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Meetings are vital for keeping the team on the same page. But, that only happens when there’s effective meeting management.  Effective meetings management deals with how you prepare and handle your meetings.

Ask yourself, did I set a clear agenda in place? Was the meeting too short or too long? These may contribute significantly to keeping your team in sync. They also help foster teamwork, trust, and motivation. Luckily, meeting management software can help you stay organized and make the most of your time.

Fellow is a virtual meeting management software. It’s designed to improve your virtual meetings and employee output. In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know about Fellow.app.

Fellow features

Managers and teams can use meeting management software to plan, organize, run, and track results during meetings. Meeting tools ensure you begin the meeting on time, stay on course through solid time management, and achieve the stated goal.

Let’s learn about the specific features of Fellow.app and how they might assist you in organizing your meetings.

1. Collaborative meetings agendas

Everyone should understand why they’ve joined a meeting. They should also know what to expect or accomplish from the meeting.  The agenda serves as a guide for the debate. It allows the group to return to its original topic if it deviates.

Fellow features a collaborative meeting agenda approach. It helps you organize your meetings and keep them running smoothly. You can plan ahead of time by creating a shared agenda.

The tool also helps you set priorities. You can visualize and prioritize actions, assign work, and automate follow-up. Plus, it offers pre-built agenda templates.


Each meeting attendee gets access to the same meeting agenda. That allows them to plan ahead of time.  It also encourages everyone to add talking points to the meeting agenda.

The platform also provides a complete history of meeting notes. That allows you to recall what was discussed and which decisions were made.  This promotes trust and transparency among team members.

2. Track action items

It’s pretty easy to lose track of short actions and verbal commitments made during the meeting. That’s why it’s critical to follow up on action items that arise from each meeting.

Fellow includes digital notepads under a feature called streams. The feature lets your team record ideas, objectives, OKRs, and other vital details. That saves you time and keeps the entire team aligned and on track with their tasks.

After the meeting, Fellow allows you to reorganize your to-do list on the action items page. It also offers an automatic follow-up. The tool forwards any unresolved action items to your next meeting. That makes sure no critical details get to fall through the cracks.


Fellow lets you send meeting notes via email or Slack. You may send a follow-up document outlining everything relevant that was discussed, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

3. 360-degree feedback

This feature allows employees to receive performance evaluations from their supervisors and colleagues.  Its goal is to help each person understand their strengths and shortcomings. It also provides insight into aspects of their job that need professional growth.

Fellow allows your team to provide real-time feedback on meetings, projects, and performance. Each employee is free to request feedback on any topic.

The platform also offers pre-built templates. These make it easier for your team to write a feedback request without overthinking it.


Fellow lets the requester of feedback choose whether the feedback gathered should be anonymous. You can also keep a history of the feedback you get and see your progress.

Fellow pricing

Fellow provides four plans: Free Plan, Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise Plan. The Free Plan supports teams of ten people. It has a limited number of searchable notes, private streams, and 1-on-1s. Meeting timer capabilities and app integrations are also limited. Moreover, it doesn’t let you invite guest users. It also lacks feedback in meetings or 360-degree feedback.

The Pro Plan supports a maximum of 50 members.  It allows you to track one-on-one meetings and meeting notes. The package gets you access to searchable notes, meeting automation, guest users, and other features. It also supports integrations with most apps except Salesforce, Hubspot, and Okta. When paid annually, the price per user per month starts at $6.

The business plan supports unlimited users. It allows you to organize meetings and one-on-ones across teams. You also get excellent customer support and tons of insightful analytics. 

The business plan also gives you access to all feedback features. That includes 360-degree feedback, feedback requests, feedback in meetings, and so on. 

Unfortunately, Fellow does not include the cost of the Business Plan on their website. You have to contact them for a quote.


The Enterprise Plan offers a complete management system. It supports all types of meetings, one-on-ones, feedback, and goals (OKRs). It also comes with all features, including HRIS Sync and expert-led team onboarding. 

Fellow pros and cons

With the rise of remote work, we need a complete game-changer for meeting management. Selecting a solution that allows you to keep meetings on track is critical. The solutions should also make it easy to manage various actions.

Fellow helps you organize, communicate, and customize the experience for each member. Sadly, nothing is perfect. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of Fellow.


  • It offers practically all features necessary to run meetings. It lets you build an agenda, communicate with your team, manage action items, and provide feedback.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Provides pre-made meeting and feedback templates to help you save time and be more professional.
  • It offers engaging meeting agendas.
  • It integrates with most team management and workflow tools. That includes Google Calendar, Zoom, Slack, and Zapier.
  • It offers a free plan and reasonable pricing for the pro plan.


  • There are no formatting options. For example, you can’t include bullet points.

In Closing

Meetings can be a waste of time, money, and effort when they are poorly organized and run. To organize and remember them all, you’ll need some help. That’s where meeting management software comes in.

Fellow is more concerned with the meeting’s efficiency than the meeting itself. It includes all the tools needed to run productive meetings.  It also provides a variety of documents in various formats to assist you and your team with onboarding.

In summary, Fellow is a tool you’ll find helpful if you rely on meetings to grow your business.

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