10 Best Wattpad Alternatives For Readers & Writers


Wattpad has become a well-loved online writing medium since its launch in 2006. It is a venue for both amateur and professional writers to publish their work to the world. With more than 90 million users worldwide, many written stories have become sources for New York Times bestsellers and Netflix shows. 

However, as great as the platform is, it can’t necessarily please everyone, especially its features and interface. Many readers and writers look for other websites like Wattpad to publish or read stories. 

Luckily, there are tons of Wattpad alternatives out there. This list covers the ten best Wattpad alternatives to satisfy your fictional cravings.

What Should You Look for From Websites Like Wattpad?

When choosing an alternative to Wattpad, you want to make sure you choose the best option. So here are some important considerations when choosing a WattPad alternative. 


Are you a fan of horror, romance, or any genre under the sun? When choosing Wattpad alternatives, you should take into consideration your interests. As a writer, you have to look for platforms that can enhance your creativity and hone your skills with the right tools. 

On the other hand, if you’re a reader, it’s best to choose a site populated with fellow readers who share your interest.

There are plenty of apps like Wattpad that let you write niche-driven writings, but there are also those who welcome any form of the story, whatever the genre. 


Most sites aren’t just good for casual reading and writing. Some give aspirants a chance to earn money through their work.

Some sites can also help you publish your story and turn it into a book or eBook for a wider audience. And, if you just want to write and share your work with the world, then there are plenty of sites for that, too. 

Pricing and Accessibility

Most Wattpad alternatives are free and can be accessed on any device. However, some require you to buy premium packages for extra perks, and others don’t have a mobile app, which can be pretty inconvenient. You’ll just have to discern whether or not it’s worth the price. 

Overview of the Best Wattpad Alternatives

PlatformInterest/NicheMonetizationPricing and Accessibility
MiraquillAny genreNoneFree
Available on any device 
SweekAny genreSupports writer monetizationFree
Available on any device 
CommafulAny genre/ ideal for visual storytellingNoneFree
Not Supported on Android
InkittAny genreSupports writer monetizationFree
Available on any device 
Book BreaksRomanceNoneFree
Available on any device 
PenanaAny genreNoneFree
Available on any device 
MovellasAny genreNoneFree
Web platform only
Scary Chat StoriesHorrorNoneFree version and  premium version for $9.99
Available on mobile but not on the web
NovelCatAny genreSupports writer monetizationFree
Available on any device 
Books and Writing AminoAny genreNoneFree
Available on any device 


Formerly named Mirakee, Miraquill is an excellent Wattpad alternative if your goal is to be part of a creative writing community. The website lets you write and read materials like quotes, blogs, haikus, stories, short stories, poems, or passing thoughts within the community.  

With Miraquill/Mirakee, you can write anything with stunning visual designs and share it on social media like Pinterest. It’s not just a platform for sharing content but also a great place to find works worth reading and meet fellow writers worldwide. It allows you to follow other creators and comment on their work. 

The Miraquill app has been downloaded over 50,000 times across iOs and Android devices, as well as third-party websites.

Moreover, it has built-in tools to help you write and form your story. They also host writing challenges every day to develop your imagination through stories, poems, and quotes. Your performance will be tracked based on likes and comments. 

Miraquill helps writers boost their online presence with its Google Searchable feature. This feature allows anyone on Google to search for your writings under your name or pen name with keywords like “your username Mirakee write-ups.” But you will need to post at least 20 write-ups before you can access this. 

More importantly, it costs you nothing and supports all languages, making it one of the best alternatives to Wattpad. 


  • Allows you to design your creations
  • Host fun writing contests
  • Has Google Searchable feature
  • Supports all languages


  • It does not have exposure mechanisms like Wattpad Studios and The Wattys


Miraquill is free and does not have premium packages.


Much like Twitch’s live streaming platform, Sweek is a Wattpad alternative that focuses on developing a relationship with its creators. Available on iOs and Android devices, Sweek allows contributors to publish their work and earn up to 60% of the sales. These published works can either be in ebook or paperback format, which will be printed based on purchases. 

Sweek is equipped with tools that can help writers publish their books within minutes. The platform features widgets and buy buttons that you can display on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even your website. With Sweek, you can earn a higher margin for every purchase by attracting more buyers from other channels. 

It is an efficient way to monetize your writing skills, but the app is great for readers and writers alike. Bookworms have a wide selection of books and stories from different writers since lots of poetry and fan fiction are released every day. 

