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Create Great Graphics in Seconds with these 6 Mockup Generators


Product mockups are great for online marketing. You can use them to show off your t-shirt designs, on sales pages, as a social media graphic for Pinterest, or to showcase your app or website. The problem is they are a pain to create. Most people either turn to their ‘go-to’ designer or spend a frustrating 30 minutes using a professional graphic design tool or a Photoshop alternative.

12 Best Sales Funnel Software Solutions on the Market


There are a lot of sales funnel software solutions on the market. They range from comprehensive sale funnel platforms to the best landing page builders. To help you choose the best platform, we created a shortlist of the best sales funnel software on the market. What is Sales Funnel Software Sales funnel software helps sales teams build their pipelines and manage leads. You can use sales funnel...

10 Best Podcast Hosting Sites to Find Your Voice


There are all kinds of professional equipment you can buy if you get into podcasting. Yet, only two things are essential; you need something to record your voice, a phone will do if you have nothing better, and a podcast hosting site to upload your recording. In this guide, I’ll share a roundup of the best podcast hosting. I’ll provide you an overview of the different solutions, and...

10 Best Outreach Alternatives You Need to Try


Outreach and sales engagement platforms help sales professionals build and nurture relationships with leads and customers. They can also keep teams organized for more efficiency and a better sales workflow. is one such popular sales enablement platform. It helps companies track their leads across multiple channels like email, social media, among others. The platform also lets...

16 Best Free & Premium Grammarly Alternatives


So you’re looking for an alternative to Grammarly? You’ve come to the right guide. This guide will provide you with an overview of the best grammar checkers. You’ll discover the core features, cost, and other essential information about the most popular alternatives to Grammarly. Let’s kick things off by looking at what you should look for from a grammar checker. What...

10 Best Email Tracking Software Solutions For Outreach


Tracking emails is a critical part of your email marketing campaigns. You need to monitor the emails you send, whether you’re doing targeted outreach, building relationships with potential customers, or nurturing relationships with existing clients.  Monitoring your emails, after all, will help you determine what your next step should be. It will help you ensure efficiency and...

7 Of The Best Free AutoCAD Alternatives Available Today


AutoCAD is the go-to software solution for architects, engineers, and designers. The intuitive layout and the suite of pro-grade features make it popular with professional designers creating 3D objects, 2D drawings, technical drawings, and more. While AutoCAD is undoubtedly popular, it’s also expensive. The cost of an annual subscription is over $1,700 annually. That puts it out of the...