15 Best Online IQ Tests to Check Your Intelligence


A strange anomaly about IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests is that the person who first developed them – Alfred Binet a French psychologist – did not believe they were accurate. Today, however, they are widely used to quantify human intelligence, and there are several free IQ tests available online.

Are IQ tests accurate?

Fair question, considering Binet himself doubted them. Well, there are limitations to measuring creativity and emotions. Which IQ test you should take depends on multiple factors. Factors like the average score of the population may not be in your control. What you should consider is: 

  • Your purpose for taking the test
  • The ability or skill you want to measure
  • The time limit allocated for the test

With that said, if you want a near accurate score, you should take a complete IQ test that measures all capabilities such as cognition, spatial, verbal, and numeric skills. 

The tests, most of them anyway, are designed to measure mental acuity against a baseline. Age is an important consideration in any intelligence test. Binet used the formula –


So if your mental age was equal to your biological age, you’d score a neat 100.

Most modern tests also factor in the age of the assessee, though not necessarily comparing biological age with mental age. Some give you a score as a deviation from the average IQ score of a given population. That means that the test values would change depending upon the population taken into consideration.

Whether a test is accurate will depend to a great extent on the way your score is computed.

For instance, if one test created in the USA considers the average IQ score of the population of the United States alone, and another factored in the global population, the scores returned by the two tests would be different. As for which one is more reliable, this is determined by your demographics, among other factors.

Still, most free IQ tests online provide a fair measure of intelligence. 

Another caveat is that the IQ test may not necessarily be comprehensive. For instance, some tests are designed to provide IQ scores for a specific purpose, such as recruitment, career, or personality. Such a test is not a real IQ test in the purest sense of the word, but it does serve its purpose.

If you want to test your official IQ, you should take a more comprehensive test that measures your verbal, cognitive, memory, and logical abilities.

If you are going to take the test for the first time, you might want to take a sample test first before taking the official test on the website.

The 15 Best IQ Test

With that background, here is a summary of some of the best IQ tests available online.

IQ TestSummary
Free-IQTest20 questions. It is a test for measuring your verbal skills.
Brain Metrix20 questions. No time limit.
See My PersonalityComplete a different IQ test based on your age.
Fun EducationTests for adults and children. Primarily a test for verbal skills.
MemoradoThey offer a range of brain games. The IQ tests working memory.
IQ Exam25 questions with a time limit.
IQ Test PrepOffer practice and real IQ tests.
Genius TestsTest cognitive, spatial, and spatial IQ.
123TestOffer a range of different tests.
Free IQ Test20 questions based on WAIS IQ test.
TipTopGlobeAnswer 40 questions in 30 minutes.
IQTestCentreRange of cognitive and memory tests. Primarily for children.
Mensa WorkoutMock tests for anyone interested in trying for Mensa.
IQ Test LabsRange of online tests. They don’t offer an official IQ test. 
Football IQ ScoreCompare your IQ against American Footballers.

With that out of the way, here’s a review of the best IQ tests.

1. Free-IQTest

Free-IQTest is a quiz consisting of 20 questions that you must answer online. It factors in age by asking for your birth date. Not only will the Free-IQTest give you a score, but also a bell curve of intelligence scores so that you can see where you stand.

The Free IQ Test does not cover the complete range of abilities. It is focused on identifying high-IQ individuals. Hence, it only measures your verbal skills. 

Besides the test itself, the site offers a list of high-IQ individuals. You can search for these personalities to see what they have achieved in life and compare your score against theirs. There’s also a list of IQ societies. Mensa is the oldest and largest society that works towards the development of human intelligence.

2. Brain Metrix

Another test quiz with 20 questions, the test on Brain Metrix is quick to complete. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Brain Metrix doesn’t have a time limit for the test. That’s because they believe, and many experts second this, that the time taken for an IQ test is irrelevant as far as the skill or intelligence of the subject is concerned. 

That said, the time taken does assess alertness, which many consider a significant factor for measuring intelligence.

