The 25 Best Office Backgrounds for Zoom


The Coronavirus pandemic made video conferencing a daily affair for WFH professionals. And even after the world went back to a new normal, most organizations still embraced remote and hybrid teams. This maintained the demand for video conferencing apps.

Zoom is perhaps the most widely used video call app today. Everything, from business meetings to casual catch-ups, is conducted on Zoom calls.

But there’s a problem.

You see, video calls put our private spaces on display for public consumption. Not everyone is comfortable with this invasion of privacy. That’s where customized Zoom backgrounds come into play. 

Zoom has some native background images that you can use, but they tend to be boring. Besides, everyone is already using them. You need a unique background that speaks to your personality and is memorable for the audience in the call. The good news is that you can upload your images and use them as your background. 

How to change or add a Zoom virtual background?

Adding a background image is easy, and all you’ve got to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account as an admin from your desktop. Ensure you have permission to edit the users’ group.
  2. Go to Account Management > Account Settings.
  3. Find the Meetings tab, go to the Meetings Advanced option, and enable the Virtual Background option by clicking the slider to the right.
  4. With the Virtual Background feature enabled, log out and then log in again to your Zoom account.
  5. Go to Settings of your Zoom desktop app and click on the Virtual Background tab to use the existing images or upload and add your image files.

For a better experience, ensure you meet some basic requisites, like your clothes aren’t the same color as the background image you’re going to use and that there is adequate light in the room. 

25+ Best Backgrounds for Zoom Meetings

We covered funny Zoom backgrounds in a previous post. Now, take a look at 25 of the best Zoom office backgrounds you can download and use. 

1. Book Wallpaper

Source: Penguinrandomhouse

If you love reading, then this bookshelf background will showcase that passion. Let everyone know that you love reading books.

A bookshelf filled with books goes a long way toward enhancing your intellect and defining your personality. This is one of the 1,000s of virtual background options you will find online.

2. Go Green Office

Image Source: Unsplash

Who wouldn’t want to work in an office like the one in the picture? If you love nature and open spaces, it’s time to tell the world that.

A background like this not only defines your personality it also has a calming effect on people who are viewing it. Everyone starts dreaming about working in this environment, and it de-stresses people.

Plus, chances are they will remember your background. 

3. Simple Brick Wall

Image Source: Chapman University

For a more minimalist look, how about the background of a brick wall? A background like this ensures that you remain the focus of attention of the audience in the call. Sometimes all you need is a minimalistic look to stand out. 

Let’s say you’re discussing serious business with a client in a Zoom meeting. You don’t want the client to be distracted by a highly engaging background and lose track of your pitch.

4. Mars City

Source: Autodesk

What if we could colonize Mars? What would cities on Mars look like? If you’re inclined towards science fiction and space exploration, a wallpaper depicting a city on Mars will stand out to all.

Attend your next Zoom meeting from an office in one of the skyscrapers on Mars. Fasten your seat belt for the ride. 

5. Spacious Office

Source: Pexels

Most of us work from our cubicles or small cabins. Space and, in most cases, privacy is at a premium.  A Zoom meeting with your client with this luxurious and spacious office background will help build your credibility.

You can take a walk inside your office when you’re tired and look outside from the large windows for an aerial view of the city.

6. On the Desk

Source: Unsplash

With this Zoom background, you can convey what your office desk looks like. A clutter-free and well-organized desk gives a neat and organized look and highlights your efficiency and managerial skills.

This is also another example of a minimalistic background that is suitable for all occasions. 

7. Conference Room

Source: Pixabay

WFH is a reality for most of us today. So, if you’re missing the vibe of being in the conference room for a meeting, how about this conference room background for your next virtual meeting?

Experience being in your conference room while sitting in your living room. Of course, if you have to get through numerous calls, you can always change the background between meetings.  Others who, like you, miss the office conference room will surely notice you! 

8. Working Together

Source: Unsplash

Work from home is cool; you are in control of your time, and you have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere. But some of you might be missing the office environment where you could multitask by working while chatting with friends next to you. It’s always fun to catch up with office gossip! Share this background with your office mates to get that office-like feel in your next Zoom meet.

9. Vibrant Office Lounge

Source: Unsplash

This is sure to be a unique background. A Scandinavian style room, with a pop of color, as your workplace scores on both the cool and unique factors. This simple and minimalistic layout will help you stand out in a crowd. Just download the image from the link above, and you’re good to go.

Source: Pexels

Let’s say, you want to show how you’ve transformed your living room into an office for your work. The Zoom background above shows an example of that transformation. 

10. Coffee Restaurant

Source: Pexels

Want a background for a casual meeting with your peers that makes them a little jealous? How about a picture from a coffee shop? Goes with the casual meeting. No one hates coffee, by the way. 

 11. Library

Source: Unsplash

This is another one for the bookworms, a background of what would be heaven for them. A library is a quiet place to read books, and you can attend your important meetings there as well.

