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The events industry was hit hard when the global Covid-19 pandemic forced countries into lockdown. Thousands of events – concerts, conferences, tradeshows, etc. were canceled, and trillions of dollars lost. But there was a silver lining. Many companies turned to technology to keep business going. Virtual events became the norm.

Virtual events have many benefits, but in-person elements are still the preferred mode of hosting events post-COVID restrictions. Enter a different type of event – hybrid events. Hybrid events are the best of both virtual and in-person event experiences. Essentially, you add a virtual component to your live event so that the audience can participate from anywhere in the world.

Participation is an essential element of hybrid events. It’s what separates your event from a streamed live event. The online audience doesn’t simply watch the event on computers or mobile devices. With seamless technology integration, they are active participants.

InEvent is an all-in-one event platform that delivers virtual and hybrid experiences for companies, such as conferences, training, and webinars. The platform includes event marketing software, event registration forms, web broadcasting, live engagement, and real-time analytics. It supports integration with third-party applications like Google Analytics, Facebook, PayPal, and more.

In this article, we’ll look at what InEvent offers event organizers: features, pricing, and pros and cons.

InEvent Features

Every event, in-person, virtual, or hybrid, goes through three main stages: pre-event, event, and post-event. Pre-event activities include research, content design, and marketing; event activities include presentation and engagement; post-event activities involve follow-up communication and evaluation.

InEvent provides end-to-end event management with numerous features to make events effective, dynamic, and interactive.

This image is a detailed overview of InEvent’s end-to-end service. Let’s look into some of InEvent’s features that facilitate event planning at all stages.

Pre-event Features

InEvent’s website creator enables users to create unique event websites or landing pages that automatically update changes made on the platform.

With ticketing and registration form integrations, potential attendees never have to leave the event website. Moreover, registration through InEvent’s app is made easier with social media logins.

Attendees can sign up for your event using their Facebook account, as pictured above, or their LinkedIn accounts.

InEvent’s customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to segment leads into different databases and manage them as they move along the registration pipeline. Used with automated email tools, it enables you to create and manage customized campaigns for prospects, leads, and registrants. 

Event Features

InEvent’s Live Studio helps you produce innovative video-driven events with state-of-the-art TV production value. It allows you to edit video in real-time with brand activation, background customization, and lower-thirds to keep your audiences engaged.

Engagement is a critical element of virtual and hybrid events. InEvent has three features that move live video conferencing away from the traditional webinar experience. Online audiences no longer passively watch presentations but participate in exciting ways.

With live interactive quiz polling, you can create real-time event interactions between participants and presenters. Polls are activated at pre-determined times during the event, broadcasting the audience’s responses as they come in. 

The live studio questions feature projects the audience’s questions on the screen, ensuring they don’t get lost in the chat section. InEvent CEO, Pedro Goes, demonstrates the feature below.

Take audience engagement even further with missions and prizes. The progress of each task is tracked, and rewards are given to participants with the highest scores.

Post-event Features

So, the event is complete, and it’s time to meet with your team and discuss whether or not you’ve met your event’s goals. Capturing the event through professional event photography is crucial for creating lasting memories and leveraging visual content for post-event marketing. InEvent makes it easy to analyze key performance indicators like ticket sales or audience engagement through the live event analytics feature and the feedback feature.

The live event analytics feature captures data from employees, sponsors, attendees, and other event stakeholders. For example, you can see which channel generated the most ticket sales or the interactive content that produced the most engagement. 

Agora is able to capture valuable engagement insights with InEvent’s live event analytics feature. The report shows two different views of their top five lives as well as numbers on break rooms and sessions. 

The full details statistic reporting feature lets you create customized event reports with graphs and highlights on specific segments of your attendee list.

Feedback is vital to assessing the success of any event. With InEvent’s feedback feature, you can create and deliver multilingual feedback forms to attendees using text or email. Surveys aren’t limited to post-event communication. They can be deployed during the other stages as well.

InEvent Pricing

InEvent has three pricing models: V&H Advanced, V&H Full, and Webinars. 

Both the advanced and full versions of V&H plans are available on an annual subscription basis. There is a limited-time free trial on the V&H advanced model. The webinar model is available on a monthly subscription. 

Check the price listings below to see which plan meets your budgeting needs.

The primary difference between the advanced and full versions of the virtual and hybrid events are third-party integrations, landing page creation, and a dedicated project manager.

InEvent Pros and Cons

InEvent promises user-friendly software and solutions for every aspect of your hybrid and virtual events. You can manage everything from marketing, registration, ticketing, database management, event hosting, engagement, and reporting on one platform.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this comprehensive event management tool.


The advantages of InEvent are the variety of features, level of customer service, and user-friendly interface. 

InEvent has all kinds of features to support any virtual and hybrid event and provide end-to-end event planning and execution service. The software is easy to use and integrates with many popular third-party applications. Finally, multilingual customer support is available 24/7 in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.


The major disadvantage of InEvent is the price. The cloud-based service offers a free trial with email support. However, the service is expensive compared to similar virtual conference platforms like Zoom, which has a free version of its product. The pricing structure could allow for more variation.

Also, although one of the platform’s pros is the variety of features, it is also a con. The sheer number of features is overwhelming. It requires a considerable time investment and dedicated team member (only available in the advanced package) to understand.

In Closing

Some circumstances prohibit live events. It could be as bad as a global pandemic, normal budget constraints, or the usual–speaker missed a flight. But, virtual and hybrid events offer companies the flexibility to continue hosting events in these situations without compromising the integrity of the event program. 

Moreover, virtual and hybrid events allow you to increase your reach and boost attendance. These and more reasons, discussed above, are why you should consider trying InEvent

InEvent is a comprehensive event platform that walks you through the journey of hosting hybrid and virtual events. From creating websites to event reports, the goal of InEvent is to make hosting events easy through software, hardware, and dedicated customer service.

Whether you are an event professional, marketer, or small business owner, InEvent can help you host events for both in-person and online audiences.

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