The 30 Best Zoom Backgrounds You Should Be Using


Zoom gives working professionals a means to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family from anywhere. Naturally, you want to personalize the setting, which is why we put together this list of the 30 best zoom backgrounds.

You can use these Zoom backgrounds for meetings, office gatherings, or just to chat with family and friends. Our handy ideas for a nice virtual background will make your Zoom call livelier and edgier.

Before we dive into these 30 best Zoom backgrounds, let’s discuss why having good Zoom backgrounds is essential for you as a working professional.

Why is having a Zoom background important during virtual video conferencing?

Since your home became your video conferencing hub, it has to look professional. You want to present yourself as a professional when on camera.

Migrating from a professional building to your house means that you’ll have to use your home office as a video conferencing hub. Nonetheless, it still must look professional and presentable every time you’re presenting yourself on camera.

Some of the best Zoom backgrounds embody the person’s image and personality. Everything, including your camera gear, lights, and sound, should be suited to the meeting’s objective as well. It has to make you the focus of the discussion rather than your virtual background.

Install creative virtual backgrounds that compliment your Zoom call to ensure your work-from-home setup is up to par with your professional image.

30 best Zoom backgrounds

So you’re clear you want a nice background for your next virtual meeting. Here is a roundup of the best Zoom backgrounds for you to review.

Source: Easil

1. Brand-relevant background

This Zoom background incorporates your company’s logo, colors, and images to increase brand awareness among your meeting’s attendees. This is a great way to reinforce your professionalism and image.

You can set up a background like this by using an editor like the Canva app or Adobe Photoshop to create an image that includes all your desired brand elements. In your Zoom account, go to settings and choose the ‘virtual background’ option. You can then click an image that will let you upload your background from your device.

The image above is an excellent example of how you can use branded Zoom backgrounds in your meetings.

Source: Star Wars Website

2. Star Wars Backdrop

If you’re a proud Star Wars fan and want to showcase your personality to your viewers, why not use this Star Wars Starfield backdrop on your next call?

This type of backdrop is ideal for more meetings that welcome fun and enjoyment among fellow attendees. It’s more relaxed and engaging compared to the usual virtual backgrounds.

Source: Pericror

3. The Office Interview Room

What better way to look professional than to make it seem like you’re back in your company’s office? Office Zoom backgrounds are good for interviewing applicants of your company.

This example, in particular, is from the hit TV show The Office. It is a well-known room where the characters of the show were interviewed. It can help your interviewee feel more comfortable during the remote interview.

Source: Pinterest

4. Toy Story Backdrop

Aside from offices and corporations, schools have also migrated to online learning through platforms like Zoom. Since students will be at home, there are plenty of things to steal their attention from the teacher. Using a well-loved Disney Pixar movie like Toy Story, for example, can grab their attention.

You can also use this type of backdrop during fun moments with friends and family.

Source: Airbnb

5. Airbnb’s Arrowtown House

The Arrowtown house from Airbnb is one of the most popular choices for the best Zoom backgrounds. It combines both indoor and outdoor sceneries to make your Zoom call more stylish and glamorous. Any photograph from the Arrowtown house is picture-worthy and can boost your digital presence.

Source: Airbnb

6. Scenic Lakeside House

Another beautiful Zoom virtual background from Airbnb is from the modern lakeside house. It is a heavenly place overlooking a sparkling lake that can put your attendees at ease.

Source: Airbnb

7. A Suite from Skylodge Adventure

If you want a more elegant background, a picture from the Skylodge Adventure Suites can do the trick. It is a luxury lodge overlooking exotic scenery that makes you seem adventurous and vibrant during calls.

Source: Marvel 

8. Movie/TV Show Background

Aside from the Star War background, you can also use scenes or settings from some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Movies from the Marvel cinematic universe, Game of Thrones, and Money Heist are more popular choices for these kinds of virtual backgrounds.

It can give your meetings a laid-back atmosphere, as well as showcase your interests.

Source: Visme

9. Motivational Quotes

Since video calls are visual-heavy mediums, using words in your Zoom background can work wonders. Having motivational quotes in your virtual backgrounds can help boost your team’s morale and boost their enthusiasm.

You can use famous quotes from public figures or books or create one yourself. What you choose as a quote can say a lot about you, so make sure it embodies what you stand for.

Source: Gr8tness

10. Reminders and Instructional Backdrops

You can use this virtual background to keep your meetings organized. Simply add the “to do” list as the background for the call. It will help people focus on the objective of your meeting.

You can also include your meeting’s agenda, as well as announcements and a list of tasks. It’s a great way to keep you and your team on track with everything.

Source: Wee Society

11. Appreciation Backgrounds

Appreciating colleagues and friends is a good way to build up team spirit, which is why you should make an effort to show how much you appreciate them and their accomplishments.

You can do this through simple appreciation backgrounds in your next Zoom conference. To do this, you can include their name, picture, and other designs using editing tools like Canva.

Source: Birthday Cards World Youtube

12. Event Backgrounds

Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you have to skip out on holidays and events. Get festive in your video conference by using event-themed virtual backgrounds.

You can do this during anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays among others.

Source: Mac

13. Beauty Backgrounds

If you’re a beauty or cosmetics brand preparing for a zoom meeting with potential partners and prospects, you may want to promote your products by incorporating them into your virtual backgrounds.

Cosmetics backgrounds can make your Zoom meeting seem professional and focused. You can even make it more enticing by playing with brand colors and animations.

Source: AICPA

14. Accounting Backgrounds

Professional financial companies put a premium on credibility no matter where you’re conducting meetings. If you’re looking for a backdrop with a corporate look and feel, you can use accounting backgrounds for your Zoom calls.

It’s ideal for financial, auditing, and accounting firms that are working remotely. Simply look for an image with accounting elements, and you’re good to go.

