10 Best AI Content Creation Tools for Small Businesses in 2024


Content marketing is the lifeblood of any small business in today’s increasingly digital world. But churning out engaging, SEO-friendly content ideas can feel like an uphill battle, especially with limited resources. Enter AI content creation tools, your secret weapon for streamlining the process and dominating content marketing without breaking the bank. 

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small team, these tools can help you generate high-quality content and social media posts while boosting SEO. Plus, you’ll save time and money in the process.

These tools can help you free up your resources for other vital tasks while maximizing your content marketing efforts. Let’s explore the top AI content creation tools for your small business in 2024.

Why You Should Include AI Content Creation Tools in Your Tech Stack

We’ve already mentioned a few of the benefits of using AI-powered tools to help with content creation, but let’s dig a little deeper before letting the cats out of the bag. 

Exactly what can AI tools help with? A lot.

  • Product descriptions for eCommerce
  • Auto-generated subtitles for videos
  • Transcripts of videos and podcasts
  • Pitch decks for investors or clients
  • Scripts for videos and podcasts
  • Content outlines and briefs
  • Social media marketing
  • Ad copy for PPC ads
  • SEO optimization
  • Content planning
  • Idea generation
  • Website copy
  • And more

Just think of how must time and money you can save as a small business owner by strategically using AI tools to do some or all of those jobs. Mind-blowing, right? 

Now, before you dive in head-first without a second thought, let’s pause for a moment and consider the very real place human beings still have in the world of content creation. 

AI is fast, efficient, and cheap. However, it is not creative or without flaws. 

Not that people are perfect, but people can recognize their flaws and correct their mistakes. AI doesn’t (at least not yet). We have to do that for it. 

That means it’s imperative that when using AI tools, you still have a capable human following up during the process. When the AI makes a mistake or starts to repeat itself and sound like a robot, the human doing the checking can fix the content so your brand reputation remains intact. 

Now that we’ve clarified that AI tools should enhance your content team, not replace them, let’s get into the best AI-powered tools of today. 

Best AI Content Creation Tools For Your Small Business in 2024

Are you ready to speak directly to your target audience and take your content marketing to the next level?

Here’s a quick rundown of the top-ranked AI tools for content creation. We’ll also explore the powerful features that will help streamline your content creation process.

1. Jasper

Struggling with writer’s block? Need to scale content without sacrificing quality? 

Jasper is the AI content creation tool you need.

Specifically designed with B2B SaaS marketing in mind, Jasper’s copilot offers speed and performance. Create and organize all your content in one place. Get all the analytics and insights you need to reach better performance and better content. 

Best for:

  • Content creators: Break through writer’s block and churn out fresh, engaging ideas.
  • Marketing teams: Scale content production without sacrificing quality or brand voice.
  • Business owners: Generate perfect SEO-friendly content to boost conversions.  

Key features of Jasper:

  • AI-generated content: Generate blog content, ads, social media captions, landing pages, product descriptions, and more – all with AI.
  • Format master: Choose from dozens of templates for different content formats, including video scripts, search engine optimization guides, and even code.
  • SEO optimizer: Boost your rankings with keyword suggestions and content structure improvements.
  • Enhance content: Make your existing content shine with rewrites for clarity and impact.
  • Workflow hero: Generate content and optimize text directly in your browser with the Jasper Chrome extension.
  • A/B testing champion: Find what resonates with your audience by testing different blog headlines, subject lines, CTAs, and more.
  • Chrome extension: Use Jasper in other apps like Google Docs, Webflow, Zapier, and more.

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month, making Jasper accessible for your small business. 

2. GrowthBar

Best for: Content creators who want to research, write, and optimize SEO-winning content in one place.

Ditch writer’s block and climb Google with GrowthBar. This isn’t just an AI writing tool — it’s your guide to dominating search engines.

