Inbound Closer Review: Can It Help You Increase Sales?


Whether you’re looking to shift to a career in sales or trying to boost your eCommerce business’s revenue, it’s always useful to acquire skills that will help you expand your customer base and increase your sales. The Inbound Closer program, created by Payton Welch and his brother Taylor Welch, promises to teach subscribers the sales skills they need to land high-ticket deals. 

You might be asking yourself, “Just what does Inbound Closer offer that other programs don’t?”  Is Inbound Closer is worth the investment, or are you better off learning sales elsewhere? We’ll go through the program’s history, examine its features, determine whether it works, and look at its pros and cons.

What is Inbound Closer? 

The Inbound Closer program was founded in 2016 by brothers Taylor and Payton Welch. Taylor Welch, the owner of Traffic and Funnels, was already a successful software engineer, affiliate marketer, and digital marketing consultant before taking on Inbound Closer. On the other hand, Payton Welch was in the retail industry before joining his brother at Traffic and Funnels as a telemarketer. 

While working his way from the bottom, Payton Welch learned a few things that helped him make $42 million of sales from more than 3000 inbound marketing calls — an average of $14,000 per call. Recognizing his brother’s talent, Taylor then promoted Payton to Sales Mentor, a position where he shares his passion and talent for sales with Traffic and Funnels clients.

The idea behind the Inbound Closer program came out of this realization. Instead of teaching salespeople how to close deals with existing customers, the brothers thought an online program should be designed to teach new sellers how to find customers. Specifically, the program targets people who want to earn thousands of dollars while working from home but don’t want to spend a fortune on college-level courses about sales and marketing. 

When you visit the Inbound Closer website, the first thing that greets you is a video link that tells you about a “high-demand skill” that people use to increase their sales income. Clicking on the link brings up a pop-up where you can enter your email address to access a free 23-minute training video:

Once you enter your email address, the website plays the introductory training video below:

It provides some background information on why so many people sell products online today, including statistics to support the claim that a large number of Americans have inbound sales as their main source of income. It also explains why most people struggle to close inbound sales. Then it dives into the topic of lead generation — specifically, how to get prospects to set up appointments with you.

Finally, the course talks about converting those leads into paying customers by offering them value and providing solutions to their problems.

How Does Inbound Closer Work? 

For a one-time fee of $97, the Inbound Closer Accelerator claims to teach aspiring telemarketers all they need to know about sales in just 21 days. The course sells the dream that you will have financial freedom as a graduate so you can quit your 9-5 job.

The training program discusses Taylor Payton’s Inbound Closing system in simple terms. Even those without prior sales experience can generate revenue from sales calls after they finish the program. It even comes with a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

Each week of the Inbound Closer crash course revolves around specific themes that boost your confidence and build up your skillset:

Week 0 

The course begins with an introduction to how to close sales.

Payton Welch starts by describing how you can become a good inbound closer. These include four basic skills you need to develop to succeed in the industry. He also answers a few questions that address common concerns sales closers face, especially those taking inbound calls.  

Payton ends the week with a couple of success stories about how the program helped people secure their first high-ticket client. While these case studies don’t offer much in the way of actionable insight, it reels you in and makes you believe that you, too, can make thousands of dollars in just a few days.

Week 1

Things start getting interesting in week one, where the sales training starts in earnest. Here, Payton Welch discusses a seven-figure sales script. Aside from the sales video, you also get to practice answering inbound phone calls using the script. 

Taylor Welch also makes an appearance in Week 1 to introduce his Reflex Selling System, along with Sales Mentor coach Eli Wilde. The week ends with a worksheet on the Five Rules of Communication to brush up on your communication skills as a business owner. 

Week 2

The second week of the training program is devoted to overcoming customer resistance through excellent phone skills and closing deals. Payton takes on the Reflex Selling System, discusses why it is one of the most effective closing processes and shows you some videos of sales calls done right. 

The rest of the week covers different sales tactics and philosophies that help turn you into a successful inbound closer. Eli Wilde also comes in for a more detailed discussion of the Sales Mentor method, which helps you develop a business development strategy that generates a steady flow of income. You also get a worksheet that you’ll have to finish as homework for the following week’s sessions.

Week 3 

The Inbound Closer program wraps up by discussing post-call recordings and homework from you and your fellow closers. Payton Welch finishes the Reflex Selling System training while Taylor Welch reviews sales calls. They also talk about equity sales. The week ends with bonus lessons on the Daily Commission Check Blueprint, which is your biggest opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per day through inbound sales.   