Sweek has an explore feature where they give writers word prompts to develop their imagination. They host competitions with these word prompts where you have a chance to win cash prizes or an opportunity to work with famous publishers.

Its explore feature also allows writers to develop their fanbase of readers. Writers can also join global communities where they can post updates or plot twists with other users. 


  • Great platform to monetize writings
  • Easy-to-use publishing tools
  • Enables ebook or paperback publishing
  • Host fun writing contests



Sweek is free and does not have premium packages.


If you are both a written and visual storyteller, Commaful is probably one of the best platforms for you. Of course, Wattpad also allows writers to attach images and other multimedia files to their stories. But what’s different about Commaful is that it presents an entire picturebook format. Viewers simply need to pick a title and tap on each image to read further into the story. 

Commaful lets you use your images or stock images from Unsplash, Pexels, and the like. It has a wide range of stories across different formats like poetry, short stories, comics, and fanfiction. Commaful has tons of horror, thriller, and romance stories. Whether you want a thrilling or chill read, there’s something for everyone. 

It has a mobile app and website, but the app is only available on iOS. Before signing up, the website presents you with a sample story so you can check the format. If the format is all good with you, you can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or email. 

Beyond being one of the best sites for reading, Commaful is also a solid platform for writers.

Commaful is one of the best sites like Wattpad. It is home to some bestselling authors and renowned scriptwriters. With Commaful, you have a chance to unveil your work with various readers and writers who support your craft. 


  • Great visual storytelling platform
  • Supportive writing community
  • A unique and simple reading experience


  • The mobile app is not available on Android


Commaful is free and does not have premium packages.

Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

Inkitt is one of the most popular sites like Wattpad in the market, even going as far as being regarded as its competitor. Though it was only founded in 2013, the site already has more than three million users worldwide since it has all the similar features that make Wattpad a great platform. 

Inkitt is a German-developed app that gives a diverse pool of stories with genres spanning drama, romance, erotica, adventure, and sci-fi. You can also find some exciting fanfictions on the site with popular titles like Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Glee, Harry Potter, and Supernatural. 

Aside from reading and writing stories, Inkitt allows you to share your thoughts and join conversations about different subjects with its Trending Topics feature. You can also join groups that share your interests and special ones who review stories before it’s published. 

The site also has its publishing arm, Inkitt publishing, allowing you to create your own book. Popular writers who have garnered many followers and engagement have a chance to receive a contract to get their work published in print, ebook, and other formats. 

The website also has a sister reading app called Galatea that adapts stories from Inkitt and turns them into immersive experiences using visual effects, sound, and chat fiction.


  • Available on Android and iOs and also has a web platform
  • Useful publishing tools
  • Hosts fun writing contests
  • Allows writers to monetize work and become paid authors of Galatea



Inkitt is free and does not have premium packages.

Book Breaks

Book Breaks is a great option if you’re an avid reader who is only interested in works from published writers. However, unlike many websites on this list, Book Breaks only publishes romantic stories.

Book Breaks is the brainchild of renowned publisher Harlequin, a Canadian company known for its romantic novels. The site gives users free access to romance stories exclusively by Harlequin authors. New chapters are released every weekday, so you can’t read some books all at once. 

Even though its only genre is romance, you can still search stories from different categories such as women’s fiction, family life fiction, romantic suspense, and more. It also has a diversity category for readers who are looking for authors of color. 

You can do other things with the Book Breaks app, including selecting the stories you want to read based on your available time.

Book Breaks is perfect for busy readers or those who are bored in the waiting room. With Book Breaks, you can filter works based on your available time. You can filter them between 30, 45, 60, and limitless minutes. It also lets you filter stories based on your mood with options like “fall in love,” “be seduced,” and “be inspired.”

More importantly, Book Breaks has an online community of readers who are more than willing to discuss stories with both readers and writers. 


  • Available on Android and iOs and also has a web platform
  • Allows you to filter content based on time and mood
  • Supportive online community


  • Exclusively a reading app
  • Only has romance genre
  • Weekly release of chapters


Book Breaks is free and does not have premium packages.


One of the reasons Wattpad became such a hit with readers and writers alike is its ability to provide stories from all over the world in native or translated languages. Like Wattpad, Penana gives readers access to different translated works. 

Penana is particularly popular among Asian readers and writers as it is populated with fanfiction stories from Japan, China, South Korea, etc. These stories are available in any genre, including drama, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, and romance. Penana lets you read these stories in their native language or a translation. 

The write-ups within the app are categorized to cater to a wide range of audiences. Penana also hosts exciting writing challenges that you can track using its charts feature. 

