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2019 Dashlane Review: Final Verdict


In recent years, there’s been a massive increase in awareness around cybersecurity. Rightly so. Businesses who don’t take security serious run a lot of risks. This can include anything from gaining a bad reputation to incurring fines from data regulators. Today we’ll look at one way to bolster your security in our Dashlane review.

Provely Review: Easy To Use Social Proof


Turning your website into a conversion machine is a fine art. There’s a lot to juggle to. This includes having the perfect copy, branding, calls to action and UX. With these elements, there are no shortcuts. That’s not to say that there aren’t quick and easy ways to boost your conversions though. Today we’ll look at one such method in our Provely review.

LivePerson Review: Creating Better Customer Interactions


These days, consumers expect the same level of customer service online as they do from brick and mortar stores. But many businesses find this difficult to provide. This is understandable. For many small to medium sized eCommerce stores, establishing a contact centre would just be too expensive. Today we’ll look at one way around this in our LivePerson review.

Logojoy Review: Fully Automated Graphic Design


It’s a cliche that a picture tells a thousand words. This applies to your business’ branding too. In fact, potential customers will probably notice your logo even before your name, so you have to get it right. The trouble is that graphic designers know this too, so good design doesn’t come cheap. Today, we’ll look at one alternative in our Logojoy review.

Social Warfare Pro Review: Hassle Free Social Integration


In the social media age, we need to make it easy for visitors to our websites to like and share our content. This usually means adding calls to action to allow visitors to tweet or follow us without leaving the website. The problem is, this can affect a website’s performance. Poor loading times mean poor conversions. We’re going to look at one solution to this problem in today’s...

Fomo Review: Increase Credibility with Social Proof


When we’re thinking of making a purchase, we want to know what our peers are buying. Everybody knows that if a restaurant has a line halfway down the street, the food must be great. This same principle applies when people shop online. Today we’re looking at one way to leverage this effect in our Fomo review. Review: Review and Pricing in 2019


Digital marketing has become a very crowded field in the last few years. In fact, it is now the centre of many businesses’ marketing strategy. However, more and more small businesses are struggling to get the results they expect from their digital strategy. This is partly because they are competing with companies with more resources and bigger marketing budgets. If this sounds familiar...

Lifetime.Hosting Review: Is It Right For You?


If you’ve spent any time in business, you’ll be familiar with the maxim ‘buy right, buy once’. You’ll probably know that this applies to technology too. Maybe you’re about to start a new digital business or even just redevelop your website. Either way, you’ll want to pay close attention to this Lifetime.Hosting Review.

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