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So much of building a brand comes down to perceptions. In fact, most marketing and PR activity boils down to trying to get our audience to think about us in a certain way. Today we’ll explore how to find what they actually think in our Mediatoolkit review.

Marketers spend so much time crafting the perfect message and then trying to get it out there as best they can. Of course, nowadays there’s so many different ways of doing that, especially in the online sphere. One downside of this is that it can be difficult measure the big picture impact.

That’s where mention monitoring comes in. Rather than measuring the success of each individual marketing channel, this is when you track what people are saying about your brand across the web. That way, you can tell if your audience perceptions are where you’d like them to be.

mediatoolkit review

What is Mediatoolkit?

In short, Mediatoolkit allows you to track every online mention of your brand in real time. That’s every single article, comment, tweet or hashtag across the whole of the web.

You may be thinking ‘but I’m already doing social listening!‘ Well, maybe so. In fact, many of you will already have some kind of listening function built into your social media automator of choice.

That’s the crucial difference. Chances are your social listening tool only does social media mentions. The key point to hammer home in this mediatoolkit review is that it allows you to monitor mentions across all kinds of sites and platforms.

It’s not just mentions of your own brand you can monitor though. You could equally use mediatoolkit to keep one eye on your competitors. Or you could monitor more generic terms related to your industry to help inform your content marketing strategy. Just to name a few examples.

The UI is a dream too. First you pick your phrase. Then Mediatoolkit will bring you through a few screens to choose exactly what to include. Foolproof!

mediatoolkit review

Additional Features

Being able to monitor a wide range of sources is one thing. However, all that information still needs to be comprehensible. One area where mediatoolkit really impresses is the range of filtering options.

You can include or exclude mentions by a number of criteria. These basic things like location, language, author and source. Mediatoolkit also has a few more sophisticated filtering tricks up its sleeve.

One example is the ability to use boolean combinations of words and phrases. This sounds complex if you’re not a techy, but it’s hardly rocket science.

You simply combine words and phrases with operators like “and”, “or” and “not”. That way, you can narrow down into how your brand is being talked about in very specific contexts.

One slight surprise in this mediatoolkit review related to the sources. You can manually include or exclude certain sources, one of which is ‘print’. This is actually a slight misnomer. Really, this refers to the websites of traditional prints sources, like magazines.

You can also zone in on specific non-social sites, including Trip Advisor and vKontakte. Obviously, these will be of more interest to certain businesses, than others. All the same, a fantastic inclusion.

Mediatoolkit will also rank the people talking about you by how influential they have. This adds an extra use, especially if you’re thinking about wetting your feet with influencer marketing.

If you’re working in a bigger marketing department or an agency, you’ll also be glad to hear about Mediatoolkit’s reporting functions. Of course, these can include basic data like number of mentions, or which channels you’re getting the most hype on.

Even better, mediatoolkit’s sentiment analysis function can tell you how positive your mentions tend to be. The same technology can help you find negative comments to respond to.

One feature in this Mediatoolkit review perplexed me slightly. If you want, you can receive real time email notifications. Imagine! You can choose a more moderate weekly or monthly schedule too. That could be more manageable.


So are there any problems? Not as such. However, there are a couple of minor improvements I’d like to see. For example, the location filter is limited to countries. It would be nice to have the option to drill down a bit more locally.

Demographic filtering is sadly missing too. It would be great to be able to filter certain age groups for example. This would require some cooperation from third parties of course. Still, it would be a big improvement, especially to the social element of the platform.

Mediatoolkit Review: Final Verdict

Despite a couple of omissions, I was very impressed with Mediatoolkit. In fact, I think if I implemented it into my digital strategy, it would be difficult to stop. Additionally, if you’re smart about the set-up, this could be a great set and forget type of tool, you’d just get key info straight to your mailbox.

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