Key features of GrowthBar: 

  • Uncover top keywords: Analyze competitors, build topic clusters, and craft a results-driven content strategy.
  • Real-time SEO feedback: Create SEO-optimized content with instant insights on keywords, readability, and structure.
  • AI-generated text: Overcome writer’s block with AI content suggestions for intros, summaries, and whole paragraphs. No plagiarism, just quality content.
  • Content audit: See how your content stacks up against competitors and make data-driven improvements.
  • SERP analysis: Dive deep into competitor content to see what works (and what flops) on SERPs. Learn and adapt.
  • Keyword research on the go: Use the browser extension (chrome) to find relevant keywords, analyze competition, and export results to your dashboard.
  • Optimized content: Get a comprehensive content plan with suggested titles, headings, and subheadings based on your target keywords. Save time and create content that hits all the right marks.

Pricing: Starting at just $79/month (currently $36/month because of an ongoing sale), GrowthBar is the cost-effective SEO solution for your small business. 

3. Writesonic

Are you struggling to create captivating content? Here’s Writesonic, a one-stop solution for AI-powered content creation. 

Key features of Writesonic:

  • AI content generator: Get AI-generated content for blog posts, articles, ads, social media posts, and more in seconds across tones and styles. No more staring at a blank page!
  • Long-form content: Craft high-quality ebooks and white papers effortlessly. AI helps with summaries, intros, and even conclusions.
  • Landing page builder: Design high-converting landing pages with AI copywriting and optimization tools. Watch those conversions soar!
  • Blog idea generator: Never run out of inspiration. Get instant topic suggestions and summaries based on your audience and keywords.

SEO domination:

  • Keyword research: Uncover high-potential keywords, analyze competition, and target the right users.
  • Content optimization: Get real-time SEO feedback and suggestions to make your content rank higher.
  • SERP analysis: See what your competitors are doing, spot their weaknesses, and create even better content.

Other key features:

  • Paraphrase tool: Rephrase existing content to avoid plagiarism and explore new angles.
  • Grammar checker: AI catches typos and punctuation errors so your writing shines.
  • Language translation: Reach a global audience by translating your content into multiple languages.


  • Free Plan: Try Writesonic’s basic features and see what it can do.
  • Paid Plans: Start at $19/month for advanced features and higher word count limits.

4. Wordvice

For small businesses aiming for impeccable written communication, Wordvice AI emerges as a comprehensive and free grammar checker and editor. 

It offers a one-stop solution for all content needs. Beyond its grammar-check prowess, Wordvice AI distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating various essential tools. 

This platform provides conventional offerings from a powerful proofreader and translator to a succinct summarizer, plagiarism checker, and an advanced AI paraphrasing tool

It sets itself apart by combining essential content enhancement tools, making it an indispensable companion for small businesses seeking an all-encompassing solution. 

Key features of Wordvice:

  • Powerful proofreader: Catch those pesky errors before they hit the audience.
  • Multilingual translator: Reach new markets with ease in over 25 languages.
  • Succinct summarizer: Boil down complex topics, save time, and boost engagement.
  • Plagiarism checker: Protect your originality, build trust, and avoid penalties.
  • AI paraphrasing: Reimagine your content, find fresh angles, and stand out from the crowd with an advanced AI paraphrasing tool. 

Wordvice isn’t just a grammar checker. It also simplifies workflows, saves you money, and, most importantly, helps you stay on top of your content game.

Pricing: Try out the AI Proofreader and AI Paraphraser tools with a basic plan for free. Upgrade to a Premium or Team Plan for $9.95/month to gain access to all Wordvice AI tools with longer text lengths and word count inputs. 

5. Peppertype.ai

Need help creating high-quality content quickly? Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, Peppertype.ai is the AI content creation tool for you.

Key features of Peppertype.Ai:

  • Instant inspiration: Generate engaging content for blogs, social media posts, ads, product descriptions, and more in seconds. Just enter keywords and watch Peppertype.ai work its magic. 
  • SEO smarts: Optimize content for SEO with built-in AI analysis. Peppertype.ai suggests relevant keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to boost your rankings.
  • Beat writer’s block: Overcome creative hurdles. Generate poems, scripts, musical pieces, and even email drafts to spark inspiration and find your voice.
  • Brand consistency: Maintain your brand voice and style across all content with Peppertype.ai’s AI-powered brand guidelines. Keep your team on the message, even with multiple authors.
  • Seamless collaboration: Work smarter, not harder. Peppertype.ai integrates with popular content management systems and marketing tools, making it easy to share projects with your team.

