If you create marketing material for a living you’ll have experienced the headache of trying to make product mockups. This inevitably involves 30 minutes on Photoshop attempting to create an iPhone, iPad, laptop or PC mockup that looks like it was made with Microsoft Paint. Then, after throwing your mouse at the wall, phoning your ‘go to designer’ to make it for you. Thankfully there’s an easier solution.

There are a range of one click product mockup software applications your 5 year old nephew could use to create mockup graphics. To save you the embarrassment of making your own, here is a shortlist of the best mockup software on the market.

Smart Mockups

Smart Mockups is my favorite product mockup design software. It’s a desktop app for Mac and PC. The UI looks like it was developed by Apple. It’s minimalist, functional and organised. Some cool features include the ability to grab a screenshot of a url and place into any mockup in one click, crop images, export in one of four sizes and a constantly expanding library.

When you purchase Smart Mockups you get access to a library of 600 mockup images ranging from smartphone, laptop, screen layers to poster mockups to name just a few. The only downside of Smart Mockups is that you need an Internet connection to access the software. Oh, they’re in the process of creating Gif mockups, which is another nice touch!


DropMock was created by a team of Internet Marketers. It’s as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. You can use DropMock to create demo videos, Image Mockups and a scene generator (this last feature is not available with the other mockup design software options on this list).

Compared to the one time price used by Smart Mockups Dropmock is expensive. Subscription costs $45 a month or $297 a year. If you want some versatility in your mockup create – read create mockup videos – it’s worth signing up to DropMock. Otherwise just get Smart Mockups (it’s cheaper after all).


PlaceIt was one of the first product mockup creators. It has the largest library of images to choose from (2800+ images and growing). Like Dropmock you can use it to create product mockup videos. Unfortunately the pricing is ridiculous, with unlimited video downloads costing $199 a month!

If you want to pick a plus point for the pricing it has to be the fact that you can pay by image. This is great if you need a mockup graphic once in a blue moon. If you’re planning to create mockups more often though I’d advise you scroll back up the page for the best alternative to placeit.net.


Overlooking the silly name for a moment (seriously, if you can’t get a good url don’t just start adding random extra letters and expect people to remember it!)… Mockuuups is a desktop based product mockup design software for Mac and PC. The software comes with 300 ready to use image mockups and uses the same one click import solution as the other software options on this list.

Unfortunately Mockuuups just isn’t as good as the other premium software solutions on this list. The developers charge $9 a month for access to the software, which is fine but… Mockuuups doesn’t let you create mockup videos like the other paid options on the list. Also they have a smaller image library than Smart Mockups which has a one time cost.

Free Mockups

While I’ve spent most of this article focused on premium iPhone, tablet and other mockup generators, it would be rude not to point out there are a bunch of great ‘mostly’ free options. A few of the good ones include Dunnnk, MockDrop and MockupsJar (there are more options available, but these are the best of the bunch).

If you only make the occasional mockup you should check out the software options listed above. Sure these software options don’t have the range of mockup images you’ll find with their premium competitors, after all it is free. However, it’s a lot easier to use one of these solutions to create a custom mockup image than it is booting up Photoshop.

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