3. See My Personality

It has traditionally been assumed that an individual’s IQ score remains constant throughout his life. Binet’s theory means that the gap between a person’s mental age and biological age is constant.

Research over the years has shown that IQ peaks at age 20 and begins declining after that. Susanne M. Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl believe that individuals can train their working memory to maintain or improve their scores.

Based on this theory, the See My Personality online IQ test offers different tests for children, teens, adults, and working professionals. There are separate tests for career and personality as well.

4. Fun Education

Fun Education offers separate tests for adults (above 18) and children. The website claims that their free online IQ test provides Ph.D.-certified test results. Of the many types of IQ, this website primarily tests the verbal IQ of the candidate.

The questions, therefore, are based on words. Only a few questions use images to test reasoning logic and spatial IQ.

The Fun Education version of the online IQ tests applies a standard deviation to your average score.

5. Memorado

Memorado offers brain games and brain training programs geared to achieve defined goals. You must create an account to be able to take the IQ test online. The online IQ test is based on the working memory theory discussed above. The website offers past research in their section on Our Scientific Background.

The test itself includes both verbal and spatial IQ questions and gives you a single combined score as an indication of your intelligence. The results include your score as well as the percentile within which you fall.

6. IQ Exam

The IQ exam has 25 questions with a time limit of one minute per question. You are not allowed to use a pen, paper, or a calculator when taking the test. This last is true for most IQ tests, though some do allow the use of aids and factor them into your score.

That does not mean that the IQ Exam tests only your mathematical ability. The online tests are meant to test your problem-solving, reasoning, and logical skills. You can take a sample test first to understand the type of questions that will be asked.

7. IQ Test Prep

A thumb rule for an IQ test is that you should never take the same test twice. The reason is obvious. You’ll perform better the second time around and even better the third time because you know what to expect, and hence, your score will not be a reliable measure of your intelligence. 

To this end, IQ Test Prep offers you two separate tests – the 2018 test and the 2021 test. The former for practice and the latter as the main test. Presumably, the website owners create a new test every two years while keeping the last one for practice and the new one as the main test.

The website also has several other short and long sample tests varying in length from just a handful of questions to over 100 for practice.

It is believed that ideally, a test should have between 20 – 50 questions to be accurate. Fewer than ten are insufficient to test your IQ. If there are too many questions, you may lose interest because your intellectual capacity begins diminishing after a point. Most experts agree on this while varying their estimated ideal range.

8. Genius Tests

If you are interested in joining a high IQ society like Mensa, you must prove your high intelligence with an accurate IQ test score. Most societies like Mensa require you to qualify among the top 2% of high IQ individuals, and they have their IQ tests that you need to clear.

To this end, the questions posed by Genius Tests provide an instant measure of IQ through a range of short and long practice tests measuring select skills such as verbal, cognitive, and spatial. They also have their main test, which offers you a certified score.

While most high-IQ societies have their official tests that measure multiple skills, some societies also accept tests from other sources. If you are desirous of joining a particular society, you should check their entry criteria for details. That said, you can always use sample tests offered by Genius Tests for practice.

9. 123Test

The 123 Test website offers you a range of IQ tests, including demos and pro-level tests. Tests like personality, IQ, comprehension, career, job assessment, and so on are all offered on the website for free. 

There’s also a special test called the Culture Fair Intelligence Test that claims to be free of culture and language bias and has questions that measure your spatial ability and logical reasoning. This test is suitable for people from both English-speaking and non-English-speaking regions.

The 123 Test website claims that although taking repeated IQ tests may not improve your intelligence. They will help you master the test itself and improve your chances of clearing your job assessment test.

10. Free IQ Test

Twenty questions based on WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Score) IQ test – one of the more popular test modules. That’s what the Free IQ Test website offers you. Time matters, says the website, so figure out the answers as fast as possible. There’s a time limit to the overall test monitored by a counter on the left panel. 

The questions are in the right panel. They caution you not to use any aids like a calculator or paper and pen if you want your true IQ score but do not enforce it – no IQ test online can.

