Botsify Review: Everything You Should Know


Botsify is an automated chatbot builder. To use it, you don’t need prior knowledge of coding. You can build conversational dialogue for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, and Website. 

With the chatbots, you can then engage your visitors in real time, send them personalized or bulk messages, and offer them assistance any time you are busy. The chatbots also enable you to manage all your communications in one place. 

In this article, we look into this AI-enabled chatbot software, its features, pricing, and whether it is worth the hype. Let’s get started.

Botsify features

Botsify gives you a hands-on checklist to follow as you set up and build your first chatbot. Take note that the terms used in Botsify are not the same as those used on other chatbot software solutions. For instance, other software solutions use terms like “custom fields,” and “flows.” Botsify uses terms like “datastore” for custom fields and “media blocks” for flows. 

That said, here are Botsify’s features:

User-Friendly Interface 

Botsify has a clean and straightforward user interface. It has a simple drag-and-drop template creation mechanism which makes it easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. No coding knowledge is needed to get started with Botsify or track your metrics.

Conversational Form 

This feature gives visitors an instant chat experience. You ask your visitor questions in an interactive and conversational way. Check out the example below:

The answers in the conversational form can be directly saved to a Google Sheet or stored in custom fields. This information can be helpful in SaaS email marketing since it allows you to naturally gather valid email addresses of your visitors without them feeling forced to do so. 

Conversational AI 

This is an artificial intelligence chatbot in Botsify that picks up similar combinations of keywords and phrases from customer queries. It then responds to the user with the best answer in its knowledge base, boosting customer engagement. 

Additionally, the Facebook chatbot automates answers to the comments you receive on your Facebook page. The bot can close the deal with your customer before you know it.

Education Chatbot

There are chat widgets you can use as an education chatbot. It lets you collect student feedback, and take quizzes, admission forms, and assignments. The Botsify chatbots are multilingual and can respond to almost any language.

The story tree feature, as shown above, lets you trace your conversational flow with visitors and review your chat flows. 

Chat Window Feature

Botsify has a solid chat window that allows you to communicate via voice or text. Visitors can add attachments while backend users can add media like emojis to their broadcast messages. Here’s a screenshot of how the chat window works.

The chat tool allows you to transfer conversations to a human agent at any point of the conversation. In other words, a human can take over the conversational chatbot. This can be done via email or push notifications on a browser or mobile. 

Data Store 

Finally, the data store feature stores each user’s required information and helps you make a chatbot user list for use later. You could use this list to upsell to your visitors in the future. Botsify gives you weekly reporting to gauge chatbot performance. It has over 100 integrations. 

Botsify pricing

Botsify’s pricing begins from $49 per month. There is a 14-day free trial that gives you complete dashboard access. The pricing plans are:

  • Do It Yourself – At $49 monthly, this plan is perfect for either personal use or startups. The chatbot works with websites and Facebook pages for this plan. You get two chatbots and 5,000 users per month.
  • Done for You – At $149 per month, this is a professional service for scalable businesses that want Botsify to build and manage their chatbots. You get five chatbots and 15,000 users monthly. This plan offers Facebook, websites, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, and SMS chatbots.
  • White-label – This plan is fit for SMBs and agency business owners with scalable customers. You get unlimited messages and unlimited stories. It has all features and customized pricing for each business.

Botsify also offers a Custom package, which is an awesome choice for enterprises with high usage and on-premises solutions. You get unlimited chatbot users and custom chatbot development for all platforms. The price is also customized for each business.

Botsify: Pros and Cons

There are several benefits this SaaS solution presents. However, users come across a few challenges and disadvantages when using Botsify. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this software next.


Easy to set up -The user interface is friendly and manageable. There are several chatbot templates for you to use to create your own. You can also duplicate your chatbot flows for you to reuse them later. 

The checklist feature shown below is helpful when it comes to outlining the steps you need to follow to create your first chatbot. 

You have the option to test your new chatbot within the interface before launching. With this, you can see the effectiveness of the bot before setting it up on other platforms. 

Exceptional customer support – The support team typically responds to user emails within an hour. It also has lots of documentation and a YouTube channel full of helpful videos. All these support self-help and ease of use.

With Botsify, you can choose to have a Facebook Messenger kind of widget on your website or to have a native integration. Your site visitors can chat with your Facebook page via Messenger. 


Botsify does not have a free plan – To begin using the free trial, you must first give your billing credentials to proceed. There is also no money-back guarantee provided by Botsify. Data such as open rate, conversion rate, user retention, and the fallback rate is not provided by the software. On the flip side, you do get access to a 14 day trial, which is plenty of time to test the premium version.

Botsify lacks e-commerce integrations – For instance, visitors cannot buy directly within the chatbot. Users also cannot track cart abandonment or payments using the software. While Botsify has templates for use, it is not possible to create your chatbot templates and share them with others.

No Optimization – Optimization, like A/B testing, is not possible. Also, though the multilingual chatbot feature allows you to make a chatbot in any language, it is not easy to translate existing chatbots into other languages.

In Closing

Botsify is an effective chatbot service for boosting your customer experience. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes for ease of use. The software provides a unified experience for businesses. 

There is a learning curve but the templates provided make it easier to create your first chatbot. Botsify also has exceptional customer support resources and personnel to help you get on track. Though Botsify needs some improvement (it has a few cons), by and large, it is an effective chatbot software solution. Get started with Botsify today.

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