Six Figure Mentors Review: Does It Prepare You for Online Business Success?


Increasing your online business revenue from zero to six figures or more takes a lot of hard work and skill. The Six Figure Mentors program claims to provide business owners the tools, coaching, and training to help them establish and grow a successful business.

It’s a bold claim. Does it live up to the hype?

Let’s look at Six Figure Mentors, how the program works, and whether it delivers on its promises. We’ll start at the very beginning.

What is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors is a program founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek in 2010. They teach students how to promote expensive products or services that generate large commissions.

The founders are professional speakers and startup owners active in the affiliate marketing space and Multi-Level Marketing. They have a colorful history, and it’s far from positive. For example, they used to run YourNetBiz, an online learning business that had a lot of similarities to Six Figure Mentors.

People signed up to YourNetBiz, graduated from the program, and then promoted YourNetBiz to earn a living. It was a great business model if you like multi-level marketing. Though, it did feel a bit like a pyramid scheme.

The course provides training and tools for people looking to grow successful affiliate marketing businesses. Many graduates of the course seem to support Six Figure Mentors as affiliates. We’ll be consistently coming back to this issue throughout the review.

With that said…

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is marketed as a support system. They provide knowledge and resources that help students select and market products. The bulk of the course is delivered in the form of step-by-step video training modules. 

By offering training courses and tools to SFM members, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek hope that members achieve the Laptop Lifestyle. That means earning passive income wherever you are located. 

What can you expect from Six Figure Mentors?

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek emphasize that they offer a program, not just a series of courses. Depending on the amount of time and resources you’re willing to invest, you can work your way up the SFM ladder and progressively earn a monthly income of thousands of dollars as you learn new concepts and tools.

There are three membership levels. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer.

Student Access

The Student Access tier is the top of the funnel course. It’s free, and there are nine videos.

The nine videos introduce affiliate marketing and the SFM Online Selling System. There are instructional videos about building websites, compiling email lists, choosing products, affiliate links, and high-ticket items. 

You get a call with an SFM consultant as part of the course. The consultant will answer any questions about the program. They also try to upsell you (it will be more of a hard sell).

The target audience is people with limited experience in affiliate marketing.

Essential Membership 

Essential Membership is the premium course. It costs $99 to sign up – the one-time enrollment fee – plus $97 a month. The $99 enrolment fee is affordable. $97 a month quickly adds up.

Essential Membership expands upon the DBS module by offering access to advanced resources, such as the Lifestyle Blueprint, Step by Step Marketing Blueprint, and the Training Library.

The core part of the course is a five-step program that helps you build your affiliate business. Here’s what you get:

  • Program Preparation
  • Picking Your Path
  • Planning Your Promotions
  • Preparing Your Platforms
  • Promoting Your Products

You’ll learn a lot about marketing strategies, specifically Facebook marketing, through the course. As you go through the course, it starts to feel like they’re training you to promote Six Figure Mentors instead of other products. 

On top of the five-step program, you can access webinars and other training material. 

You also get access to extra privileges such as the free Digital Business Lounge membership, access to a private Facebook support group, eligibility for live events, and weekly live and pre-recorded webinars. 

Many courses charge up to $2,000, so the $99 enrollment fee is affordable. However, I’m not a fan of courses that charge a rolling membership fee. They are rarely worth the price tag unless they provide great training and support.

Elite Membership

The Elite Membership is for people who have succeeded in affiliate marketing but want to take things further. To qualify, you pay an add-on fee of $2,500. As an Elite Member, you get access to exclusive webinars with thought leaders and experts.

That’s cool.

Elite Membership allows you to qualify for System Setup Certification. That means you can help other SFM members grow their businesses. That should be great, after all, teamwork.

Unfortunately, Elite Members earn a commission by referring Elite members: an initial commission of $1,000 and an additional $1,000 yearly payout. 

So, you make money as an Elite Member by getting the people you are supporting to become Elite Members. That incentive structure means that your mentor will constantly try to get you to upgrade your membership.

