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Looking for amazing blog posts from a team that understands how to write content that ranks on search engines and engages your readers?

We hire amazing writers. We help you pick relevant keywords for your content, and we use AI powered tools to give the content the best chance of ranking. It’s a three step strategy that guarantees happy customers.

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We create quality content that your audience will love & ranks on Google...

Dear Marketer,

Finding people who know how to create great blog posts is hard. There are a lot of mediocre writers. They create average content that never ranks on Google and bores your visitors.

We’re paracetamol for your content headache.

We’ve got the content creation process down to a fine art. We hire the best professional writers to create high-quality content that search engines and your target audience love.

Each piece of content we create is:

Our three step-formula for creating fresh content that boost search engine rankings is based on our patent pending “Great Handyman Approach.” Here’s the scientific formula:

Great Content + Fair Price = Happy Customer ❤️

The result; our content writing services are in high demand.

So, if you need custom content for your company blog that search engines love, get in touch. After filling out the form, one of our customer service agents will schedule a call to arrange a meeting. We’ll review your site before the call, and discuss your marketing goals on the call.

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy. We can help you with developing an SEO strategy, a blog strategy, or write articles and blog posts to a brief.

Once we’ve agreed on the approach, we get to work.

We assign an experienced writer to create the content. We share the turnaround times for the blog content. You only pay us after reviewing the content. If you need a revision, we’ll happily make changes.

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Content Writing Services: What We Offer

Professional Blog Writing Service

We offer SEO blog writing services that help you engage potential customers. Your articles are written by content marketing experts (many of our writers have a PhD or Masters). We use industry standard tools to optimize your content for search terms so you can make money blogging. Our content is always created with human readers in mind.

Blog Refresh

Over time, even the best blog article starts to become less relevant. When that happens, your content will start to drop in the search rankings, and you will lose business. A content refresh will help you fix the problem.

We’ll do an SEO content review to identify the blog posts that are dropping in the search results. After completing the review, we’ll update your articles & blog content. By applying relevant search engine optimisation techniques we can boost your rankings almost overnight.

eBooks & White Papers

Content assets like eBooks and white papers can be a great way to establish your expertise in an industry. We can create eBook and white papers to deliver to email subscribers, or as gated assets to help you grow your email list. Funnel assets like these are great for nurturing leads, organic link building, and helping to turn leads into potential customers.

Sales Pages

Your sales pages are the most important content on your site. They are where you convert leads into customers. We are creative storytellers who understand how to create content that address customer pain points, and gets your audience to take action. Moreover, our content marketing agency can help you design SEO optimized sales pages that can rank in the search results as well.

Your Content Team

…we select the best writers to create amazing content for your business…

Our Writing Ninjas

Our team of expert blog writers are content super heroes. About 1 in 50 people who apply become part of this group. Many of our writers have a PhD, Masters, some are even qualified lawyers – these are the people who will be creating your content.

We will pair you up with a writer who understands your niche and assign the same blog writer to all your content. That means they gain a better understanding of your expectations, and you get high-quality blog content every time.

Our Editorial Process

Every article that is written goes through at least one, and normally two, internal reviews before you get to preview the content. At each review, our editors share comprehensive feedback to the writers. Only after they’re satisfied that we’ve created some awesome custom blog content do you get to see the results.

Examples of Content Marketing Success

SaaS: Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Organic search traffic for a SaaS client we supported went from 50,000+ visitors a month to 276,123 visitors a month. The primary sales pages are now ranking in positions 1-3 in the search results for their target search terms.

Boosting search rankings through guest posting

Choosing the right keywords for a campaign can result in huge dividends. We helped a client boost their rankings by securing backlinks to these high intent keywords. You can see the results.

Jack "$100 Million Dollar Man" Paxton

Co-founder of Vyper & fb ads superstar
“Nico and his team are incredibly knowledgable in SEO, content marketing and delivering results. We were about to double our organic traffic in 3 months. I’d recommend his services to anyone.”

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