Custify Customer Success Software Review: Everything You Should Know


Custify is a customer success software built for SaaS businesses. The software is outstanding because it works whether you have a small or big team. Furthermore, it is your customer success solution to grow your business and your team.

It provides a 360 view of your customers that enables you to anticipate customers’ needs and offer solutions in time. This outstanding feature and the optimization capabilities on Custify significantly reduce churn, boost cross-selling and upselling capabilities, and increase customer satisfaction.

Custify is an effective tool for organizations that are looking to increase their revenue, serve their clients better, and understand their customers holistically. 

In this review, we’ll dive deeper into Custify’s features, looking at its advantages, disadvantages, and price offers. Let’s go!

Features of Custify Customer Success Software

Custify is a feature-heavy customer success software. These features are what make the software so powerful. Undeniably, Custify is the software for your SaaS marketing team. Now, let’s explore some of its features.

Customer 360

To understand your customer in a 360 view, you need a lot of data from different departments in your organization. However, connecting all these data points for each customer is back-breaking work, not to mention the inefficiency and time wastage it comes with.

To address this problem, Custify presents you with a customer 360 view on one screen.

With Custify, you can view your customers’ product usage, track the product’s integration progress, and check the customer success process all in a single dashboard. 

You also get holistic tracking of customer lifecycles so you can determine when clients are stuck in a particular phase and help them move forward. Additionally, you can customize the dashboard to show your preferred metrics.


Automation is not a new concept, but with Custify, you can automate repetitive aspects of your customer success workflow. They include tasks like sending welcome, onboarding, and re-engagement emails. 

Additionally, you can automate customer reports, customer behavior tracking, and more. With automation, your workflow is flexible, and you can pay attention to demanding tasks.

Customer Health

With the customer health feature, Custify empowers you to be proactive in your customer management. Also, Custify enables your customer success manager to be at the top of customer satisfaction.

The valuable insights from your customer health score make it easier to detect when customers are displeased. So, you can reach out and address any issues the customer might have even before they complain. This is a great feature that Custify offers to significantly reduce the churn rate.

Task and Alerts

Your customer success team should spend most of its time helping customers excel. It’ll be a lot easier to achieve this if their tasks are well-coordinated. This is where the task and alerts feature comes in handy.

Custify’s tasks feature automatically generates tasks based on your playbook. For example, Custify will create an actionable task tab anytime current customers hit a milestone in your customer lifecycle. This way, your team can be more responsive and stay on their game. 

Custify also integrates notifications from all your communication channels to ensure that your team does not miss a thing.


One thing that keeps businesses from adopting new, better technology is the cumbersome nature of integration and the risk of data loss. Custify’s integration allows you to view quality data metrics from marketing stats, CRM data, support tickets, billing information, and any other data without losing any of it.

Custify has a comprehensive API that integrates all your data, and you can start tracking everything within minutes.

Customer Graduation Indicator

There are two ways to significantly grow your revenue through your customer success team. They include; moving clients from the free trial to a paid plan and upselling higher plans to current clients.

Custify identifies expiring free trials and lets you know in good time so that you can reach out to these clients and help them upgrade to the paid version.

It also identifies upselling opportunities that you can maximize. With automatic task generation and reminders, you know exactly when to reach out and upsell a client.

Dashboard and Reports

You need to keep track of a lot of information, including customer health, trial conversion rates, churn rates, and much more. Custify allows you to customize your dashboard so you can see every customer metric that matters to you at one glance.

In addition, you can also set up your team’s KPIs so that you can monitor your progress. You can generate high-impact reports that inform your strategic and executive business decisions using your set KPIs.


Customer feedback is a gold mine for any business. Custify allows you to craft and send surveys to customers to understand their satisfaction, curb churn rate and improve their customer experience.

With Custify, you can easily design surveys targeting different customer segments and calculate your promoter and CSAT scores.

Pricing of Custify Customer Success Software

Custify has three pricing models designed for small businesses and big businesses. It has a “STARTER” plan at $199.0 per month that allows two users, customer outreach, health score check, KPI monitoring, customer 360 profiles, segmentation, and task management.

There’s also a  “STANDARD” plan that allows up to 10 users, customer lifecycle tracking, playbooks, automation, and concierge onboarding—where Custify’s CS team guides you through the set-up process. There’s also an Enterprise plan with unlimited users and other exclusive features.

Depending on your team’s size and budget, you can opt-in to the package that best serves you.

Custify Customer Success Software: Pros and Cons

Having understood Custify’s features and pricing, we must look at its pros and cons.


The advantages of using Custify as your SaaS customer success platform include:

  • It has a sleek interface: Custify’s interface is simple and functional. Also, it has an easy-to-understand dashboard that you can customize according to your preferences.
  • It has a dedicated support team: Custify’s support team is outstanding. They walk you through the onboarding process, ensuring you understand the software.
  • It allows for email automation: Custify’s automation features improve your email marketing efforts. By setting up your playbook with Custify, whenever a customer hits the timelines you set, they get an email relevant to their stage. 
  • It significantly reduces churn: With Custify, you understand where every customer is on the customer journey map.

Also, Custify is an empowering software for sales teams because of its customer segmenting, targeting, and automated outreach. Finally, Custify helps to improve working conditions and foster productivity even when you have a remote team.


Even with all the great things about Custify, customers complain that Custify has a steep learning curve—the software needs rigorous onboarding training before you can become comfortable with it. 

Also, Custify’s pricing is a little higher when compared to the prices of competing customer success software like Dock and Aligned. 

In Closing

If you’re looking for a SaaS customer success platform, Custify is an excellent option. Its comprehensive features will improve your business. Despite the high pricing, the software can be what your business needs to get to the next level.

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