Unless you’ve got the memory of the Rain Man you’re probably struggling to manage all of the online passwords in your life. This is a problem and, let’s face it, a security issue. You don’t want to be resetting your passwords all the time, because you forgot which password you used for what site. Or even worse using the same password for every site only to find out you can’t access anything and a spotty teenager has stolen your online identity.

What you really need, unless yo go old school like my Mum and store all of your information in a notebook, is a good online password manager. To help you choose we shortlisted the six best the best online password managers on the market. They all offer military grade encryption and freemium accounts to get started.

Let’s roll.

1. Sticky Password

Sticky Password Pro is one of the best online password managers. The software features include automatic website login, secure password generation, ability to access passwords across any device and a soon to be launched team feature (so you can safely share your password with colleagues). Everything is secured with 256 Bit AES encryption.

We’ve secured a deal with Sticky Password for lifetime access to the Pro Plan for $30 (discounted from the usual $100) as well as a special offer for small teams. Sign up on the Launch Space homepage to receive an update the moment the offer goes live and get access to exclusive Launch Space deals.

2. LastPass

LastPass have created one of the best online password managers. Unfortunately the size of the company has made it a target of hackers. The worst attack happened in 2015 when hackers stole account email addresses, password reminders and other user information. Serious security flaws in the software were also identified by programmers in 2016 and 2017.

Despite these problems LastPass are one of the best online password managers on the market. The software UI is intuitive and easy to use and it’s feature rich. Pro accounts cost $24 a year for single user and $48 a year for up to six users with the family account. The Business Plan meanwhile costs $29 per user per year for teams and $48 per user per year for Enterprise.

3. Dashlane

Dashlane is a great password management tool that goes beyond just saving your passwords. One cool feature that makes it stand out is the security rating system they developed. You are ranked 0-100 and can improve your score by taking certain steps, like updating old passwords every month.

The software logically builds on this rating system with handy features. My favourite is the ability to automatically update all your passwords with new secure options at the click of a button. Unfortunately Dashlane is expensive compared to the competition. The Pro version for single users costs $39.96 per year per user. The Business Account, which allows you to share passwords with colleagues, costs $48 a year per user.

4. Password Boss

Password Boss is a powerful online password management system. The UI is clean and the software is easy to use. When you pay for the premium version of Password Boss you get things like optional two step authentication (this means they send an authentication code to your phone). You can choose where your passwords are stored around the world, which makes you feel like an international spy, or maybe just a computer expert. Plus you get priority email support.

In terms of pricing, Password Boss has three premium plans. The Single User Plan costs $30 a year. They also have a Standard and Advanced plan for teams that cost $22 per user per year and $36 per user per year respectively. It’s a great feature rich password management system.

5. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce is one of the best password management software tools. Some of the cool features of LogMeOnce include it’s database of close to 4,500 popular websites. This means you can pretty much guarantee it will save and store all your login information in the correct format. It also has a bunch of integrations to third party verification apps, like Google Authenticator. Plus LogMeOnce has a password policy similar to Dashlane that forces you to update your old passwords to keep your accounts secure.

Unfortunately the LogMeOnce website is in serious need of an update. It’s cluttered and difficult to navigate. This goes through to the confusing pricing model that has add-ons and other features that leave you feeling lost. When you successfully navigate the site you’ll find out that the Single User Package costs $33 a year per user.

One unique feature of LogMeOnce that’s worth a mention is the Mugshot Package. This is a separate package to the password management system. it costs $30 per user per year and let’s you do things like remotely lock and wipe the memory of your phone, locate your phone and make the phone ring at top volume (great for when you put it in that safe place where you inexplicably can’t find it).

6. Roboform

Roboform is one of the first password managers to launch online. It has the simplest pricing model out of all the software on the list. The starting price for the Pro Plan is $29.95 per user per year for up to 10 users. This reduces slowly down to $21.95 per user per year for organisations with 100+ employees.

While Roboform is a great password manager with powerful features it suffers from a bad interface. Roboform looks like something that you’d run on Windows ‘98. It compares badly to the smooth iOS style interface used by some of the other password management software on the list.





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