There are three tools, make that four, that I use pretty much everyday. There’s Trello for keeping my itinerary organised, Google Docs for writing and managing excel files, SmartMockups for graphic mockups and Youzign for creating the actual graphics. So this Youzign review is long overdue.

In this Youzign review I’ll cover my experience using the platform compared to some of the other do it yourself platforms out there. It will cover the good and the bad parts of the software and if I think you should invest in the platform.

And, cards on the table before we start this review, I used to work for the company.

What is Youzign

Youzign is part of a generation of web based easy to use Photoshop alternatives (there’s a list of the best here). It uses a point and click, drag and drop interface. It’s a system that Canva made famous and other developers imitated.

The idea is to make it easy for you to create your own graphics quickly.

The platform was launched in 2015. It’s the centerpiece of a graphics design toolkit that’s been created by YMB Properties. This toolkit currently includes Gifzign, Logozign and Mockzign with other platforms soon to be released.

Unlike Canva and many of the other platforms there is no free entry price. You’ll need to pay to use Youzign from the beginning. I’ll cover the pricing in a bit more depth later on in this Youzign review.

Getting Started with Youzign

The user flow for Youzign is very simple. As soon as you’ve logged into your account you arrive at the main dashboard. This is where you’ll find all the designs you’ve saved in the past (all available in chronological order).

From the main dashboard you can access six main tabs. These are:

  • My Designs
  • Templates
  • Marketplace
  • Messages
  • Wallet
  • Account

The most important of these of course are your designs, but the templates come in pretty useful to.

With Youzign you get access to 1,000 ready made templates over 60 format types. Things like Pinterest graphics, Facebook headers, Twitter headers and the rest. You can use them as inspiration for your own designs or edit the graphics and download.

The more interesting tab though is the Youzign marketplace. This is a place where Youzign members can create and sell their own designs. Kind of like Fiverr, but it’s only for graphics.

Your wallet of course is linked to the marketplace.

The Editing Screen

The editing screen is where all the magic happens. As previously mentioned the platform uses WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). There’s the usual collection of shapes, fonts and backgrounds to choose from.

Like most of the Photoshop alternatives, Youzign has a host of integrations for users. This includes Iconfinder, Pixabay, StockUnlimited, Pexels, Unsplash, Stocksnap, Icons8 and SkitterPhoto (basically lots of photo and icon sites).

Youzign also has integrations with a bunch of other marketing products. For example there’s a nice SmartMockups integration with Youzign. ClickFunnels also has an integration.

Rather than take you through the dashboard feature by feature I’ll highlight my favorite bits:

  • Ability to add gridlines to your design so you can check everything is balanced.
  • Easily change the export quality to fit your needs (72 DPI, 150 DPI and 300 DPI).
  • Save your image in PDF, JPG and PNG format.
  • Add shadows and borders to text and objects.
  • An awesome delete background feature, which is 1000% better than a magic wand.

Combine the photos, shapes, color options and text and you can create pretty much anything you want.

What are the Problems

While I like Youzign I have a few niggling issues with the platform. For starters there’s the color picker, which drove me crazy until I got used to it (now that I’m used to it I feel like it’s really well designed).

My other two pet hates are resizing shapes and the amount of time it takes to delete objects.

If an object is small it can be a pain in the ass to choose between resizing the shape and moving the object. There are workarounds to this problem, but it’s still annoying. Deleting saved projects from your dashboard meanwhile takes 10-15 seconds. It’s not a long time, but long enough for it to feel like a pain in the ass to keep your dashboard tidy.

Overall though the platform is reliable. You quickly get used to the quirks of the system.

Finally, and this is more of a general issue, there’s the marketplace. This is a great feature that makes Youzign stand out in a very busy niche. The problem for me is I don’t think regular users are going to make a lot of money from the system at the moment.

Youzign really needs a free account, which draws in the wider public, and people needing designs who don’t want to make them for this platform to really take off. I have a feeling that the team behind Youzign will address this. When they do it could be huge.

How Much Does it Cost

So pricing.

You can’t talk about a product in this space without acknowledging that the biggest company in the market, Canva, runs on a freemium platform. Maybe it’s an unfair comparison as Youzign is more like Canva Pro, which costs $120 a year, but…


Youzign costs $10 a month as a single user. That’s $120 a year. It isn’t going to break the bank if you create a lot of graphics. Yet it’s still money and there are freemium alternatives.

Still, the pricing is not 100% set.

Youzign have run lifetime offers every year since I’ve been a user. For a one time price Youzign is definitely worth the money. Plus there are the features I mentioned earlier, which you don’t get with Canva. Which brings us nicely into the final review…

Youzign Review: Final Verdict

Choosing a graphics design platform is a bit like choosing a car. All of the products on the marketplace do pretty much the same thing; help you create graphics.

If you don’t create many graphics in your business I recommend you go economical. Use Canva, which is free, or a platform like it to create your graphics. You’ll be able to make some nice looking graphics by yourself and save money for other things.

On the other hand if you do create a lot of graphics or manage a graphics design team then Youzign is a good investment. The team package for Youzign for instance is cheaper than Canva, while all those extra features do make a difference when you’re designing.

Youzign have a 14-day free trial you can use to test drive the platform. I recommend you give it a try. If you signup to the Launch Space email list we’ll also let you know when the next lifetime deal goes live.





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