Free IQ Test promises anonymity, unlike most other websites that ask for your name and email at the very least.

11. TipTopGlobe

Can you answer 40 questions in half an hour? Because that’s what TipTopGlobe asks you to do if you want to clear their IQ test. The website mentions both the Stanford-Binet Test and the Wechsler Test, but it is unclear which one is used in the assessment. However, since both are fairly reliable and widely used, there is no cause to worry.

The website also mentions the Flynn effect, which states that the average IQ is not static. It has been increasing by about three points every ten years because of natural population changes. However, most of the gains have been at the bottom of the scale. This skews the average population score and must be compensated.

The website also offers several other resources such as games to improve your ability, a list of famous personalities and their scores, and a truckload of information.

12. IQTestCenter

The IQ Test Center offers a range of cognitive and memory tests and a free IQ test. Their tests are graded by age to accommodate growing children between four to 14 years of age. This is perhaps the only IQ test online that measures the complete range of skills and abilities and hence is arguably the best IQ test available online.

There is also a separate test to identify geniuses. IQTestCenter believes that the regular tests may not readily identify people with a very high or very low intelligence quotient.

For such individuals, specialized tests must be applied on a one-on-one basis. They further clarify that a low or high IQ score at age 4 is not conclusive as intelligence since intelligence is just beginning to develop at that age. Hence, the online IQ test must be repeated at a later date for confirmation.

13. Mensa Workout

Mensa is one of the oldest and largest global high IQ groups. There is no official IQ test online for Mensa Workout. Membership is gained by sitting for a supervised test at one of the test centers around the world. Your test results should rank within the top 2% of the global intelligence scores. 

The group conducts a variety of activities for its members. Its goal is to improve the overall global intelligence level.

The Mensa website does not offer any practice tests, so be sure to take some mock tests at other websites and compare your IQ scores with others before you try your luck with Mensa. 

Mensa does, however, have an online workout on their website that has 18 questions similar to those in the supervised test. This workout gives you an idea about what to expect in the supervised test and an assessment of your chance to qualify in the real test.

14. IQ Test Labs

If you are looking for a test online with questions, quizzes, demos, and practice tests, head over to the IQ Test Labs website. The quizzes include a math quiz, and a culture fair quiz, among others. As already explained, culture fair quizzes are non-verbal to eliminate bias based on culture or language.

While this may not give you your official IQ score, it is a good website for practice and to get an idea of where you stand vis-a-vis the average score of the population. The website also has a wealth of links to news articles, polls, and a newsletter. The newsletter also contains practice tests for you.

15. Football IQ Score

The Football IQ Score test is meant for NFL (National Football League) players. Since it is a public test, take it and compare your IQ with that of NFL players – if only for fun. The website offers a short test and a complete test. The test is similar to other tests in that it offers all types of questions to test your verbal, spatial, numerical, and other abilities.

The website also lets you search the score of your favorite NFL player to see how you stack up. Pat McInally is the only player to have achieved a full score of 50 to date – meaning he has provided correct answers to all questions. Mike Mamula follows Mclnally at 49 and Ben Watson & Ryan Fitzpatrick at 48.


While IQ tests are widely used to measure intelligence, they are not necessarily complete and therefore may not be an indicator of ability. For instance, a gifted artist may score low on logic and high on visual ability. This does not mean he has poor intelligence. It merely indicates that his visual ability is superior to his reasoning. 

A lot depends upon the age, speed, the number of questions answered, and a few other factors. If you want to determine your intellectual capacity using an IQ test, take one of the classical IQ tests – Wechsler or WAIS – depending upon whether you are an adult or not. The original test is, of course, the Stanford Binet test, but that is no longer prevalent. The classical IQ test is standardized and provides a true measure of intellect.

However, it may be necessary to get an instant measure of intelligence for various reasons ranging from choosing careers and joining genius clubs to simply understanding your level of intelligence. Almost any online IQ test can provide this. 

We’ve summed up 15 free online intelligence tests for you, but there are many more. Take your pick and test yourself.

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