eclincher Review: Everything You Ought To Know


eclincher is a social media management tool and customer support software for businesses and marketing agencies. It allows users to manage their social media presence and accounts on a single platform. 

It is a user-friendly platform that was built to simplify social media management. In this article, we comprehensively review the key features, pricing, pros, and cons of using eclincher for social media management. 

Let’s get into it!

eclincher Features

There are several awesome features that make eclincher the go-to tool for businesses of all sizes and marketing agencies worldwide. Here are the key ones.

Auto Post Scheduling 

eclincher’s automated posting features allow social media managers to create posts to be uploaded later. Then, when you’re ready to post, you upload the content in bulk on multiple social media networks, profiles, and pages, as shown below. In addition, you can bulk upload up to 500 RSS posts directly from your RSS feed.

This makes managing multiple accounts easier and boosts employee productivity. You can also easily edit wording and imagery for your scheduled posts on the platform. 

Visual Social Media Calendar and Scheduler 

This feature lets you plan and schedule on one visual calendar. The calendar has drag-and-drop functionality for easy adjustment. Planning and tracking posts are also easy because you can see all your posts on a single dashboard. 

Besides that, eclincher gives users quick and easy ways to edit, reuse, delete, and color-code content and workflows. This makes for simpler team collaboration. See a screenshot of eclincher’s visual content calendar below.

The eclincher content curation feature collects relevant online information for users and lets them share the best pieces in a structured way. Since curated content is usually posted by your audience, eclincher users save the time that would have gone into content creation.

Content Approval System 

eclincher’s approval system allows teammates to view and approve posts before they are sent out. As a result, you’ll no longer accidentally post something and then have to delete it soon after.

Reputation Management

eclincher also makes social listening easy through its reputation management and social media monitoring feature. You can do keyword, mentions, and hashtag monitoring. With this, you can find out your audience’s opinion about your brand and do sentiment analysis. 

Additionally, You’ll discover hashtag trends to jump on to get better results while they’re still hot. SaaS marketing agencies can benefit from adding this software to their SaaS marketing strategies.

Analytics and Reporting

The built-in analytics tool and reporting feature make it easy to track several social media platforms, including Google Analytics. There are reporting options for each platform that generate well-visualized reports for you with a few clicks.

These reports include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Cross-channel analysis
  • Competitor reports
  • Hashtag performance evaluation
  • Clicks, reach, and impression evaluation

Here’s an example of a custom report generated by the analytics tool.

These custom reports can help you plan posts for greater social media success. For example, you can add and tag posts to an ongoing social media campaign. 

eclincher also allows you to analyze the results of each campaign independently. This aids in forecasting and planning for future campaigns. 

Mobile Apps

eclincher has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. You can access the platform on the go and keep track of your work anytime. Below is a glimpse of what the app will look like on your phone.

With the app, users can respond to comments and messages, create and schedule posts, and monitor post performance on multiple social platforms.

eclincher Pricing

eclincher has three main pricing packages; the basic plan, the premier plan, and the agency-level package, as shown in the screenshot below.

 Below is a breakdown of what it will cost you for the packages:

  • Basic plan – $65 per month lets a single user manage 10 profiles. The package has mobile apps and extensions and gives users access to 24/7 live customer support.
  • Premier plan – $175 per month lets three users manage 20 profiles. This package comes with mobile apps and extensions and gives users access to 24/7 live customer support.
  • Agency plan -$425 per month lets six users manage 40 profiles. This package comes with mobile apps and extensions and gives users access to 24/7 live customer support.

It is important to note that if you choose the annual plan for each package, you get a 10% discount. You also get a 14-day trial to test out the capabilities of the software and whether it will suit your business needs.

eclincher Pros And Cons

Next, let us look into the pros of using eclincher, which we’ll also compare to the possible cons of using the software.


eclincher helps you save time. With the ability to manage multiple social media accounts in one place, you don’t need to log in to each platform to post. This makes posting and responding to inboxes easier.

The platform also offers great customer support that helps you operate the software without needing to hire a tech guy. You can easily manage your business reputation, and its web listening tools will help you see live feed updates and promptly respond to comments and queries. You also have access to an image library which you’re free to use for your posts. 

In addition, team collaboration is a breeze with eclincher. You can assign roles and communicate with teammates on the platform. Approval workflows ensure the team is on the same page for every project.

Finally, reporting is simple with eclincher. This social media management software generates all analytics for each platform and develops those reports with the click of a button.


eclincher has bugs from time to time which inconvenience the users. Users outside America have also complained of delays in the searches and feeds.

eclincher is also not very intuitive, and the interface can be improved further to make it more user-friendly. Finally, the apps do not keep the user logged in, so you must log in each time you use the app. 

In Closing

eclincher is a social media scheduling tool for businesses and marketing agencies that allows users to manage all their social media accounts on a single platform. 

Top eclincher features include bulk post scheduling and posting, keyword and hashtag monitoring, built-in analytics tools, social inbox management, team collaboration, 24/7 customer support, and awesome third-party integrations.

There are many advantages of using eclincher. However, just like any good software, there are a few disadvantages too. But all in all, eclincher is a worthwhile tool to try out for your business or social media marketing agency.

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