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Employee engagement is crucial to a company’s long-term success. Engaged employees care about their job and are always ready to go the extra mile for their company’s success. They are firm believers that their efforts have an impact on the company’s performance. Your top talent helps to drive overall company outcomes, therefore, you must invest in employee engagement. 

Engaging your employees promotes talent retention, fosters customer loyalty, and improves organizational performance and stakeholder value. Having an employee engagement platform like Empuls can help you develop a workplace environment that encourages employees, fosters internal communication, promotes team engagement, and builds a strong organizational culture. 

Empuls is an all-in-one employee engagement platform that allows you to connect your in-office and remote employees, reward positive behaviors, encourage peer-to-peer recognition, provide a voice to every employee, gather feedback, and measure employee engagement and satisfaction. It helps you present your culture and explain your vision, purpose, goals, and values. It helps to retain the top talent by finding the root cause of the problem (employee turnover) and helps to build a happy and engaged workforce.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about how Empuls with its vast features that help to build a people-first culture.

Empuls features

The right employee engagement platform helps keep your employees connected, focused, motivated, and engaged. It also helps you prioritize your talent and company alignment. You can engage your employees with a social intranet platform, understand their feelings, and foster an appreciation culture through peer recognition and gamified rewards. 

Let’s have a look at Empuls features and how the platform can help you develop an effective employee engagement system.

1. Peer-to-peer social recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition is a method for encouraging employees to form strong, personal working connections with one another. It may be accomplished by expressing gratitude to one another, celebrating every birthday, work anniversary, and company milestone day, and praising each other’s skills, deliverables, or abilities.

It can help create a more collaborative, sympathetic working culture, improve relationships among coworkers, and give people a feeling of belonging.

Empuls offers a variety of options for improving peer recognition. It enables you to create groups to capture and share related content, build alignment, and foster a trust and transparency culture.

You may give everyone in the company access or limit it to a specific group of people. You may also build groups based on mutual interests, projects, locations, or anything else that brings your employees together.

These groups facilitate free and open discussion among teams. They allow employees to use features like comments, tags, high-fives and claps to boost engagement.

The town hall, for example, is a group that Empuls provides. It works as a virtual space for team-wide conversations and announcements. It enables the sharing of company-wide communication, the most recent corporate news, internal policies, business updates, sales, etc.


For newbies, the home screen provides a quick overview of everything going on in the company. It includes office updates, popular articles, ongoing surveys, group discussions, and upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. 

That allows them to adapt immediately and communicate effectively with the rest of the team. It also allows old members to easily view all critical progress aspects and keep up with company news.

2. Employee Communication

Employee communication is instrumental to the success of any team. Efficient communication ensures every team member is on the same page regarding organizational goals and targets. But that’s not the only benefit. 

Good channels of communication also cultivate an interactive and engaging work environment. Your employees need that to stay motivated and feel like part of the team. That’s why Empuls has incorporated a great platform for internal communication. 

You can use the platform to communicate company goals, objectives, targets, etc. Team members can also stay updated with the latest news and updates through the information feed. It gets even more exciting.

Through the Empuls Social Intranet, you get to create an internal social network for your workforce. Your team members can interact, have small talk, congratulate each other for professional/personal wins, and engage in other fun stuff. You can also use the social intranet to cultivate your workplace culture and collect feedback from your staff in a more casual setting.


The Empuls employee communication platform is very handy in the modern era of distributed teams. It streamlines communication across the company regardless of where your remote employees are. It also eliminates the need to switch between multiple apps just to communicate with your team. How convenient is that

3. Perks and Discounts

Poor compensation and lack of recognition are some of the key reasons behind employee turnover. That’s not surprising at all. If you want to attract and keep your best talents, it’s only sensible that you recognize and compensate them well. Empuls helps you do just that through perks and discount programs. 

The platform allows you to create a corporate reward program for all the demographics within your workforce. So whether it’s the gen z or the gen x, you’ll have sufficient perks and discounts to keep everyone on the team delighted. You can choose from dining, wellness, traveling, and many other rewards.

The team behind Empuls is also constantly updating the discounts catalog to keep up with the latest preferences and trends. 

4. eNPS and pulse surveys

Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a rating system developed to help businesses measure employee satisfaction and loyalty. The pulse eNPS surveys make it easier to measure this metric.

A pulse survey is a series of questions sent to employees regularly. An example of these questions can be;  “How likely are you to recommend us as a place to work for your family and friends?”. 

Empuls allows you to generate surveys using predefined templates based on industry expert advice. You may also create them from scratch based on your desire to collect data at key points. 

You may send the surveys to a single person or a group of people depending on criteria, such as location, department, assignment, and level.

There will be no need to filter email lists every time you want to survey your employees. You may also sort responses by variables and adjust questions as needed to keep track of engagement. 


Empuls also allows you to gather participant responses anonymously to elicit honest responses and simplify analysis.

5. Employee rewards

Employee rewards are one of the most effective methods of increasing employee retention and happiness. It also helps reinforce the behaviors needed to sustain and grow your business

You can implement an employee awards system by offering appropriate rewards, gifts, and experiences.

Empuls provides a rewards catalog with over 21000 gift card options spread over 20+ reward categories and 75+ countries. You can select the award recipient and the award. You may link, offer a justification, and tag your award recipient within a group.

Empuls also has a point system. You can automate and customize reward points. You might, for example, organize a healthy competition in which the winners are awarded points.


These points are visible, and employees may use them to purchase gift cards, bonuses, benefits, and experiences from the Empuls catalog.

Empuls pricing

Empuls has three plans: Starter, Proficient, and Enterprise Custom. You can get a free trial for a month. It includes all features from the Starter plan. 

The Starter plan includes all the main features such as rewards and recognition, eNPS survey, social intranet, reports, and analytics. When invoiced annually, this plan costs $2 per month per person. When billed monthly, it costs $ 2.50.


The Proficient plan contains all features from the Starter plan and some new ones. That includes custom award certificates, custom budget management, custom leaderboard settings, and white labeling. When invoiced annually, this plan costs $3.60 per month per person, and when billed monthly, it costs $ 4.

Enterprise Custom includes all existing features, priority support, and early access to future features. It also provides bulk pricing.

Empuls pros and cons

Organizations may progressively enhance the employee experience and establish high-performing teams by following a cycle of continuous engagement improvement. Empuls strives to make communicating, inspiring, and listening to your staff easier. It empowers executives to drive organizational-wide engagement efforts.

However, let us look at the pros and cons of Empuls.


  • Empuls takes the style of a social media platform, making it familiar to employees and easy to relate to.
  • It integrates with the most popular collaboration tools, HR systems, HRMS, and single sign-on tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Gusto, Google Workplace, SAP SuccessFactors, etc.
  • It focuses on all aspects required to retain and engage employees.
  • It has an app version for Android and iOS devices.
  • The costs are relatively low.


  • The options for describing someone based on their achievements are limited.
  • The coupon codes will take a long time to arrive when you get a gift for an employee from another country.

In Closing

Connecting and aligning your employees is critical for job satisfaction and productivity. To achieve that, you should cultivate a culture of gratitude and appreciation among your employees. 

Empuls may help HR professionals who desire to adopt a recognition module that makes effort and teamwork accessible to everybody. This platform enables you to create and run pulse surveys, assess and track feedback, and collect NPS scores.

Overall, Empuls is a tool you can include in your tech stack to ultimately boost retention and productivity at your company.

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