5 Best Graphic Design Services to Help You Create Stunning Visuals


From social media ads to product design to your business card, any given business has a wide range of graphic design needs. Whether they form a part of your marketing department or your sales deck, the right visuals can help you create a strong impact. 

Getting the right graphic design agency to work with you is essential as strong visual collaterals help you capture attention. It is significant for sales and marketing teams that often face intense competition for eyeballs.

There are several graphic design companies to help you go from ideation to the final product. This article will look at the top 5 platforms that help you stand out with engaging visuals. Let’s get started!

1. Penji

Penji caters to all your needs- from UX services to marketing material. They also print merchandise and help you with your mobile and website design. Penji is a one-stop-shop for all your graphic design needs, from small needs like business cards to custom illustrations. 

They have a turnaround time between 24 hours to 48 hours and allow for unlimited revisions. They have three plans- Pro, Team, and Agency. Pro is the basic plan that starts at $399 per month and allows two users. The plan includes only graphic design services and does not include website and app design and custom illustrations. 

Source: Penji

The Team plan (priced at $499 per month) accepts five members and offers an entire range of services. The Pro bundle is priced at $899 per month and includes two designers and ten users. 

The graphic design company has an easy-to-use dashboard to key in your request and give feedback to the designer. Their past work proves the high-quality services they provide, with companies like Uber, Lyft, and Reebok also opting for their services. 

2. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is a great platform that allows you to make anything from social media graphics to landing page designs. It also brings your creative designs alive on display ads and websites. Need icons or logos? The team provides that too. 

They have three separate pricing plans- Essential, Advanced, and Business. The first is best suited for small businesses and is priced at $449 per month. 

The Advanced plan offers everything from gifs to custom illustrations for start-ups that require more than simple designs. They also provide 3-second GIFS to help you create any custom design. 

Source: ManyPixels

The Business plan is geared towards medium to small businesses and comes at $899 per month. Under the plan, two graphic designers are assigned to the account that works for you every day. 

Apart from the paid plans, the site is a great resource and also offers free illustrations for your use. These include more than 2000 original designs that can be edited for a variety of marketing purposes. With companies like Gartner and Decathlon as their clients, the graphic design firm is your go-to from print design to marketing. 

3. Designjoy

From email graphics to billboards to web design, the platform offers quality designs. Simply place the request through Slack or Trello and then review the draft till you are satisfied with the design. 

A great feature of the site is that you can be in constant touch with them. You can easily manage your projects and talk to the designer on the Slack channel. 

Source: Designjoy

They have three pricing plans- Design, Design plus Webflow, and Enterprise. While the first plan ( at $1599 per month) caters to all your design needs, the second bundle ( at $1999 per month) also offers front-end development. 

If you want to opt for Slack collaboration and need speedy delivery, you can get a quote for their Enterprise plan. Not sure if you need all the services under a plan? They also allow you to buy add-ons for your subscription plans. 

4. Design Pickle 

With a wide range of services from marketing needs to web design, the platform has established itself as one of the top picks for teams of all sizes. It is the perfect fit whether you need high-volume collaterals or want to work with a designated designer. 

They have two main plans- Scale and Pro, priced at $499 and $995 per month, respectively. The Scale bundle has a turnaround time of one to two days and excludes a few things like web design, logos, and GIFs. 

Source: Design Pickle

The Pro plan offers its complete services and also offers unique features like time-zone selection and same-day services. If you need custom illustrations, they have a particular plan at $499 per month that gets you everything from storybook illustrations to caricatures. 

The website also has a neat feature that allows you to calculate the cost of your graphic design needs. The cost calculator is a great way to see the industry standard. Choose between freelancer and in-house services to calculate how much your design needs to impact your budget.

5. Draftss

The platform is best known for its web design services and offers unique weekly plans. Perfect if you want to test their services before opting for a more extended plan. They also offer coding services in addition to their graphic design services. 

Source: Draftss

Bring your vision to life with their three plans- Design, Design and Code, and 2X fast. The Design plan costs $89 weekly, while the Design and Code bundle comes at $169 per week. If you need faster delivery, opt for their 2X plan that costs $269 per week and includes all their features.

In Closing 

Choosing the right graphic design company will depend greatly on your needs. Ensure that you go through their past work to see if they are a good fit for you. Most platforms have an extensive online portfolio that enables you to see their past work. 

As most graphic design platforms offer similar services, it is a good idea to see some reviews before you make your choice. Select the best fit for you and create stunning visuals for your brand.

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