25 Google Meet Backgrounds to Add Humor


Sometimes, the backdrops we have in our homes aren’t very meeting-appropriate. That’s why a lot of people use a virtual background for their online business meetings. 

Virtual backgrounds aren’t just meant to conceal your unwanted backdrop. They can also showcase your personality. They’re a great way to break the ice, too. 

But what background can do all those things? 

In this article, we’ll look at 25. Use any of these in your next Google Meet and you won’t just achieve the goals I mentioned above. You’ll lighten up the mood of everyone in the meeting, too.

Let’s get started!

1. Air Force Army Cadets Ceremony

Welcome to this week’s episode of “How did that get there?”

Tonight, we have a plush donkey in a cadet ceremony.

What’s even more interesting about this Google Meet background is that it follows the art/photography rule of thirds. In addition, the portrait has a complementary brown-blue color scheme, making it a fine wallpaper.

2. Yakuza 0

Remember that time Kiryu got a chicken as a prize for bowling? If you played Yakuza 0, you would understand what I just asked. This stoic crime guy ended up having the chicken as a pet. That’s the story behind this virtual meeting background.

But even if you don’t play Yakuza 0, this virtual background will still make you laugh. There’s just something funny about seeing a man and chicken staring intently at each other, after all.

3. The Tiger King 

Cats are curious, furry creatures. They’re the main stars in some of the funniest videos on the internet.

So, show co-workers your love for cats with this eccentric Tiger King background. The Tiger King is a Netflix documentary that explores big cat breeding. By big cat, I mean really big.

4. Inside Out Control Center

Do you ever look at someone and wonder, “What is going on inside their head?”

Inside Out is a Pixar show depicting the life of protagonist Riley. This Google Meet background is the inside of Riley’s head, where her five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, reside. Which one are you?

5. The Simpsons’ Couch

The Simpsons couch is one of the most recognizable seats on TV, alongside the iron throne from Game of Thrones and Joey’s lazy boy from Friends.

Airing since 1989, The Simpsons is known for its brightly colored characters and critical outlook on pop culture. The show has brought forth tons of various memes, such as Homer sliding into a shrub or the very popular “Say the Line, Bart” template.

You’re in The Simpsons’ world where anything is possible. You’ll now have an excuse to turn up late for the meeting. Say your couch ran away or was teleported to another dimension or something. 

6. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Logo

If you’ve seen the Tom and Jerry shows, you’ll remember this iconic opening billboard. Surely, everyone in the meeting will recognize it, too.

Pro tip: Roar as you enter the meeting.

7. “The Office” TV Series Background

This is the iconic backdrop used by the characters in “The Office” US series when they talk about their lives in front of a camera.

It should be fitting for video calls, considering that, well, it’s Office-appropriate (wink).

8. Mugshot

Littering? Using your phone while driving? Taking a screenshot of someone else’s NFT

Now, you are going to have to serve some time! 

This mugshot backdrop should be a fun one. 

Now, look to the left and say “Cheese!”

9. Game of Thrones

This is another iconic seat from TV—the iron throne.

You’re sure to lighten up everyone’s mood if you position yourself right in the middle of the camera so it looks like you’re seated on the much-coveted throne. Step aside, Daenerys, Arya, Bran Stark and all the others.

10. “Friends” Theme Background

Have a seat in Joey’s lazy boy recliner.

If you’re familiar with the American TV sitcom, Friends, it won’t take you a second to recognize this backdrop. It may look like a simple living room Google Meet background, but brace yourself for a reaction from fans of the TV series in your meeting room.

11. Futurama Talking Head

In the TV series Futurama, prolific personalities throughout history are preserved in a jar. These heads are also sentient and are occasionally making jokes.

Now, you can become a sentient preserved head, too, with this custom background.

Even if meeting participants have never seen the show, wouldn’t it be funny if a preserved head were to join a video meeting (a.k.a. you)?

12. Factory in Monsters, Inc.

In the Monsters’ movie franchise, the city power grid is powered by the screams of children. Blue-collar workers scare children and collect these screams.

Be part of Monsters, Inc. with this virtual background featuring the iconic scare floor. 

13. Godzilla

Employee: “Sorry, boss. Godzilla laid waste to my town. Can we reschedule?”

Boss: “Godzilla isn’t real.”

Show your boss this virtual Google Meet background and they might just change their mind.

14. Top Gun

“Alpha leader, Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Social media engagement is down 10% this month!”

Show your colleagues it’s literally down with this Google Meet background of a fighter plane cockpit from the Top Gun: Maverick movie. See if you don’t get a smile despite the bad news.

15. Oval Office

“My fellow Americans, our sales went up 10% from the last quarter. Our sales funnel builder worked.”

Say that while “seated” in the Oval Office, complete with the President’s seal and the US flag. 

Do note that this Google Meet background doesn’t grant you immunity from any workplace misdemeanor.

16. Great Barrier Reef—Finding Nemo

Some people like to have a beach or ocean view as their backdrop. Take that a step further by using the underwater as your background.

The Great Barrier Reef, as depicted in the Finding Nemo movies, makes for a pretty virtual background image. Downside? Instead of listening during the meeting, your colleagues might end up just trying to look for Nemo.

17. Niagara Falls

Take a popular tourist spot and use it as your corporate background. 

Try the Niagara Falls. You’ll have everyone wishing they were on vacation instead.

18. SpongeBob’s House

Who’s stuck in a Google Meet under the sea? You are.

Who cares, though, if you’re with SpongeBob SquarePants? 

19. Harry Potter

Brew up your next marketing strategy with this Harry Potter Google Meet background. It features a Hogwarts potions class, complete with the, well, potions and flasks.

Maybe after your “class” you can play some Quidditch.

20. The Nun (Valak)

This spooky Google Meet background is sure to scare someone in the meeting. It features Valak from the horror movie, The Nun.

For the best scare results, stay in the middle of the virtual background to cover Valak, then, at the right moment, abruptly move to the side.

21. Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean TV series that became popular for its engaging concept. In the show, contestants play a series of games in a bid to win a huge sum of money and preserve their lives.

You’re a competitive employee determined to crush the competition. Show it off with this Squid Game background.

22. Among Us—Impostor

Among Us took the internet by storm in 2019. It’s a simple game where crewmates work together to accomplish tasks. But an unknown impostor kills off the crewmates one by one.

The Impostor screen is a recognizable image for gamers. You’ll get some chuckles at your virtual meeting with this Google Meet background.

23. Star Wars

Nothing like a Star Wars rebel base background to liven up a strategic meeting.

Show your colleagues you’re prepared to unleash your inner Luke Skywalker.

24. The Alien Highway

Use this Area 51 backdrop and you’re bound to get some comments. The secret US Air Force military installation is often at the center of alien conspiracy theories. Some have claimed to have seen a UFO flying above the base’s skies. Others claim that the site hosts an alien spacecraft that crashed in 1947.

Either way, Area 51 makes for a great conversation topic. After your meeting, of course.

25. Fantasy Football

“Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we’ve reached our quarter’s GOAAAAAAAAAAAL!”

Enough said.

In Conclusion

Some people aren’t too fond of meetings. They think these are a waste of time, and that everything discussed in the meeting could have just been emailed to them.

But your Google Meet meetings don’t really have to be boring. You can have a little fun in your sessions with these virtual backgrounds. Just experiment with the ones on this list depending on who’s attending the meeting. If they get the Google Meet background’s references, you’ll have succeeded in breaking the ice, even without saying a word.

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