Turning your website into a conversion machine is a fine art. There’s a lot to juggle to. This includes having the perfect copy, branding, calls to action and UX. With these elements, there are no shortcuts. That’s not to say that there aren’t quick and easy ways to boost your conversions though. Today we’ll look at one such method in our Provely review.

But first, why should we care about our conversion rates. We can measure a site’s success in two ways. The first, obviously, is the number of visitors it attracts. The second is how many of these visitors carry out an action once they’re there. This might be sharing a blogpost, signing up to a mailing list, or purchasing a product.

This is pretty basic stuff. Indeed, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if a higher percentage of your visitors buy from you, you’re getting a better ROI from your website. This is why a number of companies have created social proof software. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how Provely can improve your conversions.

Provely Review

What is Provely?

Provely is what’s known as a Social Proof platform. In short, this means that it allows you to create pop-ups on your website when certain actions are carried out. So if someone is looking at a certain product, they might get a notification to say someone else in their area has just bought the same item.

I said at the beginning of this Provely review that it will help you boost your conversions. Indeed, Provely themselves claim they can increase conversion rates by up as much as 250%. But how does this work? Without going too deep into the psychology, human beings are very simple creatures.

The world of brick and mortar retail offers one example of this. If we see a store with a busy sales floor, we can immediately tell that’s it’s popular. We take this as a sign of quality, as we naturally seek out the recommendations of our peers. Social Proof platforms such as Provely allow you to leverage this effect online.

Additional Features

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Provely’s pop-ups come in three main flavours, which are suited to businesses of different sizes. The first of these is called ‘Live’. As the name suggests, this gives your visitors real-time notifications, every time someone makes a purchase or signs up to your mailing list. Naturally enough, this is aimed mainly at sites with a high volume of traffic.


The next is ‘Rotate’, which is aimed at medium volume sites. It allows you to display some of your most recent conversions on a rotation system. Finally we have ‘Past Data’. Once again, the clue is in the name. This configuration let’s you use your previous sales data to display the data and times of past purchases, which is great if you don’t have hourly or even daily sales to brag about. The fact that Provely have tailored these different options based on site traffic is really encouraging, as it allows you to easily get the most positive spin out of your existing sales.

One thing I’d like to emphasise in this Provely review is ease of use. Crucially, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Installation is a case of copying and pasting a little bit of HTML into your existing website. This is really critical for businesses who can’t afford to bring on a team of developers to implement a social proof solution.


You don’t need to be a front-end whizz to create your notifications either. It’s simply a case of selecting a template, choosing a colour scheme, and inputting your own content. You can customise your pop-ups even further by changing the display times, or creating specific notifications for different locations.


This leads me onto one of the most exciting features of Provely. This is automatic translation. This is really valuable for businesses operating in non-English speaking markets. It’s not such a stretch that your Social Proof will be more effective on French speakers if it’s in French.

Before I even set out to write this Provely review, one of the main things on my mind was integration. Happily, I wasn’t disappointed. Provely integrates directly with most major landing page creators. It also supports direct integration with email automators, such as MailChimp. This means that it’s a real winner for bloggers and email marketers alike.


So, does Provely have any drawbacks? Only a few. I mentioned that you don’t need any coding knowledge to create effective pop-ups. Obviously, this is fantastic, but users with a little bit of design experience might still like the option to show off their skills. I think one improvement would be to provide a CSS editor, to add a little bit more scope for customisation.

Provely also only exists as a standalone product. You create your notifications on their website, and they provide you with the HTML to add them to your site. This isn’t necessarily a problem. However, some tech-averse users might find this off-putting. Provely could easily overcome this by offering their platform as a WordPress plugin.

Provely Review: Final Verdict

So it Provely the real deal? It just might be. For my money, its user-friendliness is pretty hard to beat. I think the real value here is the ability to spend half an hour setting up a slick, professional Social Proof function. Then, you can pretty much forget all about and watch your conversions soar. For blogging, eCommerce or even thought-leadership, its hard to see how you wouldn’t benefit from this.

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