If you run a website you’ve probably been told a million times that “the money is in the list.” Of course being told that you can make money from your email list and actually making money from your list are two very different things.

The secret, if there is one, to generating sales through email marketing is a mixture of how often you email your list and the messaging you use when you do. You know, hitting up the sense of desire or generating a bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This is where email countdown timers.

Used correctly those seconds sliding by in the body of the email are like a sprinkle of fairy dust for your email promotion. Email countdown timers will increase click through rates to your offer and ultimately make you more money. To help you make those extra sales we’ve shortlisted the best countdown timers available.

Nifty Images

Nifty Images have created a great toolkit to give your email marketing campaigns that little extra kick. There are six different email countdown timers to choose from. The appearance of the designs are easily edited through different tabs. Finally the timer can be inserted into your email with a line of html code (and it works with most email marketing providers).

There are five parts to the Nifty Image toolkit. For graphics this includes personalised images and live image updating. With personalised images you can insert the name of the person into the image, which is really cool. The second feature allows you to update text within an image in real time. This is useful if your running an offer limited to 100 sales for example.

In addition to the graphics Nifty Images also allows you to insert live social media feeds for Pinterest and Instagram into your email. Overall it’s a great package. You can try Nifty Images for free for up to 10,000 impressions. After that the pricing starts from $20 a month.

Motion Mail App

Motion Mail App has the best user interface of all the email countdown timers on the list. There are four different graphics for the email countdown timers to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your design you can edit the appearance and set the end time of the promotion.

After saving your design you’re directed to a second page. On this page you can copy the html code to insert into your email. You can also do things like track impressions. It’s a nice system. The countdown timer is free to use for up to 20,000 impressions a month, though it comes with branding. The premium plans meanwhile starts from $10 a month.

Countdown Mail

Countdown Mail is a popular app for creating email countdown timers. Their timers have been used for millions of email marketing campaigns. The app also has the best countdown timer designs from all the software options on this list.

There are 12 email countdown timers to choose from. Yet while the app has a nice range of designs, the user interface is a mess. Little thought has gone into the layout, which is unfortunate. Still, it’s easy to use and the countdown timers look good in an email so it’s not that big a problem.

You can use Countdown Mail for free for up to 100,000 impressions per month. The timers with the free plan do come with a little ‘powered by Countdown Mail’ branding. The premium plans start from $7.99 a month. It’s a good deal, though like I mentioned I don’t like the user interface.


Sendtric has created a simple, free email countdown timer app. It’s really more of an optin to get your email address. You edit the design of the countdown timer, set the end day for the promotion from the homepage. To get the html code of the design though you will need to give them an email address (not necessarily a valid email address).

You can use the timers for free without any branding which is great. Unfortunately you can’t choose the design of your email countdown timers with the app. They are releasing a premium version though, which is in beta. I’m sure the pricing will probably be similar to the other email countdown timers when it’s finally released.



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