Penana is a platform for writers to share their work with an international audience. It fosters an interactive community that lets you follow writers, comment recommendations, and suggest revisions to them. You can also collaborate with fellow writers, making it an ideal social sharing platform. 

However, it doesn’t offer monetization deals, unlike other Wattpad alternatives. It’s good for honing your skills as a writer and gauging the readers’ response. 


  • Available on Android and iOs and also has a web platform
  • Perfect for Kpop fans and other Asian readers
  • Host fun writing challenges 
  • Collaborative community


  • Cannot monetize works


Penana is free and does not have premium packages.


If you’re looking for sites like Wattpad that are less populated, Movellas is an intuitive and straightforward website for both writers and readers alike. It is exclusively a web app for now, as developers are still releasing it as a mobile app. However, many people enjoy Movella for its website’s adaptability on all devices. 

Movella is home to thousands of stories across 19 genres, including plays & screenplays, fanfiction, fantasy, poetry, and realism. You can also read stories entered in the site’s writing challenges. 

When you find the authors you like, you can follow them or comment on their work, and they can do the same, similar to traditional social networks.

Like in any social media network, you can follow and engage writers you’re interested in. You can also post and read comments. The online community also has an advice blog that is regularly updated to help writers with their work. 


  • You can access it on any device
  • Hosts fun writing challenges
  • Has blog for writing advice


  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Cannot monetize works


Movellas is free and does not have premium packages.

Scary Chat Stories

Scary Chat Stories is a story-telling platform that uses a chat format. Hence, it features short and engaging horror stories that are great for a quick read. 

Scary Chat Stories is populated with hundreds of ghost and horror stories available in bite-sized text message conversations. It creatively uses immersive pictures that make you feel like you’re chatting with a friend or someone else’s chat history. Almost like a chatbot.

The app is focused on horror stories, but it also offers other genres like love stories, action & thriller, Granny horror, text games, and more. New content is released every day– all of which you can download and read offline. However, writers cannot publish fanfiction or original stories inspired by a story they read on the platform. 

Scary Chat Stories, also known as Addicted, is available on iOS and Android only. Former Wattpad users who read via the browser will have to download the app to access its library of works.


  • Unique chat format
  • Quick yet immersive stories
  • Great for horror fans
  • The mobile app is available on Android and iOs


  • Does not have a web platform
  • Free Android app contains ads 
  • Cannot publish fanfiction and original stories


There is a free app for iOS and Android devices. Android users who don’t want to be interrupted by ads can buy their premium app for $9.99. 


Novelcat is another great alternative to Wattpad. It has an extensive library of creative stories from more than 20 genres like fanfiction, fantasy, and romance.

You can explore new stories as the app recommends weekly stories. The site also features and ranks categories so you can discover fresh, young writers. They list these stories from top hits, popular stories, rising stories, and frequently updated charts.

Novelcat allows writers to monetize their work through the Writer Benefits Program, wherein they can earn rewards by contributing to the app’s library. Readers may also send gifts and interact with writers if they find their work interesting. 

Novelcat’s mobile app lets you customize your reading experience with page-turning effects and fonts. 


  • Available on Android and iOs and also has a web platform
  • Allows writers to monetize their work 
  • Customizable reading experience


  • Customization is not available on their web platform 


Novelcat is free and does not have premium packages.

Books and Writing Amino

Out of all the apps like Wattpad on the list, Books and Writing Amino is the best one for avid literary fans. It is a rapidly growing social storytelling platform that has a rich community of writers and readers alike. This is especially the case for young adult fans. 

It is a collaborative website where fans are offered new content every day, and writers are given helpful feedback. It’s a good medium to discuss books, poems, or whatever written material you’re reading. 

In Books and Writing Amino, you can share a collection of your favorite novels. It also has editing tools to make your story more engaging and worth the read. 

You can either use the Books and Writing Amino mobile app or the Amino: Communities and Chats app to use the platform. The latter is like a social network full of dedicated readers. There, you can find fans who share your interest as well as exciting read fanfiction. 


  • An active community of writers and readers
  • Useful editing tools 
  • Has multiple mobile apps available for iOs and Android


  • Cannot monetize works


Books and Writing Amino is free and does not have premium packages.


Wattpad is undeniably one of the best reading and writing platforms in the market. However, numerous alternatives have emerged that offer new and exciting features. There are now platforms where users can enjoy specific genres, try more visual storytelling, and experience unique reading formats.

Whether you just want to read good stories or write them yourself, check out these ten best Wattpad alternatives.

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