Source: Dessert Goals

15. Dessert Backgrounds

Another casual backdrop that is sure to entertain attendees is one filled with desserts. These virtual backgrounds can brighten up your conference call and even invite an appetite for a snack or two.

You can fill it up with images of desserts like candy, ice cream, or cakes. This is usually preferred for businesses in the food industry or just casual calls during get-togethers.

Source: Canva

16. E-Learning Backgrounds

Children tend to have a shorter attention span, especially when they’re at home. Since learning institutions now conduct their activities via Zoom, e-learning virtual backgrounds can help keep them focused, including colorful elements and animations. It also has a checklist that lays out the student’s classwork and tasks.

Source: Tokidoki

17. Astrology Backgrounds

Are you a fan of star signs and zodiac signs? You can showcase this interest using a zodiac sign backdrop.

This will make the backdrop seem personal. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter. Just remember to customize it a bit using text, video, images, or colors with Canva. 

Source: PNG Tree

18. Finance-themed Backgrounds

Another way to promote your business and gain credibility is by using finance-themed virtual backgrounds. It’s sure to boost brand recognition during your virtual presentation, meeting, or group call. You can easily customize these by adding your business logo and other personal elements.

Source: Online Bingo UK

19. Christmas Season Backgrounds

Due to the circumstances, holidays usually spent together are now held on Zoom, and what holiday screams togetherness more than Christmas? Using Christmas backgrounds in your Zoom calls is a great way to get your attendees in a festive mood.

You can use vibrant colors or images of snow and Christmas trees to make it look brighter. This is ideal for virtual Christmas parties with colleagues or family.

Source: Popsugar

20. Modern Kitchen

There’s something about modern kitchens that looks casual yet professional at the same time. This example is a good kitchen backdrop for Zoom since it looks spacious and minimal.

These virtual backgrounds are sophisticated and give calls a comforting vibe. Just be sure to choose one that flaunts your taste.

Source: Elite Daily 

21. Scenic Backgrounds

If you’re not a fan of indoor backgrounds that much, you can try using a scenic view of nature. It could be from anywhere like the beach or famous parks.

These types of Zoom backgrounds can also enliven a video conference and show your love for traveling and the outdoors. You can even add personal texts and quotes to make it more special.

Source: Unsplash

22. Indoor plants

Indoor plants are well-loved among house owners as it relaxes and calms the mind. You can bring that same effect in your meetings using Zoom backgrounds that are filled with indoor plants.

This example can help attendees of the call feel at ease and give you a stunning yet minimal background.

Source: Men’s Health

23. Fitness Background

Health and fitness are important, especially while everyone is stuck at home. A fitness background can remind coworkers to take care of their health and get into fitness. 

This virtual background can also show them your interest in fitness. You can personalize it with your favorite workout and a few overlays. 

Source: GoPro

24. Deep Sea Background

Seeing marine life is both soothing and exciting. You can show your meeting attendees how much you love the world underwater by using pictures of coral reefs, fishes, and the like.

Not only does it make it enticing, but it also looks professional and well-suited for business meetings and presentations.

Source: Pure Joy Yoga 

25. Yoga Background

Are you conducting yoga lessons online? If so, having a yoga background is a great way to spruce up your sessions. It adds color to your backdrop and can help your class focus on you.

You can make it look more professional and personal by adding branding elements like your logo and business name. It’s recommended to include some animations as well.

Source: Charlene Chronicles

26. Sports Background

Are you a big sports fan? Using a sports background in your Zoom calls is a playful way to show your personality. Since sports are typically about teamwork and determination, using virtual backgrounds like this can motivate coworkers to be productive.

It can be images from a sports setting like a basketball court or a poster of a famous athlete. It’s an inspiring background and a good reminder that hard work pays off.

Source: Splendid Spoon

27. Fruity Background

Fruits have a way of looking colorful and refreshing. You can use images of fruits as a background to stimulate positivity during your Zoom conferences.

This type of background is good for virtual Zoom calls related to the health, skincare, and food industries.

Source: Visme

28. UX Design Background

For employees in the tech industry, a user experience background is an excellent way to flaunt their expertise and build relationships among attendees. Whether you’re a web developer or and eCommerce store owner, you can use this background to embody your interest and commitment to a good user experience in your products and services.

It’s a great way to tell stakeholders or partners that you prioritize customers and want to provide them the best.

Source: Reddit

29. The Shining Hallway

Celebrating Halloween with friends and colleagues? What better way to give them the creeps than to use the spooky hallway from the movie The Shining. It’s an infamous hallway sure to get everyone in the Halloween mood.

It can also become a discreet way to express that you’re overworked. It’s a reminder to take better care of yourself and take personal breaks once in a while.

Source: Disney Tourist Blog

30. Disneyland Background

What better way to invite positivity in Zoom meetings than to use an image from the happiest place on earth? A Disneyland background is one of the best Zoom backgrounds out there. It is a good way to bring magic into your meetings and showcases your fun and approachable personality.

You’ll have plenty of images to choose from since it has different parks like the Eiffel Tower, Pixar Pier, and Epcot’s Spaceship Earth.


Zoom backgrounds allow users to pretend that they’re back in the office or in another place. It’s a fun way to interact with other users in the comfort of your room, no matter how messy it can be. What’s more, is that it’s free and easy to use; just download your preferred image, add some personal touches using an editor, and upload it to your Zoom account. 

The best Zoom backgrounds can motivate a collaborative atmosphere during virtual calls. You have a variety of backdrops to choose from, depending on your personality or mood.

Whether you’re doing a client presentation or having a casual meeting with friends, there’s always the right background to set the tone. If your home setup isn’t quite on par with your professional standards or personal preference, then try these 30 best Zoom backgrounds.

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