AMZScout Review: Everything You Need to Know


Selling on Amazon requires thorough preparation. You need to conduct market research to know what products are in demand and which ones have manageable competition. To do this efficiently, many Amazon sellers use an Amazon research tool.

Of these research tools, AMZScout is one of the most popular options. You can use AMZScout and its suite of tools to discover new product ideas, find keywords for PPC campaigns, calculate seller fees, and more.

In this AMZScout review, we will examine the various AMZScout tools and how you can use them to help launch or grow your business. You’ll learn how each research tool works and how much does AMZScout cost.

AMZScout Tools for Product and Niche Research

The first area to cover in our AMZScout review is the software tools Amazon sellers can use for niche and product research. These product research tools enable Amazon sellers to find profitable products that are in high demand.

1. AMZScout Pro Extension

The AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension is a browser add-on that lets you analyze any product or niche on the Amazon Marketplace to quickly assess its profit potential. After you download the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension, you can search for a product or category while browsing on Amazon to see its sales history and other performance data.

Some of the important stats the research tool shows include:

  • Numbers of sellers.
  • Best seller rank.
  • Sales price.
  • FBA fees.
  • Net profit margin.
  • Monthly sales.
  • Monthly revenue.
  • Number of reviews.
  • Rating.
  • Listing quality score.

The Pro Extension provides these metrics for both the products and the niche as a whole. The Pro Extension averages the data for each of the products to find the metrics for the niche.

In addition to this data, the AMZScout Chrome extension also provides a Niche Score for the products you are reviewing. The Niche Score is an overall rating for how likely you are to be successful selling that product on Amazon.

The score ranges from 1 to 10 and is based on the following factors; profit, demand, and competition. High demand, high profit, and low competition all lead to a higher Niche Score. You can also use the Pro Extension to review the price history for an Amazon niche. This shows you how the average price is changing over time and how it correlates to sales.

2. AMZScout Product Database

The AMZScout Product Database contains valuable sales data for millions of products listed on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon sellers can use the tool to quickly search for profitable products to sell on Amazon.

You can filter your search results using a variety of criteria including product category, included keywords, price, number of reviews, and more. When you enter a search, the Product Database will pull all the Amazon products that match your criteria.

You will then be able to see the same data presented in the AMZScout Chrome extension including monthly sales, listing quality net margin, and the number of reviews.

With the Product Database, you can click into any item’s Price History to see how the item’s sales price and rank are trending over time.

The Product Database also includes a profit calculator. You can use the profit calculator to estimate the monthly fees for storing and fulfilling your products. With the Profit Calculator, you can also adjust the product cost and sales price. The Profit Calculator will then give you an estimated profit margin and monthly revenue given your inputs.

When you find good product ideas, you can add them to the AMZScout Product Tracker. The Product Tracker will display the average rating, daily sales, and daily revenue for each item on your list. You can use these insights to monitor how well a product performs over time. The Product Tracker also shows the stock levels for each product, allowing you to see how others are managing their inventory

3. AMZScout Sales Estimator

The AMZScout Sales Estimator lets you quickly forecast your monthly sales were you to start selling a particular product on Amazon.

To use the tool, you simply need to select a product category and input a target sales rank. The Sales Estimator will then calculate your potential monthly sales given your position in the market.

4. Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage tool

The Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage Chrome extension from AMZScout is a product research tool that helps dropshippers and arbitrage Amazon sellers quickly find high demand products.

After you download the Chrome extension, you can use the product research tool directly on Amazon to see an item’s size, sales rank, and whether it is in a gated category.

The product research tool also includes a calculator. You can use this to enter your product cost to determine your profit margin if you were to sell that item.

AMZScout Tools for Keyword Research

AMZScout offers several keyword research tools you can use to find keywords for your Amazon business.

1. Amazon Keyword Search Tool

With the AMZScout Keyword Search tool, you can learn what keywords customers are using and how often they are searching for them. To use the Keyword Explorer, you need to enter a seed phrase. If you want, you can filter your search results based on search volume or the number of words in the keyword.

After you enter a search, the Keyword Explorer will display all Amazon keywords that match your criteria. Next to each term, you can see the keyword’s monthly search volume. Clicking the search volume for a keyword brings up a chart showing how it is trending over time.

The keywords you find using the Keyword Explorer can be used for optimizing your product listings or building PPC campaigns. The Keyword Explorer can also be used as a starting point to find profitable products. When you click on a keyword you are automatically taken to the AMZScout Product Database where you can view the best products.

2. Keyword Tracker

The AMZScout Keyword Tracker helps Amazon sellers monitor the keywords that a particular product ranks for. To use the tool you need to enter an item’s ASIN. You can then add that product to the Keyword Tracker and select the keywords you want to track for the item.

The tool lets you track multiple products and you can select a unique set of keywords for each one.

3. Reverse ASIN Lookup

The AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup tool lets you find all the keywords that competitors’ products are ranking for. You can use these terms when creating your own listings or running ad campaigns.

To use the tool, you need to enter the ASIN for the product whose keywords you want to find. Like the keyword research tool, the Reverse ASIN Lookup tool will then populate all the related keywords along with their monthly search volume. 

The tool shows where the product ranks for the various keywords. AMZScout also provides a Relevance Score that measures how relevant the keywords are to the product. You can use these insights to find high volume terms that are a good match for your products.

