The Best Sites for Buying Instagram Likes


With over two billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. That makes it a valuable marketing tool brands can use to boost visibility and engagement. Therefore, having a large following and a high engagement rate on Instagram can only guarantee your brand’s online presence success.

In this post, you’ll learn about engagement rates, which cover the number of likes your Instagram posts receive. We’ll also share with you a list of the best sites for buying Instagram likes. 

Why Get Instagram Likes?

Whether you’re a business trying to create social proof or an influencer looking to increase your reach, having many likes on your Instagram posts is proof of your success. It just means people like your content. In a way, it’s also a gauge of how much people trust your brand.

However, Instagram likes don’t come easy. The process can be quite challenging and time-consuming. To avoid stress, Instagram users can opt to gain Instagram likes quickly from third-party sites. This is more effective than spending hours working on your Instagram account.

Top Websites from Which to Buy Instagram Likes

But with so many sites claiming to sell quality Instagram likes, which one should you choose? Here are the most reliable sites for buying Instagram likes. 

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is one of the best sites for buying Instagram likes. It has been operating for over a decade. The site helps you gain high-quality Instagram likes from real users, not bots or fake accounts without an identity. It also uses hashtags and a network of influencers to connect with the right and wider audiences.

The process of buying Instagram likes from Twicsy is also straightforward. You just need to select a package from the pricing page, provide your Instagram account username, then sit back and see your Instagram likes to grow.

Your order is processed within minutes. However, you can either choose to get your likes gradually, where the likes trickle in slowly, or get an instant delivery. 

Twicsy offers two affordable price packages, the High-Quality Likes and the Premium Likes Packages. The High-Quality Package price currently starts as low as $1.47. The Premium Package price starts from $3.49.

The key difference between the two packages is the quality of likes. For the High-Quality package, you get real likes from real people whose social media accounts have a profile picture.

The Premium Package, on the other hand, gets you real likes from active accounts actually interested in your content. Remember, the more authentic engagement your posts get, the better their chance of showing up on the Instagram Explore page.

Moreover, Twicsy stays on top of any Instagram algorithm or policy changes to avoid putting their customers’ accounts in danger. It’s key to note that if you want your account to appear genuine to Instagram’s algorithm, try as much as possible to keep your Instagram follower count, video views, and likes balanced. Twicsy offers packages for each one.

The other factor that makes Twicsy one of the best sites for buying Instagram likes is the full money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your subscription. In case of any questions, the customer support staff also provides quality service 24/7.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is another social media marketing service worth mentioning. The site uses a manual growth model that connects you to real people instead of bot accounts. As a result, you get real likes, which may also attract new followers.

The process to buy Instagram likes on Buzzoid is quite easy and smooth. First, you need to choose a package from the two shown below. 

The next step will be to enter your username and wait for the results. You don’t have to share passwords, which most people dread since it could lead to your account’s insecurity.

With Buzzoid, you can also choose how you want your likes delivered. But while Buzzoid offers instant likes, the safer choice is the trickling likes since randomly getting hundreds or thousands of likes will definitely get Instagram’s attention.

Buzzoid also promises a readily available customer service team in case you experience any issues with your order or have questions.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax has been in operation for over ten years and guarantees users’ likes from real accounts that don’t disappear, which is one of the biggest tell that you bought likes.

The site also assures its users’ safety due to its deep knowledge of Instagram’s terms and conditions. Also, it respects customers’ privacy and only asks for the Instagram username and an email address, which they get so they can send the report.

Rushmax also has two key pricing categories: high-quality and premium likes. However, the site has four pricing levels under each category, as shown below, with prices starting at $1 for 50 likes.

Ordering from Rushmax is a simple process. Choose a package, enter your username and email address, check out on the payment page, and wait for the delivery of likes. Customers usually receive their Rushmax order within 24 hours. If you have a large Instagram likes order, you can use the order on multiple pictures.

Rushmax accepts payment via secure payment methods like credit cards and Paypal.

4. Media Mister

You can also buy real Instagram likes from Media Mister. The likes are exclusively sourced from active profiles and delivered manually, making it easy for them to blend in with your regular likes.

Customers can choose the one-time or automated package. For the latter, specify the number of consecutive posts you would like Media Mister to add likes to. For the one-time package, the likes will gradually be added to your target page.

Media Mister sells likes in types. They have a wide range of likes including Instagram Ads Likes, Instagram Story Likes, Instagram Comment Likes, Instagram Post Likes, Instagram TV Likes, and Instagram Reels Likes.

You also get geo-targeted Instagram services, with the option of 50+ major international markets, including the UK, USA, and Australia. This allows you to attract your target audiences and potential customers in a specific location.

The site guarantees consistent, high-quality likes despite the size of your order. The checkout process is pretty standard. You fill in the Media Mister form, which includes details like types of likes, the package, your target country, and the URL to the link you’re promoting. Then click on “buy now” or “add to cart” to keep shopping, as shown below.

You can order any number of likes up to a million likes, with the site’s prices starting at $2 for 25 likes, which is slightly expensive compared to Twicsy and Buzzoid’s $1.47 for 50 likes.

Finally, Media Mister also assures its users of secure payments. All their transactions are SSL encrypted, and they also provide a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency.

5. iDigic

iDigic is the other reliable service for Instagram users looking to buy Instagram likes.

Your order will be processed as soon as you clear your payment. The site also promises likes from real people within your target market, with active accounts and not fake accounts, which helps you earn likes and retain them even after your order is fulfilled.

iDigic is also an affordable option, as you can see in their packages below.

The ordering process is just as easy as the other sites and follows a similar path. You choose a package, give your account username, select the posts you’re purchasing likes for, make payment, and wait for the delivery of your likes.

If you are unsatisfied with iDigic’s services, you can also claim their 100% money-back guarantee that lasts up to 30 days after your purchase.

In Closing

Buying Instagram likes is an option you should explore if you’re struggling to grow your social media presence.

However, it’s crucial to choose a reliable and reputable provider. A good site will ensure that you receive high-quality engagement and avoid putting your account at risk of being penalized.

As discussed above, Twicsy, Buzzoid, Rushmax, Media Mister, and iDigic are some of the best sites for buying Instagram likes. They are affordable, private and offer fast delivery and high-quality likes that won’t get your account banned by Instagram. 

But if I had to choose one, I’d choose Twicsy. It helps you gain high-quality Instagram likes from real users. You don’t have to break the bank for those. If you have questions, you can easily reach its 24/7 customer support.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy instant Instagram growth. All the best!

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