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It’s a cliche that a picture tells a thousand words. This applies to your business’ branding too. In fact, potential customers will probably notice your logo even before your name, so you have to get it right. The trouble is that graphic designers know this too, so good design doesn’t come cheap. Today, we’ll look at one alternative in our Logojoy review.

But first, let’s reiterate just much different a good logo will make to your business. Although it’s important to catch people’s attention, this isn’t all there is to it. It should also help people understand what your business is all about. For example, you could have a perfectly composed logo based around a drawing of an ice-cream cone, but that wouldn’t be much use if you’re an accountant. Context is key.

Quality matters too. A blurry squiggle doesn’t scream to the world that you’re a company of competent professionals. This applies equally to print and digital. How many small businesses can you think of with a pixelated mess for their Facebook profile picture? With that established, let’s take a look at Logojoy.

Logojoy Review What's Your Name?

What is Logojoy?

In short, Logojoy is an AI based logo generator. That means the whole process is automated. That means no wasting time on design briefings or marketing bull-pens. In fact, it’s automatic, so you don’t really have to spend any time at all. You input a few pieces of basic info like your industry and slogan and you’re well on your way.


Next the system asks you to pick a couple of ‘Inspirations’. These are chosen from a list of pre-existing logos. Then you’re offered a choice of colour palettes, and some icons which might be appropriate for your industry. You can do this as many times as you like. When you come to something you’re pleased with Logojoy will export your new logo as image and vector files.

We established at the beginning of this Logojoy review just how important a high quality logo is for generating new business. It could be the difference between a new customer coming to you or looking elsewhere. The idea behind Logojoy is that this shouldn’t be the preserve of big companies who can afford expensive graphic designers. So, let’s take a look in a bit more detail.


Additional Features

Speed is obviously one of the main selling points here. In fact, Logojoy boast that it only takes 30 seconds for most of their customers to receive their new logo. This isn’t just marketing hype either. Impressively, I really found it to be the case that it took less than a minute to put together a logo I’d be happy to use.

The number of native design elements also impressed me. The AI has over half a million icons to draw from, as well as over five thousand colour swatches and hundreds of premium fonts. This is really important, as this is where traditional graphic design gets pricey. There’s really not much of an upper limit as to how much you can pay just to license a distinctive font.

You’re probably thinking at this point that a logo designed by a computer isn’t going to help you stand out from the crowd. I glossed over this earlier in this Logojoy review, but it’s really important to emphasise that the system is built around artificial intelligence. That is to say, it’s not just a catalogue of templates for you to print your company’s name across. Each design is totally unique, so you’re not going to end up in the embarrassing situation of having an identical logo to your nearest competitor.


Logojoy also exports to specific dimensions for different social media uses. This means that you can be sure that your logo will sit properly within the dimensions of your profile pictures and cover photos across all of the different social networks.

I also found Logojoy’s pricing structure to be encouraging. Specifically, I like that you’re free to use their logo generator as much as you want without any spending commitment. You only have to pay when your satisfied with your logo, and you want to go ahead an publish it.


This leads me to the part of this Logojoy review where I talk about the negatives. There’s a tiered pricing structure, which isn’t a problem in itself. The problem is, that at the most basic price-point, you only receive a 1000×1000 .png file. You don’t own the rights to this either, so it can only be used on one platform. It’s not a big step up to the next platform, which gives you full copyright ownership though. That said, it’d still be nice to have some kind of sizing options or a vector export at the basic level.

On the subject of vectors, the only files of this type that Logojoy supports are .eps and .svg. It seems like a little bit of an omission to me not to include Adobe’s .ai as well. It’s unlikely, but there is still a chance you could encounter some problems here if you tried to use Illustrator to blend elements of your Logojoy logo with other content.

Logojoy Review: Final Verdict

So what do I think of Logojoy? I’ll start by saying I was sceptical of any software being as good as a real designer. I’m happy to say that I was wrong though. For small businesses, Logojoy seems like a no-brainer over hiring a freelance designer or working with an agency. With the option to own full copyright of the logo you design, this could be a far more cost effective option for businesses in just about any industry.

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