What You Should Know About ySense Before Signing Up


There are many ways you can make money online. ySense, for instance, is a global online community that can help you earn money in many ways. You can earn money just by taking surveys, for example, and even just for trying new products.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this website that can help you increase your earnings with just a few clicks.

What is ySense?

ySense is a rewards website wherein users get paid to complete small tasks online. These are often referred to as a Get-Paid-To site or GTP site. It is a global company that welcomes members and supports market researchers from all over the world. 

The company has been around since 2007 and was formerly known as ClixSense. It was a PTC site (Paid-To-Click) before it was rebranded in 2019. Since 2019, the company has removed its PTC services and now generates money from online surveys, among other services. 

How does ySense work, and how do I sign up? 

Online surveys are an easy way to earn extra cash online. Websites like ySense let users work from wherever they are, as long as they have a computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection. 

By answering these surveys and completing tasks, you’ll earn rewards from ySense. Here are the steps on how you can join: 

  1. On ySense’s official website, sign up by entering a valid email address and creating a strong password. Click the ‘Join now’ button to submit. 
  2. Complete the account registration process by verifying your given email address. 
  3. Once verified, fill out all the information needed on your profile page. Be honest and accurate about your details, as these will be relevant in online surveys. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with the platform by reading the FAQs or browsing through topics. 
  5. You can start answering surveys and taking on tasks/offers from this point. 

That’s it! You can now earn money through accumulated rewards on your ySense account. 

How can you make money on ySense?

There are several ways you can make money on ySense. Here are some of those ways:

1. Surveys

As mentioned earlier, you will need to complete your profile page accurately. You will be assigned surveys based on profile information like your location, age, and gender.

You can see the available surveys from your account dashboard. All you need to do is click the survey you’re interested in. Each survey has qualifying questions and, if you are not eligible, you won’t get paid. That’s why it’s so important to complete your profile properly—the more information you provide on your profile page, the better.

Don’t feel bad about being disqualified, though. It just means that you don’t belong to the particular demographic of consumers the client needs for the survey. 

2. Get-Paid-To Complete Offers

Get-paid-to offers can include testing products and services, watching videos, signing up to sites, downloading apps, and more.

Get-paid-to-complete offers include tasks like testing products and services, registering on sites, downloading apps, watching videos, and the like. You can see offers on your account page. You can do as many as you want, so long as you’re qualified for them. 

Unlike surveys with standard rates, the pay will depend on the company. The rate is commonly a few cents to a few dollars. Specialized surveys generally pay more as there are fewer qualified candidates. 

3. Tasks or Micro Tasks

Tasks are small jobs like making searches on Google or categorizing images. You can access them from your account page. You can do some tasks multiple times; others are one-offs. Many of the tasks are simple. Some will require you to complete training to qualify. 

The rate for each task varies depending on difficulty level, how long it takes to complete the task, etc. The payment is between a few cents to a couple of dollars per completed task. You get a $5 bonus for every $50 of completed tasks. 

You can also earn extra money through the Weekly Contests and Daily Checklist bonuses. 

Weekly contests run from Monday to Sunday. The Top five Tasks workers/members receive the following prizes: 

  1. $50
  2. $20
  3. $10
  4. $5
  5. $5

You can earn prizes through the Daily Checklist too. The more active you are, the more rewards you can earn. You can earn up to 16% of your daily earnings using their checklist as follows: 

Daily Checklist Bonus – 12%

ySense Addon Extra Bonus – 2%

Activity Extra Bonus – 2%

Bonuses are calculated based on your earnings for the day. Referral bonuses are not included in the calculation. 

4. Referral Program 

Ysense has an affiliate program that can help you earn more money. The site provides affiliates with a unique link and promotional banner they can use to promote ySense. You get paid based on both signups and activity commissions. 

Signup Commissions

ySense has a list of top-tier countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and Canada. You can earn 10 cents to 30 cents per referral. Referrals must become active members. 

Source: ySense

You receive $2 after your referral earns their first $5 (bonuses and commissions not included). 

Activity Commissions

Affiliates earn 20% of what their referral makes per completed survey, offer, or task. That will not affect your referral’s earnings as the platform will directly pay the commissions. It will not be deducted from the money your referral earns as ySense considers it a marketing cost. 

If you get 100 active referrals in 30 days, you’ll move into the 25% commission bracket. If you get 200 active referrals (again in 30 days), your commission increases to 30%. Getting active referrals can considerably increase your earnings, so it’s best to make the most of it. 

How much can you earn on ySense?

Numerous factors affect how much you can make money on ySense: hours spent on the website, referrals, tasks completed, offers available, etc. Demographic factors can also affect how many surveys and tasks you can complete, impacting earnings. 

Of course, the more active you are, the more opportunities you’ll have for earning. 

The bottom line is that the more active you are on ySense, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn extra money. Sites like ySense are great if you want to earn some extra cash. The amount you earn will never replace your salary, though. 

Does ySense have an age requirement?

Yes, ySense does have an age requirement as follows:

  • For those living in the US: 13 years old and above
  • For those living in other countries: 16 years old and above

The site can deactivate users who are not old enough. 

Other reasons ySense would deactivate your account

Aside from age requirements, ySense can also deactivate your account if you have:

  • More than one ySense account 
  • Unnaturally clicked and searched something on the site
  • Commit fraud using bots, software, and the like to manipulate ySense’s system
  • Violate the site’s terms of use
  • Encourage other users to violate ySense’s terms of use
  • Made inappropriate comments on social media

How can you cash out on ySense?

You can cash out your ySense earnings through:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Reward Link Italy

To withdraw, simply click on the Cash Out link on your account page (it’s located next to your account balance). The balance is only clickable when you meet their minimum threshold. The threshold for each provider is as follows:

  • PayPal – $10
  • Payoneer – $52.00
  • Skrill – $5.05

It may take five to seven business days to receive your money. A delay of up to 15 days can occur for first withdrawals on new accounts. You must verify your postal address to receive electronic cashouts from PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill if you live in North America. 

ySense Reviews

It’s natural to want to read third-party reviews before signing up for a service. ySense has been around for a long time. ClixSense had an A-Rating on the Better Business Forum. While there were complaints, the company did respond, which is a good sign. 

There is an unofficial ClixSense/ySense Facebook page with 63 reviews. The reviews were generally positive. Most reviewers seem to think that: 

  • ySense is a better and improved version of ClixSense.
  • It’s great for earning money.
  • It can be used as a work-from-home opportunity.

On Trustpilot, ySense has a 2.6 out of 5 rating. Here are some sample reviews from users:

 In general, the positive reviews about ySense revolve around the following:

  • Payment processing is around five days
  • Can use PayPal
  • Responsive customer support

On the other hand, here are the negative reviews:

  • Minimal pay
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • ClixSense is better than ySense 

Pros of ySense

  • Numerous earning opportunities for active users
  • Free to join
  • Part of a network of reputable sites

Cons of ySense

  • Unsuitable for a full-time job
  • Difficult to qualify for surveys 

Based on the reviews, there is a consensus that ySense allows users to earn money once they qualify.

Bottom Line

ySense is a great way to earn money online. You can generate passive income without having to leave your home. With just a few clicks, you can have that additional income to buy that new shirt you’ve been raving about for a long time.

Don’t expect to earn the money you typically earn when you have a full-time job. Like most survey sites, what you earn from the site should be considered an addition to what you’re earning in other ways now. The income you get from ySense is an addition. Whatever the amount, I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind would turn down that extra cash.

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