With Peppertype.ai, you get the following:

  • AI content generation: Engaging, original content at scale in seconds.
  • SEO optimization: Higher search engine rankings for better visibility.
  • Brand consistency: A unified voice across all your content.
  • Creative formats: Explore diverse text formats to captivate your audience.
  • Collaboration tools: Streamlined content creation with your team.
  • Integrations: Connect with your favorite marketing and content tools.

Pricing: Plans start at $35 per month (or you can take it for a spin with a free trial), making Peppertype.ai an accessible solution for your small business.

6. Flick 

Who needs Flick? Creators, social media managers, and businesses looking to create effective social media strategies.

Key features of Flick:

  • Blast off your workflow: Plan content across social media platforms with a drag-and-drop feature. Preview your feed, stay organized, and conquer chaos.
  • Hashtag hero: Forget guesswork — Flick’s AI finds trending hashtags for explosive reach‌ — ‌no more hashtag struggles.
  • AI muse: Generate catchy captions, post ideas, and even story scripts. Say hello to social media content creation superpowers.
  • Data-driven decisions: Track performance across platforms, see what’s working (and what’s not), and optimize your social media strategy for maximum impact.
  • Smart growth: Gain audience insights, find new followers, and boost organic reach. Flick takes the guesswork out of growth.
  • Schedule with ease: Plan posts in advance and focus on creating, not posting. Free yourself from the publish-panic.
  • Teamwork: Collaborate with your team to create content and manage your social media platforms. Flick keeps everyone on the same page.

Benefits of using Flick for your small business:

  • Craft social media content that resonates with your audience.
  • Track progress and make data-driven decisions.
  • Save time and effort managing social media.
  • Explode your reach and engagement.

Pricing: All this for just $30/month. Flick makes success affordable for your small business. 

7. Narrato

Tired of staring at a blank page? Drowning in SEO complexity? Narrato is your AI-powered content partner, ready to skyrocket your game.

Narrato offers a host of features to boost your content creation. From templates to planning to SEO content briefs, this tool has everything you need. 

Try their AI Content Genie for weekly social media or blog content generated on auto-pilot. 

Key features of Narrato:

  • AI idea generator: Ditch writer’s block. Get fresh, relevant content ideas in seconds.
  • AI writing assistant: Craft captivating blogs, ads, social media content, and more. Just set your topic and keywords, and watch the magic happen.
  • SEO masterclass: Forget the guesswork. Narrato analyzes your content against top competitors, giving you actionable insights on structure, readability, and keyword optimization.

Establish content workflow zen with the following:

  • Project management: Stay organized and hit deadlines with built-in tools.
  • Team collaboration: Work seamlessly with your team, all within Narrato.
  • Visual storytelling: Captivate your audience with unique visuals and repurposed content, all in one place.
  • Consistent voice: Narrato learns your brand voice and style, ensuring every piece of content resonates with your audience.

Pricing: Plans start at $48/month, making Narrato the most affordable way to achieve content marketing mastery.

8. Rytr

Rytr is your AI-powered writing assistant, designed to boost your creativity and output, regardless of your experience. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, a busy marketer, or a growing agency, Rytr has your back.

Key features of Rytr:

  • Generate diverse content: From blog posts and website copy to social media posts and ad copy, Rytr covers it all.
  • Find your perfect voice: Choose from over 20 writing tones, from casual and friendly to formal and persuasive.
  • Rank higher on Google: Rytr’s built-in SEO tools help you optimize your content for search engines.
  • Rephrase and refresh: Breathe new life into old drafts and avoid plagiarism with Rytr’s paraphrasing and rewriting features.
  • Speak to the world: Translate your content into over 100 languages to reach a wider audience.
  • Team up and conquer: Collaborate seamlessly with your team, sharing projects, assigning tasks, and providing feedback.


  • Free Plan: For free, users can generate up to 10,000 characters per month.
  • Affordable Premium Plans: Scale your content creation with tiered plans starting at just $9/month.

9. Pitch 

Pitch is a great AI presentation maker to add to your tech arsenal in 2024. It streamlines the creation of professional presentations, making it ideal for various scenarios like: 

  • Sales presentations
  • Internal meetings 
  • Investor pitches

Its AI-assisted drafting, customizable templates, and real-time collaboration help make your presentations look great and communicate your message effectively. Whether you’re seeking investment, pitching to clients, or aligning your team, Pitch provides the tools you need to make an impact.

