Coming up with a great headline for your content is essential. Unfortunately your brain can feel like it’s on the wrong side of the Matrix. Tumbleweed rolls in that space between your ears where your brain should be. Whatever combination of words you come up with is quite frankly shit. Well, rest assured it happens to the best of us…

That’s why title generators are a godsend. While they normally don’t come up with that unforgettable headline, they’re a good starting point for inspiration. To help you get started out on those days when your brain feels like it needs an injection of caffeine, we came up with a list of the best headline generators.

1. Headlinr

Headlinr is a web plugin that works on Chrome and Firefox. Once it’s installed just insert your keyword into the search box, hit enter and scroll until you find something you like. There’s a list of 300+ potential ready to use headlines generated from popular title combinations as well as swipe headlines.

The title maker generates headlines that work across any niche and for any purpose (blog title maker, for PPC advertising, create email headlines, FB advertising headlines, Amazon affiliate articles etc.). In addition to the web based plugin they created a WordPress plugin that lets you A/B test your headline to see what gets more clicks. You can purchase this through the upsell for Headlinr.

2. Sumo Headline Generator

Sumo Headline Generator is an online software with a UI that looks like an XL sheet. The software generates headlines in five different categories; numbered list, how to, controversial, why, fun and with DIY headline formulas. You select your category, enter the information in the relevant input fields and the title maker generates a headline.

As a piece of software the headline generator is a clunky tool and difficultish to use. For the ‘how to’ headlines for example you have to fill in seven input fields before it generates title options for you. It’s a hassle and the current XL Sheet style format leaves you feeling like a frustrated accountant.

3. Impact Blog Title Generator

The Impact Blog Title Generator is what the Sumo Headline Generator UI should have worked like. The title maker logically onboards you. There’s no feeling of frustration. Just pick your topic and cycle through the different headline options until you find the one that’s right for your content. Unfortunately this could take some time…

The titles this headline maker generates are pretty generic. For example “5 Beliefs that Will Eventually Lead to Customer Service” doesn’t get your attention like an English fried breakfast after a night out on the town. That said it’s a starting point to get your head into the copywriting frame of mind.

4. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

The last headline maker on this list is Blog Title Generator. The UI is simple. Describe the keyword you want to use (this could be a skill, person’s name, location, etc.) and the software will generate 5 different blog titles for you. Unfortunately you’ll need to hand over your email to get the full list of headlines that the software generated.

5. Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is a less sexy Headlinr. You enter your phrase in the input field. Let the title know if it’s a noun or a verb and a few seconds later you’re overloaded with ideas for your next blog post. You’ll find a bunch of headlines listed under categories like, love, secrets, sex and a bunch of other topics. The results range from the bizarre to the awesome. A few of my favorites for Facebook Marketing:

  • Congratulations! Your Facebook Marketing is About to Stop Being Relevant
  • How to Pick Up Women With Facebook Marketing
  • Joseph Stalin’s Secret Guide to Facebook Marketing
  • 5 Facebook Marketing Secrets You Never Knew

I’m a big fan! Tweak Your Biz is the best freemium title generator out there. If you’re stuck for ideas, or just want to laugh at some silly suggestions I’d recommend this headline maker.

Bonus Headline Tool

Any of the five title generators listed above will help you create attention grabbing headlines. To make sure the headline pops copy and paste your creation into the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. The software breaks your headline down and analyses it according to character length, the kind of words you are using and how positive or negative your headline is.

More importantly the bastards give you a score out of 100, which means you’ll be fighting the algorithm to come up with better results. Or just cheating and coming up with such unforgettable headlines as “Awesome Heartfelt and Covfefe 11 It” which came out at an unforgettable 71 out of 100 (the headline for this article got a measly 68).


It’s worth bookmarking one of the links listed above. Title generators are a starting point for crafting headlines  for your content (especially when you’re mind feels like a black hole). Headline creators like Headlinr use proven formulas crafted by great copywriters that work regardless of how many times you use them. But remember some of the suggestions are terrible. Plus thousands of copywriters are using these tools for their own content.

If you want your work to stand out you need to add your own twist to your copy. Research what works in your niche and experiment. That’s where these tools offer the most value. Headline generators are simply a good way to come up with dozens of title ideas quickly, without much thinking. You still need to do the hard work to craft that perfect headline.




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