Hunter Review: Everything You Should Know


Hunter is a cloud-based email finder tool. The primary purpose of this software is to find and verify professional email addresses, thereby helping companies with networking and lead generation.

The tool also includes email campaigns and API software, making it a versatile tool for outreach and lead generation.

Let’s go through the features of Hunter and see how it can scale your outreach campaigns.

Hunter And Its Features

Hunter has eight main features. Here’s a closer look at each of these features.


Hunter’s API calls feature allows businesses and their customers to access the tool seamlessly. The API calls work for four features; domain search, email finder, author finder, and email verifier.

It is very easy to use as it requires minimal information across these four features. For example, only a domain name is required for the domain search, and for the author finder, only an article URL is required.

Author Finder

Hunter also has a feature to help you find the authors of online articles. All you need to use this feature is an article URL, and the author and their contact details will be found in seconds, as shown below.

The screenshot above also shows that this feature identifies other articles the author has written. So, you can do some further research before contacting the author.

Bulk Tasks

Like the API, the Bulk Tasks feature can be used to enhance the four main features of Hunter; domain search, email finder, author finder, and email verifier.

This feature allows you to verify lists of email addresses, search multiple domains at once and find lists of authors and their email addresses. The screenshot below shows an example of a bulk domain search.

You enter a list of domains, and information for all those domains is provided in one data set. This feature is particularly useful for larger businesses with longer contact lists and more potential leads, making outreach processes much more efficient.

Domain Search

The domain search feature allows you to reach out to any business. But, more importantly, it helps to identify the right person to contact within a business.

As shown below, by simply entering a website in the search bar, you get a list of email addresses and details about the employee behind the email address.

The fact that you get the job title of the email address owner makes a huge difference. This cuts out guessing games, allowing you to easily identify the person you want to contact and go straight to that person.

Email Campaigns

Hunter also offers semi-automated email campaigns. This feature includes cold email templates, scheduled follow-ups, and automatic emails, as shown below.

However, emails are not totally automated, allowing users to edit before sending if needed. Users can also set schedules for emails to go out on certain days or at specific times. Finally, email tracking allows users to keep up to date with all campaigns through regular email updates.

Email Finder

Hunter’s email finder lets you easily connect with fellow professionals and potential leads. By simply typing in a name and domain to the search bar, as shown below, you will find the right contact information in a matter of seconds.

This feature can also be accessed through a Chrome extension, making it even easier to use. This feature can provide great value for businesses in terms of networking and lead generation. 

Email Verifier

This feature allows you to check the validity of any professional email address. It may not seem like much, but a simple verification can prevent you from wasting time on an invalid email address.

The email verifier is very easy to use. You simply enter the email address and click the verify button, as shown below.

Hunter thoroughly analyzes the format, domain information, and server response to determine the validity of addresses.

Pricing of Hunter

With all of the features covered, let’s go through the pricing options.

Free Plan

The free option includes 25 monthly email searches, 50 monthly email verifications, and unlimited users. With this option, you can only use one email account for your campaigns, but you can have up to 500 recipients per campaign.

Starter – €49 per month

With this plan, you get 500 monthly searches and 1000 monthly email verifications, and unlimited users. You can also use up to 5 email accounts for campaigns and up to 2500 recipients per campaign.

You also get access to full results of domain searches and access to link tracking and attachments/images in emails.

Growth – €99 per month

You will get 2500 monthly searches and 5000 monthly email verifications, and unlimited users on the growth plan. As well as that, you can use 10 email accounts for campaigns and can have up to 5000 recipients per campaign.

You get all the starter plan features, domain search downloads, and a custom-tracking domain.

Pro – €199 per month

Next is the pro plan, which consists of all the features of the growth plan along with some additional perks. These include 10,000 monthly searches, 20,000 monthly email verifications, 20 email accounts, and 7500 recipients per campaign.

Business – €399 per month

The business option includes all the features of the pro plan, along with additional monthly searches. You get 30,000 monthly searches, 60,000 monthly email verifications, 40 email accounts, and 10,000 recipients per campaign.

Enterprise – Negotiable price

The enterprise plan is the final pricing option, but there is no quoted price. If none of the options above are to your liking, you can contact Hunter to discuss an enterprise plan that works for your business.

Hunter users can either pay a monthly subscription or pay for a full year and save 30%. This offer of saving 30% by paying yearly applies to all pricing options.

Hunter: Pros and Cons

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of Hunter


Pros of this tool center mainly around ease of use and features like the email finder.

  • Easy to navigate
  • All tools are easy to use
  • Affordable prices
  • Email finder/domain search is great for acquiring valuable contact details
  • API allows for easy integration
  • Chrome extension is handy


Although there were few, the cons of Hunter center around the higher pricing options.

  • Pro and Business options are expensive compared to similar tools
  • No social media tools
  • It can find personal email addresses but can’t verify email addresses from free domains, such as and similar.

In Closing

Overall, Hunter is a handy tool to help you with outreach and networking. All the tools are easy to use and provide great results within seconds. Despite the lack of social media tools and the steep price of the Pro and Business options, the pros still outweigh the cons.

The extra information you get, such as job titles, is very valuable in terms of networking. Add to that the easy integration with the API and Chrome extension, and you have an excellent outreach tool.

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