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Referral marketing works on the age old principle of word of mouth. People trust their peers. The tricky part is reliably utilising this in a digital setting. Today we’ll explore one option in our iRefer review.

Of course, just hoping your customers mention your product to their friends isn’t much good. They need an incentive. Indeed, you must create a win-win situation where you reach new customers with a rewards system.

Then, ideally, your new customers will refer friends of their own. That way, your customer base grows exponentially. This won’t happen all by itself though. Enter iRefer.

iRefer Review

What is iRefer?

Short answer – iRefer is a platform for automating your referral marketing. With very little coding, you can design a campaign to entice visitors to your site to refer their friends.

Once you set a few basic parameters, iRefer takes care of the rest. This includes tracking referrals, triggering rewards and motivating customers to reach their next goal.

We established at the outset of this iRefer review that the goal of referral marketing is exponential growth. But is iRefer the real deal? Let’s take a look in a little more detail.

iRefer review

Additional Features

The first thing to note here is ease of use. Your referral campaign is based around a series of templates. You can then use a series of drop down menus to customise the visual elements of your sign-up form. This makes it a breeze to match your existing branding.

iRefer isn’t just a pretty face though. The customisation options also let you tailor the channels your customers can share referral links on. This is key to optimising your campaign, as you won’t waste time on channels that don’t work.

iRefer Review

One standout feature of this iRefer review is the ability to automatically translate your messaging. They say that if you speak to someone in their native language, you speak to their heart. Call me a cynic, but hearts convert.

The folks behind iRefer also shout about the number of integrations on offer. These include plug-in for the major web design and eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify.

This is significant, as it reduces the barriers to entry. No need to mess around with your back end code to get iRefer up and running. Simply install the right plug-in and you’re off.

iRefer Review integrations

iRefer also integrates directly with MailChimp, HubSpot and Google Sheets among other marketing tools. This lets you construct and entire marketing funnel around the customer’s you gain through your new referral marketing strategy.

So far, much of this iRefer review has centred around not needing coding knowledge. However, the software whizzes out there will be glad to learn that the iRefer team publish a whole bunch of their APIs.

Of course, this opens the door to almost endless customisation. Just as one obvious example, you could create custom actions for entry to your referral system. The only limit is your imagination really.

Additionally, you can create monthly leader boards of your top referrers. A small amount of psychology tells us that leveraging your users’ competitive sides will yield great results.

Finally, I’d like to touch on iRefer’s analytics and reporting functions. Of course, you want to know that your hard efforts are paying off. For each campaign you can get a high level assessment of views, entries and referrals.

If you want, you can also drill down into the gritty details. Probably the most important to note are which devices and channels generate the best conversions. There’s no more powerful marketing tool than an understanding of your customers’ behaviour.

Crucially, iRefer also flags suspicious entries and tracks IP addresses, so you can be sure you only reward genuine loyalty. It only takes one nefarious person to take advantage of your referral scheme for you to start haemorrhaging money.


On to the negative portion of this iRefer review. You’ll be glad to hear there aren’t to many. We explored the integration options, but there are a couple of notable omissions here.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to integrate iRefer with any Microsoft platforms. The most obvious candidates for this would be Excel and Dynamics.

For users of either, iRefer does offer the option to manually export data in a .CSV file. While this is a potential workaround, a direct integration would be far more convenient.

I also said that you can use iRefer’s APIs with your own forms to offer a bit more visual customisation. While this is great, it would also be nice to do things the other way around and manually edit HTML and CSS elements within iRefer directly.

iRefer Review: Final Verdict

So. what’s the final word on iRefer? The top selling point has to be ease of use at every stage, including installation, set-up and usage. Additionally, the number of integrations available means that iRefer is probably the only referral platform you could every reasonably need.

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