The atmosphere of the library defines your personality: calm and serene at all times. Another unique and stand-out Zoom background for you.

12. Resort Office

Source: Pexels

How about attending your meeting from a seaside resort?

Attending your next business meeting from a resort shows how important work is to you, even when on vacation. Not to mention how much the others are going to want to be in your flip-flops. One can imagine how the soothing sound of waves can calm any tension in the participants. 

13. Inside the Car

Source: Unsplash

Are you missing the old days when you would attend meetings while driving? This background is sure to bring back those memories. This will also show your colleagues how productive you are if someone doesn’t know –  attending meetings even while on the move. 

13. White Wall

Source: Freepik

White represents purity, innocence, or simplicity. If you stand by these qualities, then go with the above white wall background in your upcoming meeting.

But make sure you wear something dark to stand out against the white background. Don’t show up for the meeting in whites.

14. Clock and Lamp

Source: Unsplash

A simple wallpaper with a wall clock, a lamp, and a potted plant is pure minimalism. It tells everyone you have an uncluttered mind and you value your time and that of others. It amplifies your professionalism. 

15. An Abstract

Source: Pixabay

Abstract wallpapers are cool. Not only because they are colorful but they also reflect the creative part of your personality. So, using an abstract design background like the one above, you can show your creative personality to others.

15. Simple and Real

Source: Unsplash

Can anything get simpler and more basic than this background? It is minimal enough to attract everyone’s attention. It’s great for meetings where you want the audience to focus on what you’re saying instead of your wallpaper. A financial meeting would be one such example. 

16. Working Alone

Source: Unsplash

How about showing a background of you in an empty office? Everyone has left for the day, but you’re still working. That straight-up is going to earn you brownie points with your boss and the respect of your clients and peers.

In short, a good way to showcase your patience and determination to your boss and set an example for your colleagues. 

17. TT(Table Tennis) Lounge

Source: Unsplash

WHF is cool. You’re spending much of your time with your family and relatives. At least you were playing Table Tennis with your colleagues. In your next Zoom call, you can remind yourself and your colleagues of those old office days. 

18. Late Night Meet

Source: Pexels

If you have a meeting at night, then the picture above of dim lighting coming inside a room will give a real feeling of attending a meeting at night while hiding your messy room. But don’t go too real by switching off your room lights, as you need enough lighting for good video quality!

19. Old Office

Source: Pexels

Gone are the days of the typewriter, that ink bottle, and those paper stamps, as now we have computers and digital signatures. Still, if you want to give that retro look in your next Zoom meeting, then this background is worth trying.

20. Dream Home Office

Source: Unsplash

If you’re a bachelor, then is this your dream home office? Those potted plants in the corner and the contrast of “modern dog” written on a cat are enough to catch everyone’s attention.

You can take your design inspiration from this background to redo your room. Meanwhile, you can use the above photo as your office Zoom background for your upcoming meeting.

21. Fitness with work

Source: Unsplash

Not only do you focus on your work, but you’re also a fitness freak. It’s time to tell and inspire others. You can do that using the above background photo that captures dumbbells and a cycling machine, along with a working desk and Mac placed on one side.

22. Modern Home Office

Source: Unsplash

White is bright, as it reflects much of the light falling on it. You need sufficient brightness at the workplace to keep active all the time, or else you’ll start feeling sleepy. And it’s also a symbol of peace and calmness. It’s time to show these in your next business meeting with the above modern home office background.

23. Classic Black

Source: Pixabay

It’s time to show your boss that you’re the boss now. And above zoom background will help you with this. The huge black table is where you brainstorm ideas for all your business strategies. And that light lamp helps you to read quarterly financial reports.

24. Modern Conference Room

Source: Pixabay

You are a team member who frequently arranges group meetings with your colleagues to solve problems and address organizational issues. A background of a modern conference room keeps everyone serious and on topic. 

25. Simple Setup

Source: Unsplash

The secret to your success is nothing but a very simple setup: a laptop, a kitchen table, and a chair inside one of your living room. If you want to send this positive message to others, you can do that through the above background in your Zoom meetings.  

26. Office Under Stairs

Source: Unsplash

You’re simply a genius who finds opportunities hidden around you. That’s why you’ve set up an office space under the stairs of your home. Time to share this tip with your colleagues in the next Zoom meeting. You’ll be appreciated for your smartness.  

Wrapping Up

Our working style has completely changed since the global pandemic. A lot of us are now working remotely and will continue to do so. The time-to-time virtual meets are a part of this work-from-home culture, and Zoom has a special role to play here. 

Luckily, Zoom also allows you to change the background image to have a distraction-free meeting experience. You can use all the backgrounds we have looked at and change your profile to match the tone and mood of the meeting. 

I hope you liked this shortlist of the best Zoom office backgrounds. For more Launch Space articles, check out our Patreon vs. Subscribestar article and our guide to the 25 best eCommerce shopping websites.

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