What You Need to Know About CIENCE


A well-designed procedure for attracting customers is the key to any company’s success. The company will fail if it does not have new consumers, no matter how good the product is. 

Converting a person into a customer requires a professional approach, just like any other business process. For that reason, there are more than 500 successful lead generation companies that offer fully outsourced lead generation services. One of these companies is CIENCE.

CIENCE is a People-as-a-Service (PaaS) company. It provides human-driven and machine-powered B2B lead generation services and solutions, spanning from research through sales development. It assists businesses in expanding through multi-channel prospecting.

This article will dive into all you need to know about the company.

CIENCE features

CIENCE positions itself as a firm that makes doing business easier. It automates the time-consuming and tedious procedures of locating leads, qualifying them, contacting them, and maintaining communication.

So, an investment in outsourcing necessitates several considerations to make an informed purchasing decision. You must learn about their features and services. So, let’s discover what sets CIENCE apart regarding lead generation.

Campaign optimization 

As part of the entire campaign strategy, CIENCE offers campaign optimization techniques. Its staff will continually optimize and refine your strategy to consistently attract qualified appointments to your business. 

They collaborate to create business development strategies depending on your services and target audience’s needs and interests. They write engaging material according to best practices for the various channels where your ideal clients are most likely to respond positively.

They also provide aggressive A/B testing to discover the tactics that result in the highest open rates, response rates, engagement rates, and qualifying appointments.

Ideal Customer Profile

CIENCE generates accurate and enhanced leads depending on the consumer profile that you have previously defined. They offer managed sales research and development services. They map the sales journey for your clients and create educational content for each stage.

They plan and carry out custom-tailored outbound marketing on your behalf. The team also handles several processes on behalf of your executive and sales teams, including developing new client relationships for your services, raising awareness, and integrating sales targets with agile research and analytics sprints to enhance your processes. 

Precision Prospecting and Multi-channel Coordination

CIENCE supplies you with lead data and sales data that will assist you in finding a suitable fit for your organization and painting a picture of who your leads genuinely are. It generates on-demand accurate data for outbound sales processes to generate meetings with your qualified clients.

Their SDRs leverage multi-channel collaboration to offer prospect-focused, value-driven sequenced campaigns. Email, LinkedIn, the web, phone, and pre-targeting ads are some of their channels.

The data services provided by CIENCE are scalable. They offer additional search services and value-added services based on your specific requirements. They design a personalized, customized landing page as a value-added service.

Their outbound outcomes reports enable their clients and strategists to visualize, analyze, and act on data to achieve the best possible business outcomes.

Bespoke Research 

CIENCE employs a data-driven strategy that incorporates the most recent machine learning capabilities, such as the most recent algorithms in semantic analysis, natural language processing, and big data.

That allows them to access difficult-to-find data that isn’t available through other data subscription providers. They provide your teams with bespoke signals, insights, and all the data you require.

CIENCE pricing

CIENCE offers a range of pricing models based on your demands, plans, and features to help your business expand. You can only buy one package based on your needs. For example, if you wish to hire only the CIENCE SDR team, you may choose the SDR team package and pay only for it. You will not be required to buy additional services, such as data or an inbound SDR staff.

Also, each package accepts a variety of pricing models. CIENCE offers project-based pricing, monthly subscriptions, and monthly service fees (3-Month Minimum). Here are all price options based on the service you may want.

Other than those, CIENCE has not provided any precise pricing information. The buyer must manage the final cost negotiations before engaging CIENCE. However, you may use CIENCE’s ROI calculator to determine how much money you’ll need to invest based on your demands and objectives. 

It may assist you in determining profitability, doing a comparison study, matching accounting metrics, and more.

CIENCE pros and cons

Every tool will have certain advantages and disadvantages. CIENCE is no exception; it is a helpful tool with many capabilities, but it has certain limits that we must point out. 

According to online reviews, CIENCE has several advantages and disadvantages. Learning about them might assist you in deciding whether or not to use the network. So, these are the pros and cons of CIENCE that we gathered: 


  • CIENCE manages all areas of your lead generation campaign. This includes a marketing plan, an outreach plan, prospecting, and a team of SDRs eager to learn about your product to reach out to the right prospects.
  • CIENCE uses a collaborative effort to develop a sales playbook, including email messaging, LinkedIn messaging, call scripts, and the development of an ideal customer profile for qualifying leads. 
  • The company uses direct marketing, which involves personalization and communication with a potential client via several channels. They have a procedure for immediate changes and improvements when needed and insight into performance and ROI. 


  • The company website does not provide any upfront costing information. You must contact them to get a costing estimate. If you are more comfortable with fixed pricing, CIENCE is probably not for you.
  • Some clients have complained that the sales team over-promises and under-delivers. They claim that the company charges them hundreds of dollars without providing any real value. Also, they keep extending the period at no expense to get traction. This might prove to be a dealbreaker.


Choosing the proper digital partner is critical to your business’s success. The incorrect one might drain your budget and negatively impact your branding. 

CIENCE has a great business strategy. However, I believe they are a good fit for firms that provide specific SaaS products. Also, if you’re searching for an integrated marketing approach to promoting your connection efforts, including landing sites, social media content, and email communications, cience might be a suitable option.

However, it is critical to contact the firm to learn more about their approach. Ensure that you understand your needs, budget, and the amount of money you are willing to spend. If feasible, get client references, including one from a less-than-satisfactory experience.

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