In a nutshell, the Inbound Closer program is designed to gradually transform your mindset from a 9-5 worker to a full-time business owner with a well-defined process for transforming inbound calls into revenue. You also learn to communicate with clients, understand their needs, and convert that information into high-ticket sales with an extensive client list. 

Is Inbound Closer Effective?

You might be wondering by now whether Inbound Closer is as effective as advertised. My short answer is, “Yes, it can be effective, but…”

First, the 21-day program is designed for easy comprehension, which means that some topics will be left out. For instance, the Welch brothers don’t discuss affiliate marketing or building a sales funnel, which are both important factors you’ll need to consider if you want to make money online.

The program focuses exclusively on inbound closing, which is useful for a telemarketer. It also means that you don’t learn anything about cold calls, which you might have to do as your business expands and your existing list of clients dries up. 

Second, I feel that the discussion on the objection phase can be expanded a bit more to develop a stronger closer mindset. Since you’re dealing with expensive upsells, you need to learn advanced objection handling techniques, such as creating a sales pitch for high-ticket items. 

Third, as much as the Welch brothers are good at what they do, I would appreciate it if Eli Wilde appeared more often. 

Completing the Inbound Closer program doesn’t instantly transform you into sales gold. At the bottom of the home page, the fine print says, “The Inbound Closer Program does not guarantee success. It comes down to work ethic, the ability to follow instructions, and patience.” 

In other words, the daily commission checks you’ll get from the program will depend on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. Telemarketing does not generate passive income.

You need to keep plugging away to earn those millions.

Speaking of which…

You’re going to get the most value from this course if you do lots of sales calls. You might get that one small insight you hadn’t considered before that will improve your results.

If you’ve never done any closing before, the course does provide value. Don’t quit your day job hoping that an online course will change your life. Sure, there are success stories, but most people don’t successfully transition from newbie to expert marketer by watching a few online videos and completing tasks.

I digress.

The 21-day program will teach you a lot about closing deals, but it won’t teach you everything you need to know. It’s effective as an introduction to inbound marketing. 

Overall, the whole program feels like an intro to something bigger. You get the feeling that you’re not getting the full Welch Brothers and Eli Wilde experience.

Which it is. The upsell is the Inbound Closer Main Certification Program, priced at $997.

The certification program discusses each topic in more detail and is broken down into seven modules. You can learn advanced concepts such as the Habits of Control, return on investment, and risk assessment, that you need to master to become a professional inbound closer. You also gain access to client contacts, which can help build you start a client list.

The $997 certification program does have more value than the course. The advanced program is again best suited to experienced marketers. For example, a SaaS lead for my business could be worth anywhere from $24,000 to $1,000,000 a year.

Spending $997 on a course makes sense in my position. After all, I do a lot of inbound calls. Any tip that improves my conversion rate directly benefits my business. If you’re not doing inbound calls, it’s a big expense that might not generate that positive return.

Inbound Closer: Pros and Cons 

To summarize, here’s a look at the pros and cons of Inbound Closer.


  • For $97, you get access to 21 days’ worth of learning and activities focused on transforming you into an inbound marketer.
  • You don’t need any previous sales experience to get started (though it’s best suited for people in a sales role). 
  • You get to learn from someone who’s done sales, not some stuffy business school professor who has spent their entire life in the academe without really selling anything.
  • The 6-page PDF manual you get at the end of the online course will help you answer inbound calls. 


  • It is just an introductory course. You’ll learn a lot, but not everything that will help you succeed right away. If you want to learn more, you’ll need to sign up for the certification program. The certification program provides the most value to sales professionals.
  • The course focuses heavily on inbound telemarketing, just one facet of running an online business. Other channels are barely mentioned, such as cold calls.
  • You can generate enough income to quit your day job. However, since you need to answer inbound calls, it doesn’t count as passive income. 

Inbound Closer Review: Final Verdict

At $97 for the 21-day online program, it does offer value. The practices it advocates are sustainable and effective, and it builds your confidence, even if you’ve never sold anything before.

Just be realistic with your expectations.

Inbound Closer almost certainly won’t change your life. As a beginner, you will gain some good tips and insights, but you need to practice and apply these strategies. That will take a lot of time and effort.

Inbound Closer is an excellent introduction to the $129 billion-dollar industry.

As an advanced marketer, you might want to directly sign up for the certification program and skip the ‘lite’ course. Spending $997 on a course that gives you a few valuable insights will pay for itself. If you haven’t got experience in sales, skip the premium course. Invest your money in books and training, before investing money you probably don’t have spare on a course that won’t change your life.

If you’ve got some experience, the $97 Inbound Closer course does offer value. Visit the website to learn more about Inbound Closer.

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