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Working from home is becoming the new normal. As such, numerous online jobs across different industries have emerged. Arise Virtual Solutions is one such online job provider that has made a name for itself in the customer service industry. 

How exactly does Arise work?

You’ll learn everything there is to know about this platform and how you can be your own boss thanks to it.

What is Arise?

Founded in 1994, Arise Virtual Solutions is a virtual call center that provides companies with outsourced customer service and support. They employ qualified agents who work from the comforts of their homes. 

Once hired, the remote customer service representative is trained and provided information about clients they will support. They usually answer phones, deal with customer service issues, and even respond to clients through chat or email. 

Arise uses the same hiring model as Uber and other similar firms. You are hired as an independent contractor with Arise, not an employee. Contractors are responsible for their costs like equipment and training. It’s somewhat like a mini-franchise where they provide you with the software, support, and marketing, but you will need to pay for all of it. 

When starting with Arise, you must spend money to get started. There is no guarantee of work, and you will have to work many unpaid hours. Like franchises, the franchisor has strict control over your business and how you operate it. It’s like owning the business, with those costs, minus being the boss. 

The Arise working model is far from ideal for many people. If you want a risk-free online job that gives consistent compensation and benefits, Arise is not a good option. 

How Do You Get Started With Arise?

Starting your career with Arise can be a long process. The registration process starts with a voice assessment to gauge your basic abilities. Once you pass that, you must provide and pay for a background check and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

You will be required to set yourself up as an LLC and set up a business bank account. Arise requires you to get all of this set up before you start working. That’s different from most work-from-home jobs.

Once you have completed all these tasks, you need to purchase a computer that meets the minimum specifications, and set up a dedicated phone line and complete their training programs. 

What are the requirements? 

To become a remote customer service representative, you must be 18 and live in Canada, the US, or the United Kingdom. Arise isn’t particular about education and work experience. You do need the necessary equipment to work from home, though.

Your computer must meet the minimum specifications needed for a virtual call center. You also need a dedicated phone or VOIP line, a headset with a mic, and a high-speed internet connection. Make sure your work-from-home station is also free of background noise, as this can be a distraction when handling customer service calls. 

How much does working in Arise cost?

Getting started with Arise will cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Those costs can be tough if you’re just starting in the online freelance game. 

Here are the estimated costs to work at Arise:

  • LLC Setup – $100 to $300 (depending on location). 
  • Certification – $99
  • Background Check – $15 to $30
  • Equipment and dedicated phone/VOIP installation – $100 to several hundred dollars
  • Arise Training Courses – $50 to $250

Aside from these start-up costs, you must also pay monthly fees. After the registration process, Arise charges you $39.95 per month for clients, software, and support.

Here are the recurring fees:

  • Arise – $39.95 per month (billed bi-monthly).
  • Dedicated Landline/VOIP Phone – $15 to $35 per month.
  • High-Speed Internet – $40 – $60 per month.
  • Additional training courses

There are a lot of unpaid working hours. It may not be a direct expense, but it can take away time from another profitable source of income. 

How Much can you earn on Arise? 

How much you earn with Arise depends on how many hours a week you work, the client you are handling, and your experience. Some skilled agents earn as much as $19/hour, but some claim to get $10/hour. Payments are directly deposited in your account twice a month. 

What is the work schedule?

While work-from-home jobs usually have a flexible work setup, Arise only lets you work the hours they provide you. That could be a good thing, but it’s not very flexible.

Arise continually hires agents, so it can be competitive getting work too. That is to be expected since they earn money by selling courses and charging monthly fees. Some agents complain that jobs are limited to inconvenient hours. 

Reviews about Arise

Arise has both negative and positive reviews.

On TrustPilot, for instance, it garnered a 2.9 out of five rating. Here’s a screenshot of a good review:

The negative reviews, meanwhile, revolve around the technical support and what disgruntled users call a “poor system.” Here’s a screenshot of a negative review:

On Facebook, there’s also an unofficial group, AriseWorkFromHome with 661 followers. There’s only one review and it’s a positive one:

Based on all the reviews, here’s a summary of how users perceive Arise:

Pros of Arise

Arise is good for people who are just looking for remote job opportunities. As a freelancer, it can be hard to get clients from scratch, so it’s convenient that Arise provides the client base. Moreover, you have the power to choose which clients you want to work with. 

Cons of Arise

The biggest con about Arise is the initial start-up cost for low earning potential. There are also the monthly fees on top of the initial cost and your unpaid working hours. The fact that the company doesn’t limit the number of agents means people also compete for the same time slots or customers. 

Bottom Line

Arise is a legitimate business opportunity. However, Arise isn’t a recommended work-from-home opportunity. It’s best for people with experience in customer service roles who want to work from home or are in between jobs.

If you decide to try Arise, it’s worth developing a freelance strategy to build up multiple income streams. You can find similar customer service gigs on Teletech and Liveops. You can also look into other work-from-home opportunities like making money blogging for example.

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