Maybe that’s the cynic in me. 

There are more levels to the SFM program. After becoming an Elite Member, you can join the Digital Experts Academy. The more you pay, the top tier is a one-time payment of $20,000, the better your affiliate commissions for SFM.

Six Figure Mentors: Good as advertised?

The SFM program does teach you a lot about affiliate marketing. Specifically, it teaches you how to promote and earn money as an SFM affiliate.

It doesn’t do a good job of teaching you how to find and promote other courses.

As you might expect, the Student Access course contains information you can easily find elsewhere. The free videos don’t lead to anything actionable. The course is simply designed to generate leads for the premium course.

You don’t lose anything at this point since this membership tier is free.

You will get the one-to-one consultation as a Student Access member. The consultant will hard-sell the Essential Membership course. That’s a recurring issue with SFM. Each time you level up, someone will try to convince you to spend more money to get to the next tier.

Essential Membership also comes with a free Digital Business Lounge account. As a member, you get access to tools like GraphixCreator, Convertri, and more. All of these tools are accessible through a single dashboard.

It’s nice that they’ve put something like this together. I wouldn’t personally use any of the tools or the hosting, though

If you’re serious about marketing, there are other tools that provide the same features without tying you down to a $97 monthly fee. If you like the convenience of having everything in one place, though, the DBL might be worth what you pay for.

Finally, the Elite Membership doesn’t seem to be a significant upgrade over the Essential tier. The only extras you’re getting are the System Setup Certification and invites to exclusive webinars. But if you have a talent for convincing people to join you in Six Figure Mentors, this is where you’ll be making most of your money.

You may also join the Digital Experts Academy for more generous commission rates. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Six Figure Mentors?

You’ve probably got a sense at this stage about if SFM is right for you. Just to recap quickly, here’s an overview of the pros and cons of the program.


  • Good Course: You will learn how to run things like paid Facebook ads. Admittedly, a lot of the course is geared toward getting you to become an SFM affiliate.
  • Community: When you join the Essential Membership, you also get an invite to the Facebook group, consisting of SFM members. 
  • Refund policy: Six Figure Mentors has a pretty reasonable refund policy. You can send a request to the customer support team within 30 days of joining and get your money back within ten days. 
  • Generous referral commissions: SFM’s offers generous affiliate commissions at the higher levels. However, they are not that ‘amazing’. You can find some great courses with commissions between 40%-50%.
  • Digital Business Lounge: You get access to a suite of marketing tools and hosting for your website. The quality isn’t as good as dedicated software or dedicated hosting.


  • Multi-level marketing business model: The business model of Six Figure Mentors seems to revolve around getting new members to join the program. A significant part of the training focuses on selling memberships, and the referral commission structure reflects that reality. 
  • Aggressive sales tactics: People will try to get you to upgrade your membership level. The way the referral commissions are structured means you will inevitably get bombarded with sales pitches as you progress through the SFM and Digital Experts Academy ranks.
  • Low-quality content: The course teaches students how to promote SFM to people. They don’t teach you how to grow an independent business as an affiliate marketer.
  • Non-exclusive content: Part of the appeal of Six Figure Mentors is the access to thousands of online courses in business, tech, creative, and online marketing. However, it isn’t as exclusive as it sounds. Many courses come from LinkedIn Learning, which costs around $200 a year.

Six Figure Mentors Review: Final Verdict

If you’re looking to earn money as an affiliate, I do not recommend joining Six Figure Mentors. The program has strong points, like the Digital Business Lounge and online training, but you pay a lot for the knowledge you gain.

You are also under pressure to promote SFM and convince others to join the course. It certainly looks and feels like a multi-level marketing business more than a digital education company.

I would stay away from Six Figure Mentors. It feels too much like a pyramid scheme.

The course does not help you find a suitable affiliate program, identify products to sell, or grow an online business. The course trains you to be a great Six Figure Mentors affiliate. 

Don’t expect Six Figure Mentors to change your fortunes overnight unless you are willing to recruit new members. Save your bucks, and invest it in another better course.

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