15 Amazing Christmas Zoom Backgrounds For Your Next Meeting


Looking for the best Zoom background for your next meeting? Why not make it season-inspired? 

Christmas Zoom backgrounds are not just visual delights. They’re fun and festive, too, and are perfect for showcasing your vibrant personality.

Don’t know what Christmas Zoom background to use? Check out this list for some inspiration:

1. Snowy Christmas Tree

Show your Christmas cheer with a snowy Christmas tree background image. 

You won’t just make your colleagues yearn for Christmas. You’ll make them yearn for snow, too.

Pro tip: Enjoy a glass of eggnog while listening to quarterly reports and SMART targets. Just make sure it has no alcohol.

2. Santa Claus

Another iconic figure of the holiday season—jolly old Saint Nicholas.

This picture is a bit different, though. Santa Claus is on a deserted island, dozing off after his traditional Christmas run. Admit it. It’s a hilarious background image, especially for overworked employees like Santa who need to sit through a Zoom meeting (ahem).

3. Christmas Presents

Get into the holiday spirit with this picture of everyone’s holiday favorite—presents!

It’s a Zoom background that represents the season’s spirit of giving perfectly. Who knows? You might even get a fat bonus after your meeting, courtesy of your generous boss. 

4. Christmas Lights

Use this close-up of a Christmas tree to ensure a warm, cozy, holiday ambiance.

Everything is just lovely in the picture—from the colorful Christmas lights, to the leaves, and the shiny Christmas balls.

Just don’t wear colorful clothes to your meeting. You wouldn’t want to blend in with the Zoom background.

5. Reindeer

Look! It’s Dasher!

I’m sure you’ll agree reindeer make for gorgeous Zoom backgrounds. Just look at their cute and cuddly faces. They bring your Christmas presents to you so there’s that, too.

6. Cracker Barrel

Doesn’t this simple, cabin interior make you just want to stay in bed?

Plus, it’s Christmas-themed. Just look at the red-and-green accents and the reindeer decor. 

Pro tip: Fight the urge to wear your pajamas.

7. Nativity Scene

For Catholics, the nativity scene shows the exact moment Jesus was born. 

But even if you’re not a Catholic, you’ll love the picture just the same. Just look at the beautiful artistic elements in there. 

8. Sesame Street

Remember Cookie Monster from Sesame Street? Well, imagine him celebrating the holidays. 

Cute, isn’t he? Just position yourself in the middle of the Zoom background so you don’t block your colleagues’ view. I’m pretty sure they’ll want to see more of him while you’re talking about your brand’s customer persona and next marketing strategy. 

9. Frozen: The Musical

Let it goooo, let it goooooo!

The animated film Frozen took the world by storm in November 2013, just in time for the holiday season. So it isn’t any wonder you find many Christmas elements in the movie–Olaf the snowman, the reindeer, and even the cold winter setting.

Grab this Frozen: The Musical backdrop for your next Zoom meeting. If your colleagues get the references, you might just hear them humming the movie’s hit song throughout your content marketing meeting.

10. Carol Singing

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Show your colleagues your musical side with this sheet music complete with notes. The pine leaves and ornaments add that Christmas touch to the Zoom background.

If you can’t help but sing, just make sure you’re on mute. 

11. Snowy Woods

Dreaming of a White Christmas? This snowy woods background—complete with white Arctic wolves—should do it for you.

It’s not just the cute wolves that make this picture a visual delight. There’s just something beautiful about white, too. With white, anything looks clean and simple.

Plus, a white background makes for a functional Zoom background. Position yourself in the middle of this picture and see how it brings out your face more.

12. New York Public Library

Want to look smart without looking like you’re boring? Have the New York Public Library as your Zoom background but with fun Christmas decorations.

Even architecture buffs will appreciate this Zoom backdrop since it also highlights the library’s gorgeous arched entrance and towering columns. You’ll give the detail-oriented ones something to do, too, as they attempt to read the inscriptions on the facade.

Let’s just hope they do all those things after, and not during, the meeting.

13. Pine Branches with Lights

What do you get when you combine pine trees, acorns, and a mistletoe with bright red berries? Well, something like this:

Pretty, right? With the woodgrain oak in the background, the entire picture makes for a visually appealing Zoom backdrop. Wear nice clothes to your Zoom meeting for the win.

14. A Winter Night

O’ Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining.

And indeed they are in this beautiful Christmas Zoom background. 

But the stunning night sky isn’t the only thing that catches the eye here. You won’t get enough of the white, snowy landscape and the cozy cabin in the foreground either. Overall, there’s just something about the picture that will make you go “aww.”

15. Deck the Halls

If you didn’t decorate the inside of your house for the holidays, don’t fret. You can always use a picture of a decorated home as your Christmas Zoom background.

Sure, it’s going to be pretty hard to convince your colleagues this is the inside of your house. No one, and I mean no one, has their house this clean when Christmas is just around the corner, after all. 

Who cares, though. There’s nothing wrong with some wishful thinking.

In Closing

Christmas-inspired images make for great Zoom backgrounds. They don’t just perfectly represent the holiday spirit. They showcase your fun personality, too. 

The good news is, you don’t need to look any further for your Christmas Zoom backgrounds. I shared with you 15 ideas you can get inspiration from. Whether it’s a Santa background or a Christmas decor-adorned home backdrop, you’re bound to spread the Yuletide cheer with your colorful pictures.  

Now wear your favorite Christmas sweater and turn on that camera.

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