There’s something captivating about a good cinemagraph. The steam that never stops rising from a cup of coffee, the traffic moving endlessly on the road and the models hair caught by the breeze. It’s no wonder that cinemagraphs are an effective part of content marketing.

The problem used to be that these kind of graphics were hard to make, but that’s no longer the case. To help you create engaging cinemagraphs we shortlisted the best cinemagraph software. Keep in mind that these platforms are not just for making cinemagraphs. Before we get into that though…

What is a Cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph is a video clip where the majority of the frame is stilled (it’s essentially a gif). Part of the frame is left to play though, usually in a forward and backwards boomerang style loop. This gives a cinemagraph the appearance of a photo, but with a feeling of constant movement. You can see what I mean about it being a video clip if you hover over the cinemagraph below.

It’s pretty awesome and very eye catching. Cinemagraphs are also a great way to get more eyes on your ads on a platform like Facebook. For example when Giftagram used a cinemagraph verses a still image they saw a 190% increase in return on ad spend, which is huge.

As I mentioned, it used to be difficult to make cinemagraphs. Thanks to some good software developers that’s no longer the case. To help you get creative we’ve researched the best cinemagraph software currently available and did a short review of each one. We’ll start with a summary of the best cinemagraph makers and then take a closer look at each of the products.

Software Starting From Best Thing About It Biggest Problem
Graphitii $47 lifetime Clean user interface and easy to use. Medium quality export.
ClipGraph $67 lifetime Clean user interface and easy to use. Medium quality export.
Flicktive $25 a month HD export quality. Limited exports.
Gifzign $75 lifetime Clean user interface and easy to use. Desktop app.
Flixel $8.33 a month HD export quality. Have to pay every month.

Let’s get going with our review.


Gifzign is another desktop cinemagraph software for Mac and PC. You can see a lot of thought has gone into the design and functionality. The user interface is logically laid out on one editing screen. You can use it offline to create cinemagraphs from videos on your desktop, or if you’re online you can just enter the url of a Youtube video and instantly edit the video within the gif maker.

The gif creation software comes with features like text overlays and filters. It has an integration with Youzign, which you can use to import graphic overlay. Plus there’s an easy screen recordings, which is useful if you’re making demos for a help guide or similar. One issue with the software is that though the cinemagraph export quality is grainy.

Gifzign is part of the Youzign suite of graphics tools.You can get lifetime access to the cinemagraph software for $75. In fact, all of the Youzign tools, which include a logo creator, graphics design tool and mockup creator can be purchased individually for $75. That’s affordable for bloggers and small business owners.


Graphitii is an online app for creating cinemagraphs. It has the same easy to use interface as most of the cinemagraph software on this list. You import a video, choose the frame you want to use and unfreeze part of the image to create the cinemagraph. In addition to this you can use Graphitii to add text and graphic overlays. This is where the software turns into more of your classic gif.

Still, the text overlay feature is really handy if you need cinemagraph software to create graphics for online advertising and social media campaigns. They also host your graphics and you can share them on social media with just a click of the button.

Unfortunately Graphitii doesn’t offer the same image editing option as Fixel and the video quality is lower (you get the same image resolution with the Flixel free trial, just without the watermark). Still it’s cheap. The cinemagraph software costs $47 for lifetime access with a personal license and $67 for lifetime access with a commercial/ business license.


ClipGraph is a desktop  platform for Mac and PC that you can use to create gifs and cinemagraphs. The nice thing about this cinemagraph software is it speeds up the creation process. With a quick export you spend less time waiting for your completed cinemagraph than you do with cloud based software. The trade off is you’ll need to find a suitable site to host your cinemagraph.

In terms of pricing, ClipGraph costs $67 for a personal license. A commercial license for ClipGraph costs an additional $97 ($164 in total). This makes it more expensive cinemagraph software than Graphitii with basically the same functionality and export quality.


Flicktive is a software as a service platform. The cinemagraph software is easy to use, but has a cartoon like user interface. You can add text overlays to the cinemagraphs and export the finished graphic in HD format. The overlay graphics aren’t high quality, which is an issue if you want to create gifs for your marketing campaigns.

For $25 a month you can only create 20 cinemagraphs. This rises to 50, 100 and unlimited depending on your pricing plan. The tiered pricing plans give you progressively more access to a library of stock video, fonts, ready made templates and agency style features.

Flicktive is one of the most feature rich cinemagraph software options for marketers, however… Even at the entry price Flicktive is more expensive than Flixel. My advice if you’re looking for a good cinemagraph maker, save your money and either purchase Flixel, or purchase Flixel and Graphiti (and still save money!).


Flixel was the first software created specifically to create cinemagraphs. It started off as an offline app for Mac, before transferring online using a Software as a Service payment system. The cinemagraph software is simple to use. You just import your video, select the default frame you want to use for the cinemagraph. Finally you use your mouse to select where the movement should be.

The quality of the moving images you can create with Fixel are unbeaten by any of the other cinemagraph software on this list. Flixel also has the most customisation options. You can change the saturation, the exposure, brightness and other aspects of the appearance from the main editing screen. You can also easily crop and change the aspect ratio of your cinemagraph.

At the moment the cinemagraph software costs $100 a year to create cinemagraphs from your phone and $200 a year to create and edit cinemagraphs from your laptop. It’s expensive. You can’t use it to create as a classic cinemagraph maker. Though, if you’re creating cinemagraphs for your client and image quality is the most important factor then it’s worth the investment.


I included Photoshop at the end, because it is the ‘go to’ graphics tool for professional designers. Within a few clicks from the main dashboard you can edit photos, create new images from scratch and even create cinemagraphs. It’s great for experienced graphic designers, but…

Photoshop is not newbie friendly..

The user interface is crowded with tabs that let you do just about everything. Unfortunately if you don’t know what you’re doing then having all these choices feel intimidating. So while you can create cinemagraphs using Photoshop, I’d recommend using a standalone cinemagraph software.

Final Thoughts

This article is a shortlist of the best cinemagraph software currently on the market. If you’re looking for a software platform that allows you to create cinemagraphs and gifs then I recommend Graphitii. It’s the best platform on this list for the price. On the other hand, if quality is the issue and you just want to create cinemagraphs then try out Fixel.

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