Next, in our AMZScout review, we will look at a product research tool you can use to estimate some of the fees you need to pay when selling on Amazon.

AMZScout Review: FBA Calculator Tools

Knowing your FBA fees before deciding what to sell on Amazon is essential to the success of an Amazon business. AMZScout offers several tools you can use to estimate the fees for potential Amazon products.

1. AMZScout FBA Calculator

The AMZScout Amazon FBA Calculator is a Chrome extension that lets you quickly calculate the fees and profit margins for different types of Amazon products.

After you download the Chrome extension, you can access the FBA Calculator directly on any Amazon listing. When you open the calculator, you can enter the product cost and desired sales price for the item. The calculator will then give you the fulfillment fees based on those inputs and the item’s size and category.

For each product, the Chrome extension includes links to popular supplier websites like Alibaba. You can use these links to see exactly how much the product would cost, allowing you to estimate your fees with greater accuracy.

1. AMZScout Pro Extension

You can also use the AMZScout Pro extension to find and calculate the fees for products on Amazon. 

After you load the AMZScout Pro Extension for a particular niche, the FBA fees will appear next to each item. With the AMZScout Pro Chrome extension, you can adjust the product cost to get an accurate Amazon referral fee. You can also sort the results by fees to find the products with the lowest fulfillment costs.

AMZScout Tools for Spying on Competitors

The next part of our AMZScout review covers competitive analysis. AMZScout has a few tools for monitoring competitors. A few of them we discussed earlier including the Keyword Tracker and Reverse ASIN Lookup tool.

The Stock Stats Chrome Extension is another useful product research tool for gaining insight into the competition.

AMZScout Stock Stats Chrome Extension

You can use AMZScout and its Stock Stats Chrome Extension to spy on competitors’ inventory and see the stock level and sales history for each of their items.

In addition to inventory levels, the AMZScout Chrome extension displays the average rating and the number of recent reviews for your competitors’ products. The AMZScout Chrome extension also lets you see whether an item is fulfilled by Amazon or by the merchant.

AMZScout Review: Pricing plans

At this point in our AMZScout review, you are probably wondering, how much does AMZScout cost?

Here is how AMZScout pricing works:

1. AMZScout Pro Extension

If you only want to sign up for just the Pro Extension and not any of the other AMZScout tools, you can do so at the following prices:

  • Monthly plan: $45.99 per month
  • Annual plan:  $197.99 per year
  • Lifetime plan: $499 one-time payment

2. Amazon Seller’s Bundle

Below are the costs to access the full suite of AMZScout tools:

  • Monthly plan: $49.99 per month
  • Annual plan: $349.99 per year

AMZScout offers a free trial for users that want to test the tools before signing up.

AMZScout Pros and Cons

The last part of our AMZScout review details the pros and cons of the various product research tools. Like any research tool, AMZScout has areas where it is strong and others where it can improve.

Below, we will examine some of the best AMZScout features:

AMZScout Pros

  • Numerous product research tools: AMZScout provides everything you need to plan your Amazon business. Whether it is using the Pro Extension to find high-demand items or using the Keyword Search tool to find relevant terms, Amazon sellers can use the tools to know a potential market inside and out.
  • Accurate data: The sales estimates used by the AMZScout tools are highly accurate. This is critical as it allows you to accurately forecast your potential revenue before launching your Amazon business.
  • AMZScout pricing is affordable: With prices starting as low as $29 per month for the Seller’s Bundle, AMZScout is affordable for anyone that wants to start selling on Amazon. The software also comes with a free trial for you to test out the tools before you buy.
  • Helpful resources and guides: In addition to tools, AMZScout has an extensive set of learning resources to help beginners learn about selling on Amazon. There are guides, tutorials, videos, and masterclasses taught by experienced Amazon sellers.
  • Robust product database: The AMZScout Product Database provides a centralized resource to get data for any product listed on Amazon. No matter what type of item you are looking to sell, the Product Database will help you learn more about it.
  • Product Tracker: The AMZScout Product Tracker makes it easy to keep tabs on products you are interested in. You can add items to the Product Tracker and monitor how the inventory levels change over time. With the Product Tracker, you can also see if an item’s sales and reviews are improving or getting worse.

AMZScout Cons

  • Short free trial: While AMZScout does offer a free trial for its tools, it would be nice if it were longer. The free trial only lasts for a week. Plus, you only get a limited number of uses. For example, even during the free trial you are allowed three searches in the Keyword Search tool and can only run the Pro Extension 15 times.
  • Learning resources are geared towards beginners: AMZScout offers a lot of educational resources to help Amazon sellers learn how to run a successful business. A good amount of this training is for beginners. If you are an experienced seller these may not help you. AMZScout is working on adding more training and tutorials to target experienced sellers.


At the end of our AMZScout review, it is clear that the software has a lot to offer. The Pro Extension, Keyword Search tool, and Product Tracker and Database, in particular, are quite helpful in coming up with winning ideas. Not just for Amazon, but any product-based eCommerce business.

Plus, the software is easy to use and you can get started with a free trial before committing to anything. If you’re looking for the right tool to help you start selling on Amazon, AMZScout is worth checking out. For more review articles, check out our review of WPX hosting, and review.

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