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One of the first promos we ran was with VYPER. I was happy to bring this great deal to our customer base while at the same time help Jack and his partner generate some revenue. Before I go into the results let me tell you a bit about VYPER and their founders.VYPER is an online software platform developed to help marketers grow their website. The centerpiece of the toolkit is their gamified Viral Leaderboard. You just set up a competition with a relevant giveaway and let your users promote the hell out of it for a chance to win the grand prize. It’s pretty awesome!

In addition to this, they have other useful tools like optin forms, gamified lightboxes and some another bit of kit for running competitions. They currently charge $29 a month for access to the toolkit. We managed to secure a special deal with them for our customers.

When we first started discussing this promotion Vyper had only just launched. Jack and his partner wanted to grow a core base of users who could provide feedback on how to improve the platform and validate demand for their service. Like most startups, they also needed revenue that they could reinvest into the business so they could improve the platform.

Having gone through a similar experience ourselves we understood their pain points. What’s more, thanks to our experience running software promotions, we had access to a large customer base who we felt would benefit from their service offering.

With this in mind, we developed a sales funnel that would offer the best value to our customers, and help Jack and his partner grow Vyper. The sales funnel we created looked like this.

At the front end, we were selling lifetime access to the Viral Leaderboard for $37. The upsell was access to the whole toolkit for $197 while the full Pro toolkit sold for $399.

The great thing about this partnership is that Jack and his partner are great marketers. Before we started they had collected dozens of kickass case studies of marketers getting game-changing results from their software. This helped us loads putting the marketing together for the offer.

We started our VYPER partnership with an internal launch to our customer base to test the demand for the offer. The first step was creating the sales funnel, followed by the sales copy and sales videos, which pretty much wrote themselves with all the marketing material they gave us.

Once everything was prepared we arranged a four-day test promo, which we ran from Tues to Fri (weekdays are the best for running a promo as they are the busiest days of the week for Internet use). As we ran the launch we reviewed and updated the website copy based on the questions that we received from customers. This is definitely something you should be doing if you run your own promos regardless of the product you are offering.

We saw some solid results from the launch with 425 sales across the funnel and a $4.96 EPC. Gross revenue from the launch was more than $25k. It’s the kind of results that you hope to see from a promo. The conversion rate from the front end offer to the upsell was lower than usual, but that was to be expected with the high price point.

After reviewing the results of the promo we decided to take the offer out there to fellow marketers with a public promotion. This is where we get a load of marketers together to promote a proven offer to their email list.

Unlike the internal promo, the public launch comes with a few expenses.

For the public launch, we offered $2,400 in prizes to the top performing affiliates. In addition to this, we ran FB retargeting ads and did some featured listings on relevant sites visited by marketers. The associated costs for the 5-day public launch were $2,700.

The public launch took a few weeks to organize. We normally give ourselves at least 3 weeks prep time so we can get the maximum number of affiliates to promote the offer (top marketers have busy launch calendars). During this period we made a few adjustments to the sales funnel. We added the recently finished interactive lightbox the VYPER team had developed as well as a PLR package. You can see the funnel below.

As launch day approached we worked with Jack and his team to make all the necessary preparations. We arranged for additional customer support to deal with the new customers, and prepped his team on how the five-day promotion would run. We wanted to make the whole process as transparent as possible so there would be no problems during the promotion. This clear communication was something that Jack appreciated.

Thanks to the way the promotion was organized we had everything prepared well in advance of the promotion. This ensured that the launch ran smoothly and helped us maximize conversions and minimize refunds.

The gross revenue from the public launch was $31,496. We were aiming for a minimum $100,000 from the public launch, but unfortunately, a couple of the big affiliates we’d signed up dropped out last minute. It’s the way it goes sometimes with business and it is something that we explained prior to arranging the promo.

In total, from the internal and public launch we ran with VYPER, we generated $56,496 in revenue. While it’s nice to have a big figure to shout about at the end of a promotion, the best way to judge the success of any promo is how happy our customers and partners are with the results. Vyper got 700+ early adopters for their platform and our customers got a great deal.

Jack and his team came away from the promotion with a nice chunk of cash and early adopters for their business. They reinvested the money into their business to hire a full-time developer. This was a big win for them. The developer helped them improve their software faster than planned, which created a lot of goodwill and helped with customer acquisition.

This is the kind of result that we’re after from a promotion.

If you’ve got a nice software product that helps people and you’re interested in running a promotion get in touch (here’s my personal email address). We’re always happy to chat.


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