Better Proposals Review: Everything You Should Know


The proposals you send to prospects are an extension of your branding. So, it’s important for them not just to have outstanding content. They should look the part, too.

This is where Better Proposals can help you.

The software allows you to create professional-looking proposals that can produce results. You can also use its professional templates if you don’t have the time to create a proposal from scratch.

In this article, you’ll learn more about Better Proposals and what it can do for your business.

Let’s get started!

Better Proposals Features

Better Proposals has an extensive toolkit you can use. Let’s take a look at each of these Better Proposals features:

Design Templates

Better Proposals offers a wide variety of customizable templates you can use across industries. So whether you’re a marketing or a creative agency, Better Proposals has the perfect templates for your industry.

With these templates, you can focus on the content of your message and not worry so much about how the proposal looks. 

Smart Proposal Creation

Better Proposals’ “Smart Proposal Creation” is an intuitive way of creating proposals. Users can pick Better Proposals and just start creating right away. There’s minimal design skill required to use it.

The drag-and-drop tool makes it super easy to customize any template you choose and make it your own.

Content Library

The platform provides a content library that allows you and your team to use previously used content for new proposals. Below is an example of how Better Proposals’ content library can be used.

The content library saves your team time creating proposals and other marketing material, especially if there are media that you use all the time.

Email Templates

Proposals aren’t the only thing that companies send to potential clients. There are also quotes, brochures, and contract templates, among other things.

Better Proposals has optimized templates designed for these different documents as well. For example, when users select “contracts,” digital signature fields will automatically be added.

Digital Signatures

Sometimes you need a signature from your recipients — whether it’s to acknowledge receipt or to have them agree to your terms.

Better Proposals include Electronic Signature fields to collect receivers’ signatures when needed. You will also be notified when a recipient has signed the contract.

This functionality allows you to create legally binding contracts.

Critical Notifications

Speedy response from sales reps is key to keeping leads’ interest. Better Proposals users are immediately notified whenever the receiver performs a critical action on the proposal, whether it’s opening the proposal or signing a contract.

These instant notifications allow you to take swift action whenever potential clients interact with your proposal. This can be instrumental in increasing your conversions and keeping clients satisfied.

CRM Integration

If you and your employees are used to a certain Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), Better Proposals can integrate that CRM into the platform.

This allows for a more streamlined workflow, as opposed to constantly shifting between two platforms. CRM integration also eliminates the manual need of logging and noting every sent proposal into the CRM.

Some popular CRMs that Better Proposals can integrate with are Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho.

Payment Integrations

Better Proposals eliminate the need to send follow-up payment reminder emails. They do this by allowing you to place a payment prompt where applicable. 

Better Proposals also has payment platform integrations, allowing you to receive payment directly into your digital wallet of choice. Available payment platform integrations are Stripe, GoCardless, and Paypal.

Live Chat Integration

With Better Proposals, you have the option to include a live chat button on your proposals. This button takes recipients to a live chat with your company’s sales representatives.

A feature like this aims to instantly address recipients’ doubts and create that human connection with your brand.

Better Proposals can integrate with Zendesk, HubSpot, LiveChat, and many other live chat software.

Custom Domain

When recipients view your online documents, they can see your custom domain in the address bar.

This allows you to reinforce your branding when sending proposals. In addition, this should give your brand a more premium perception to recipients, seeing that your brand has its own custom domain.

Better Proposals Pricing

Better Proposals has three pricing structures: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise.


The Starter option costs $19 per user when billed monthly. But $13 per user when billed annually.

You’ll get the proposal editor, access to Better Proposals’ templates, and Online Training on how to use the software.

However, Starter doesn’t let you use a custom domain or remove the Better Proposals badge on your online documents. You’re also limited to sending five proposals to five different clients.


The Premium option costs $29 a month per user. But $21 per user when billed annually.

Premium has everything Starter has. Except you can use a custom domain for your online documents. Plus, you can remove the Better Proposals badge from your created documents.

You’re also given access to CRM integrations, Live Chat features, company reports, and up to 50 proposals sent to different clients.

There’s also something called “Proposal AI,” wherein the software will suggest changes to your proposals based on what’s worked for your industry. Similar to how Grammarly and Grammarly alternatives suggest the best words and phrases for an essay.


The Enterprise plan costs $49 a month per user. But $42 per user when billed annually.

In addition to what Premium offers, Enterprise users can enjoy custom fonts, integration with Hubspot Advanced and Salesforce Advanced, and password protection for online documents.

Enterprise also has some collaboration functions too.

These include “content locking,” which allows you to lock elements so that other team members won’t edit that block, and “manager approvals,” which prevents proposals from being sent without a manager’s approval.

Better Proposals: Pros and Cons

With all the features and pricing options laid out, here are Better Proposals’ most significant Pros and Cons.

1. Pros

  • Better Proposals allows your sales representatives to create engaging and intuitive proposals easily.
  • Better Proposals is easy to use, allowing for efficient sales acceleration.
  • Better Proposals’ different document templates allow companies to send various online documents in the same engaging and intuitive style as their proposals.

2. Cons

  • Without white-label features, the Starter option is no better than a free version.

Despite paying regularly for the Starter option, you aren’t allowed to remove the Better Proposals badge and create your own custom domain.

If you’re using the Starter option, recipients would think you’re using a free version of an otherwise paid product. This could affect the brand experience with your company.

In Closing

Better Proposals has the tools needed to craft the perfect proposal. But its pricing has much to be desired.

Better Proposals’ Starter option would be beneficial to start-ups, but the lack of white-label features can turn some prospects off. That leaves the Premium and Enterprise options as the only valid choices.

Better Proposals also has a 14-day free trial that you can try for free. If you’re willing to give it a shot, go ahead.

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