Key features of Pitch:

  • AI-assisted drafting: Start presentations with AI-generated drafts.
  • Customizable templates: Over 100 expert-made templates with brand colors and fonts.
  • Smart editing: Quick addition of text, images, videos, and animations.
  • Real-time collaboration: Collaborative editing in real-time.
  • Effective sharing: Share via live links, embed decks online, and use presentation aids.
  • Analytics: Track deck engagement with tailored links and slide-view statistics.
  • App integrations: Sync with apps like Notion, Slack, and Google Sheets.
  • Presentation gallery: Get inspired by a variety of successful presentations.

Pricing: Pitch offers a free monthly plan for individuals and teams who want to create stunning presentations. Upgrade to the Pro plan for $25/month for advanced features like version control and unbranded exports. 

10. LOVO

LOVO stands out as a versatile and comprehensive tool for content creators, especially those focusing on multimedia content like TikToks. It offers a unique blend of functionalities catering to a wide range of content creation needs.

Best for:

  • Content creators seeking a multilingual video/audio generator.
  • Businesses looking to produce TikTok content from start to finish with ease.
  • Users who need advanced voiceover and video editing capabilities.

Key Features of LOVO:

  • AI Voiceover & Text-to-Speech: Transform text into natural-sounding voiceovers with over 100 voice actors and more than 500 voices in 100+ languages.
  • AI Writer & Art Generator: Generate creative written and visual content efficiently.
  • Voice Cloning: Create custom voiceovers that match specific needs or branding.
  • Rich Media Library: Access a vast collection of royalty-free images to enhance videos.
  • Online Video Editor: Utilize cutting-edge technology for comprehensive video creation and editing.
  • API Access: Customize and integrate the tool for specific business needs.


  • Free Plan: Ideal for beginners, with a 14-day free trial of Pro features, unlimited sharing, and downloads.
  • Basic ($24/month): Offers 500+ AI voices, 5 voice clones, 2 hours of voice generation per month, and full HD export. Billed annually at $288.
  • Pro ($48/month, 50% off first year at $24/month): Advanced features including unlimited voice cloning, 5 hours of voice generation per month, and AI-powered script and image creation. Billed annually at $288.
  • Pro+ ($149/month, 50% off first year at $75/month): For high-volume production, with 20 hours of voice generation per month and 400GB storage. Billed annually at $900.

Recipe for Success: Your Content Team With AI Content Creation Tools 

But hold on, as we said before, artificial intelligence isn’t here to replace human writers. It’s more like a brainstorming powerhouse. You bring the vision, and AI fuels your creativity with data and suggestions. It’s like having a research team and a writing assistant rolled into one.

However, you can’t rely on AI to do all the heavy lifting. Great content still requires a team of talented writers and editors to fine-tune and perfect it in the last mile of its creation. 

Proofreading, fact-checking, and other details are best left to human eyes and minds. A human editor will notice when a phrase is repeated throughout an article, whereas the AI won’t. 

While AI advances and becomes more and more helpful, it’s still no replacement for human talent and skill. But the two combined in the right measures can create nothing short of magic.

Add AI Content Creation Tools To Your Tech Stack In 2024

Crafting impactful content takes effort and expertise. But what if you could amplify your results and audience without needing a full-time content team?

AI content writing tools are here to help you generate engaging blog articles, social posts, and even killer ad copy in minutes. Think of it as having a tireless, brand-savvy assistant at your fingertips.

Take a look at some of the powerful tools listed above. Best yet, they’re budget-friendly, so you can refine your content marketing strategies without blowing your budget.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a growing startup, AI content creation tools can be your secret weapon in 2024. Unleash your creativity, embrace the power of artificial intelligence, and watch your business grow.

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Jeremy is co-founder & CEO at uSERP, a digital PR and SEO agency working with brands like Monday, ActiveCampaign, Hotjar, and more. He also buys and builds SaaS companies like Wordable.io and writes for publications like Entrepreneur and Search Engine Journal.

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