WPX Hosting Review: What You Should Know


If you’re a WordPress user, you need a dedicated WordPress hosting service to expand your website and make it commercially viable. The market is crowded with different providers offering a range of services at varying price points. However, not many people know that I’ve been using WPX Hosting for LaunchSpace for the past couple of years.  So, what makes WPX Hosting a good option...

WatchThemLive Review: Is It the Proper Tool for User Behavioral Analysis?


We all want more information about the users that visit our website. One of the most commonly used tools for audience analysis is Google Analytics. It provides people who know how to use it with plenty of insights. However, some people want to dig a little deeper, utilizing tools like screen recordings and heatmaps to see what people do on your site. There are various tools on the market that...

AMZScout Review: Everything You Need to Know


Selling on Amazon requires thorough preparation. You need to conduct market research to know what products are in demand and which ones have manageable competition. To do this efficiently, many Amazon sellers use an Amazon research tool. Of these research tools, AMZScout is one of the most popular options. You can use AMZScout and its suite of tools to discover new product ideas, find keywords...

Right Inbox Review: Is It the Right Tool for Email Productivity?


We all feel bogged down with emails, right? It’s not surprising, considering that the average worker receives around 120 emails a day. They take up a huge chunk of time, which cuts into your productivity. Finding a way to increase email productivity and efficiency is key. That holds true especially if you’re running an email campaign that involves sending hundreds of emails to hundreds of...

LivePerson Review: Creating Better Customer Interactions


These days, consumers expect the same level of customer service online as they do from brick and mortar stores. But many businesses find this difficult to provide. This is understandable. For many small to medium sized eCommerce stores, establishing a contact centre would just be too expensive. Today we’ll look at one way around this in our LivePerson review.