder. They include:

1. Intuitive Interface

The interface of the app is designed to streamline your workflow. It’s easy to figure out and use, even for first-time users. There is no need to read complicated user manuals or watch tutorials.

From the start, a brief tutorial appears that includes all the instructions you need to get acquainted with the app. On the side of your screen, you can control the recording options. Choose between taking a screenshot, recording your screen, webcam, system sound, or microphone. 

2. Activity Capture

The software allows you to record anything: from the full screen to specific applications and areas. Apart from your screen, you can select whether you need to capture your webcam, system sounds, and microphone.

You can also highlight the cursor and clicks for better clarity. It’s very useful for how-to videos and presentations.

3. Hotkeys

The software allows you to set hotkeys for different recording functions. You can choose when to stop recording your camera or microphone, pause recording, or take a screenshot. Whatever keys you like, set them, and you’re good to go.

4. Timer

Before or during the recording session, you can set a timer to limit the recording duration. When the time is up, the software will do nothing, go to sleep mode, or close the program according to your preference. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your recording. However, you need to make sure that the time limit is set correctly.

5. Recording Settings

Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to pick video format, output folder, video quality, etc., before starting a recording session. You can even change the settings while recording if you need to turn off the microphone or webcam. 

The app allows you to record in HD quality, pick a resolution, and change frame rate, audio settings, and channels. There is also an option to reduce background noise, making your microphone recordings clear.

6. Art on the Screen

One of the best things about Movavi Screen Recorder is that it allows you to draw on the video while recording. 

You can use this feature to highlight a certain area or explain something with arrows, scribbles, etc. This is very helpful for creating video guides and reviews or providing feedback for students, so they succeed in a distance learning course.

7. Scheduler

Movavi Screen Recorder has a scheduler tool that allows you to set up automatic recordings. You only need to select when and what you want to record: add the title, date, time, and approximate duration of the recording. The software will start the recording at the specified time and stop it after completion. 

This is a great option for recording webinars, lectures, and classes. Users can focus on other tasks while the recording is done without any supervision.

8. Editor

Movavi Screen Recorder comes with a simple built-in video editor. You can easily trim and delete unwanted sections from the recorded clip. If you need more adjustments like filters, titles, and transitions, you need to use a more complex tool. 

In that case, you can quickly click to export the recorded video to Movavi Video Editor or upload the file and drag it to another software of your choice.

9. Quick Export

Once you’re done with the recording, save your clip in multiple formats. This includes AVI, MP4, MOV, GIF, and some more. 

You can also share the video directly to YouTube, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other online platform via a link. This way, you save a lot of time that you would’ve used to upload the video manually.

10. Preview

You can watch the full video before saving it using the preview mode. This helps to see if there are any mistakes or if anything needs to be changed. 

You can also take screenshots of any frame from the video to make a thumbnail for YouTube or make a slide for a presentation.

11.  User Manual

Movavi’s products have user manuals and tutorials for each product that are very helpful. You can read through the instructions and watch videos to get more familiar with the software if you have any doubts.

Movavi Screen Recorder Pricing

Considering the payment plans, here you have three different options for personal (1 PC only) and business uses that suit the different needs of users. The prices are the same for both Windows and Mac versions.

A 1-year subscription includes all the features of the current version of the program plus all the future minor and major updates.

  • For personal use: $42.95
  • For businesses: $85.95 (contact sales for volume pricing)

A lifetime license means you only pay for the software once and use it forever. It covers all the features and updates of the current version. The main drawback is that you can’t update it further when the program gets a major release.

  • For personal use: $57.95
  • For businesses: $129.95 (contact sales for volume pricing)

The last option is to purchase a lifetime license for Movavi Video Suite. It’s a bundle of 3 programs, including Movavi Screen Recorder, Movavi Video Editor, and Movavi Video Converter. 

Although the price is a bit higher compared to the other two plans, it’s still worth every penny as it offers you software with other useful features as well. Moreover, it also helps you save over $100 instead of buying each program separately.

  • For personal use: $94.95
  • For businesses: $189.95 (contact sales for volume pricing)

Movavi Screen Recorder also offers a 7-day free trial with some limitations. You can take advantage of this to test all its features before investing your money.

Movavi Screen Recorder Pros and Cons

While Movavi Screen Recorder is a great and easy-to-use program, as with any software, there are both pros and cons:


  • Easy to use and intuitive UI:  Movavi Screen Recorder is incredibly easy to use. The user interface is highly intuitive, with all the features you need clearly laid out in tabs and menus.
  • Editing capability: The ability to polish your video before saving it is a great bonus. This helps you free up space and underline the key points in the video by trimming out unnecessary parts.
  • Advanced options: The software has several advanced settings which give you more flexibility and control over the recording. The scheduler feature is a great time-saver. Now you don’t have to stay up late or risk missing something while recording. Drawing on video is also a great addition to give a crystal-clear explanation of something.
  • Fast and secure: The program is fast and secure to use, with no malware or other threats. In addition, SuperSpeed mode ensures that recordings are done faster without any quality loss.
  • Language support: Movavi Screen Recorder supports multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, and many others, making it accessible to people worldwide.

In addition, you can message Movavi’s customer support team via email or form on the website for any queries or help related to the software. 


  • Free version limitations: during the free trial, you’ll have to bear with some limitations, including a watermark, a 5-minute recording limit, and no scheduling feature.
  • Lack of integration: the lack of integration with other programs like Slack or Evernote can be a setback for some users and businesses.
  • Limited editing options: the editing is too basic, and the need to export the video and use an external program to bring it up to scratch can be a little tedious.

Wrapping Up

Movavi Screen Recorder is a great video marketing tool for capturing on-screen activity. It is easy to use, has plenty of features, and provides excellent output quality. 

Whether you need screen recording for capturing webinars, live streams, and Zoom sessions or creating guides and demonstrations, this software can serve your purpose. There are some drawbacks, but overall, Movavi Screen Recorder is a decent choice for screen capture tasks.

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