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SEO is the area of digital marketing which causes non-specialists the most trouble. Even worse, most how-to guides says something to the effect of ‘the most important things is to identify the right keywords’. Few actually explain this in detail. Today’s Keyyword review will outline one method.

Many businesses are wasting time and money with poor keyword strategies. Lazy marketers who don’t put in the effort to find the best keywords fight an uphill battle. Then they wonder why they aren’t getting organic traffic.

Or if they pass this hurdle, maybe they’re unsure of how to use these keywords for their on-page SEO. You’ll often find marketing guides advising against keyword stuffing. However, an alternative is rarely offered.

Not knowing what else to do, this means non-SEO specialists often create clunky and unreadable web copy and hope for the best.

But what are we to do?

Keyyword Review

What is Keyyword

As the title of this Keyyword review says, there’s actually three tools on offer here. As an overview, these help you find the right keywords, use them properly, and measure the results.

So the platform will sort of hold your hand throughout the whole process. That’s no bad thing. But how does this work?

First up is the Keyword Competition tool. You simply input your desired keywords. The platform’s algorithm then analysis’s the top Google results for these across several different metrics, including on-page factors.

Then, it makes recommendations about which of your potential keywords presents the lowest competition.

Keyyword Review

The second tool is a little bit more exciting. This is Keyyword’s dedicated SEO text editor. This makes recommendations on how to improve your on-page SEO. All you have to do is provide a keyword, along with the text and metadata for your page.

Finally, there’s Keyyword Performance. This creates reports on both on-page and off-pages SEO factors of a given webpage. These include things like images, keyword density and readability, as well as authority and backlinks.

Like the text editor, this will then give recommendations for how each of these factors can be improved.

Keyyword Review

Additional Features

When researching this Keyyword review, I was pleased to find that one of the factors it takes into account is Alexa Rank. This is something you’re going to hear more and more about in the coming years.

Basically, the way people are searching for things is changing. As more people get smart devices like Alexa, audio searching is becoming a bigger part of SEO strategies.

The trouble is that this is a new area, and the best practices haven’t quite emerged yet. The fact that Keyyword is already adopting this as a key indicator of a good SEO strategy bodes well.

On the subject of Keyword’s performance monitoring, the ability to import URLs in bulk will be a particularly useful feature to many. Agencies are the obvious example.

This would be a big time saver for web-publishers too. An editors could import all of one writer’s work to provide periodic reviews of their SEO performance, complete with recommendations for how they can improve.

I’d also like to draw attention to how clean the interface is for Keyyword’s SEO editor. It’s a little bit more rough and ready looking than Yoast, but the usage is a bit simpler too.

In fact, it’s as easy as copying and pasting your text into boxes for your title, meta-description, keywords and body copy. This is particularly handy if you’re working with copywriters who deliver text documents rather than accessing your CMS directly.

Keyyword Review

I’m also a fan of Keyyword’s pricing structure. Rather than being subscription based, they offer a credit based pay as you go system. This makes a lot of sense for an SEO tool, as it’s not something you need year round in many cases.


I’m sorry to report that there was one issue I encountered while working on this Keyyword review. That is, it doesn’t seem to be particularly Safari friendly. I found that the site staled on a white screen while trying to move between features.

Web apps not working properly with Apple’s proprietary browser is hardly new, but it was a minor annoyance. I also tried it with Firefox and Chrome, and didn’t encounter any issues there.

If I was to identify one oversight, it would be that Keyyword is only deployed as a standalone web app. Most of its functions, particularly the SEO editor would make a lot of sense as plugins for different CMSs too.

This doesn’t detract from usage really, but Keyyword themselves may want to explore this possibility. I image the level of uptake would improve greatly were this the case.

Keyyword Review: Final Verdict

In spite of my browser-based frustration, I was very impressed with Keyyword indeed. There’s something to be said for creating a tool which does one thing well. It’s even better when you can do three things very well. They’ve been successful in taking a lot of the guesswork out of SEO, which can often be a bit of a snake oil type game.

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