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We'll land you guest posts on quality sites that will boost your search rankings...

Dear Marketer,

You know you need great backlinks if you want to beat your competitors in the search results. If you can get those links your rankings on the search engines will rise.

Unfortunately, securing backlinks from sites with a high domain authority is difficult. Like friggin hard. It took us 18 months, and tens of thousands of dollars to become guest posting experts.

Here’s what you need to master…

Feeling overwhelmed?

We specialize in creating guest post content that editors want and other SEO agencies struggle to imitate. Here are some examples of sites in the SaaS and marketing niche where we’ve helped companies secure backlinks through our blogger outreach services.

...We've Helped SaaS Clients Land Links on Sites Like...

DR 92
5 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 87
6.15 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 86
221,000 Visitors/ Month

DR 92
27.32 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90
7.01 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90
9.55 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 87
1.78 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92
5.03 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 85
1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 92
18.49 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 82
1.21 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 89
6.35 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90
4.88 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 77
1.7 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90
2.1 Million Visitors/ Month

DR 90
2.06 Million Visitors/ Month

Guest Post Services: How We Can Work Together

Step 1: We Create an Outreach List

We offer two types of blogger outreach services; a link insert service and a guest post outreach service. With a link insert campaign, we secure you contextual links in already published content. For a guest post campaign, we create content and submit the post to niche relevant blogs.

We start a we create a list of quality relevant sites to contact. We shortlist sites using SEO metrics like Trust Flow, Domain Authority. We avoid sites with a sudden dips in organic traffic that could be a sign of a Google penalty.

Step 2: We Start Outreach

Once we’ve agreed on the sites to target, we create an outreach template that we’ll use for the campaign. We’ll share this template with you before we start sending off emails.

Unlike many other companies, we always do manual outreach. We think it’s more personal. We’ll send a handful of emails each day to editors and blog owners at real sites. That ensures a high response rate.

Step 3: We Chat With the Editors

Pitching guest posts is one of the hardest parts of a campaign. Our team will manage this for you. We’ll  come up with three great article ideas for each pitch. We will find relevant content gaps and pitch keyword relevant topics.

Once the editor has agreed on a topic, we’ll sign off on the idea with you. Then, we’ll assign the piece to one of our talented writers.

Step 4: We Write the Content

The average turnaround time for a piece of content is around 14 days from start to finish. Each article goes through two rounds of editing. We’ll include a link to your target URL in the post. You can ask for a revision and get to review the content before it’s sent off.

We work with great writers to create awesome content. All of our writers are native English speakers. Many have a Masters or a PhD in creative writing or a niche relevant field.

Step 5: Your Article is Published

After submitting the content, your piece will go through an editorial review. Our team will manage revisions and other requests from the site where you submitted content. We’ll share the link to the published article once it’s live.

You’ll get guest post links from authority sites that will help diversify your backlink profile and boost your search engine ranking. The outcome; more visitors and leads for your business.

Consider Us Your Outsourced Content Marketing Team

You want to work with an agency who can support your content marketing goals and are experts in what they do. We’ll, that’s us 🙂

We offer guest posting services. We know how to create guest post lists, pitch content ideas editors love, and create quality content that gets published on authority sites. And we do this all at affordable prices.

Especially when you consider:

With us as your guest posting agency, you can start landing links on authority sites tomorrow. There are no long term commitments. We handle list building, content creation, and more… You get rapid results.

Plus, you get to design a customized offering that fits your needs.

Guest Posting Service: Our Simple Pricing Structure

Minimum Stats
We only secure authority links that will actually boost your site rankings

Price Per Guest Post/ Per Link Insert

Up to 5 guest posts/ links a month. We charge $200 per submitted guest post and $200 upon publication.

6-9 guest posts/ links a month.
We charge $200 per submitted guest post, and $150 upon publication.

10-15 guest posts/ links a month.
We charge $200 per submitted guest post, and $150 upon publication.

16-20 guest posts/ links a month.
We charge $200 per submitted guest post, and $150 upon publication.

Who is This Service For

Online Businesses

Link building is a key part of any digital marketing budget. If you want dominate the search results you need links from guest posts and other content links. We’ll work closely with you or your team to get those guest blog posts that will help improve your search rankings.

SEO Agencies

We offer white label SEO guest posting services. You devise the SEO strategies, we’ll help you land those guest post link placements. At the end of each month, you get a White Label Report for those white label guest posts. Your SEO agency gets the clients credit.

Affiliate Marketers

Looking to rank for some profitable keywords? Our guest posting agency will help you secure relevant backlinks from high quality sites so you can get more affiliate sales. It’s a pretty straightforward process that will help you boost your income.

Examples of Link Building Success

SaaS: Content Marketing for Lead Generation

We do a lot of link building in the SaaS niche. A client we supported saw traffic jump from 50,000+ visitors a month to 276,123 visitors a month. The sales pages they were trying to rank are now in positions 1-3 in theSERPS for their target keywords.

Boosting search rankings through guest posting

When you combine great on-site content with powerful backlinks you’ll see a big jump in your search rankings. We helped a client dominate the search results for their target terms with off-site link building.

Jack "$100 Million Dollar Man" Paxton

Co-founder of Vyper & fb ads superstar
“Nico and his team are incredibly knowledgable in SEO, content marketing and delivering results. We were about to double our organic traffic in 3 months. I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

Three Benefits Of Link Building

1: Improved Search Rankings

There’s a strong correlation between where high quality content ranks in the search results and the number of backlinks that content has from authority websites with a high domain rating. We’ll help you secure those valuable backlinks from relevant articles and real websites through manual blogger outreach.

You’ll notice the difference in your search rankings from our campaigns. It’s why our customers don’t churn.

2: More Leads & Sales

If you can get your content to rank for the keywords that matter to your business, you’ll get more customers. Some of those customers will be piping hot leads who are ready to buy the moment they land on your site. Others, will need to be nurtured via email marketing and other channels.

We can help supply the powerful backlinks from relevant websites that will help you dominate the search results. Your bank manager will thank you for our hard work.

3: Digital PR

What would happen if we helped you get content published on a site like Forbes? What would that do for your business or your personal brand?

Our guest posting service helps companies and individuals close leads, get a promotion, gain speaking opportunities at events, and even aided companies going through million dollar plus funding rounds.

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